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What is Cisco Ucce?

Last Updated: 15th June, 2020

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) integrates multiple components and can serve a wide spectrum of business requirements. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) is an indispensable resource to help you deploy and operate UCCE systems reliably and efficiently.

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Keeping this in consideration, what does Ucce stand for?

Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Furthermore, what is Cisco Agent? Cisco Agent Desktop was a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution for single- and multisite IP-based contact centers. It is no longer included with purchases of Cisco contact center products or offered for sale. It has been replaced by the Cisco Finesse desktop.

Likewise, what is Cisco UCCX?

A Contact/Call Center in a Box Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is a complete “Contact Center in a Box.” It delivers call routing, management, and administration features, and is designed for businesses ranging from very small to enterprise branch offices up to 400 agents.

What is the difference between Ucce and UCCX?

The biggest difference is, because UCCE and UCCX are contact center software, they provide features such as routing, queueing, agent state (ready/not ready/login), and not ready reasons.

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What is a UCCX?

A Contact/Call Center in a Box
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) is a complete “Contact Center in a Box.” It delivers call routing, management, and administration features, and is designed for businesses ranging from very small to enterprise branch offices up to 400 agents.

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How does Cisco Finesse work?

Cisco Finesse provides: An agent and supervisor desktop that integrates traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop. A 100 percent browser-based desktop implemented through a web 2.0 interface; no client-side installations required.

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What is Cisco call center?

About Cisco Call Center
Cisco Call Center software is designed for midsize and large companies. This software provides a combination of multichannel contact management, intelligent routing and network-to-desktop CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) capabilities for call center management.

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What is Cisco IVR?

Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR) is designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization. It simplifies business process integration, increases flexibility, and improves efficiency in network hosting.

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What is Cisco IM and presence?

The Cisco IM and Presence Service collects, aggregates, and distributes user capabilities and attributes using these standards-based SIP, SIMPLE, XMPP, and HTTP interfaces. In addition, Cisco Jabber is a supported client of the Cisco IM and Presence Service that also integrates instant messaging and presence status.

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What is the Cisco Call Manager?

CallManager is the call-processing component of the Cisco Unified Communications System. Cisco Unified CallManager extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, voice-over-IP ( VoIP ) gateways, and multimedia applications.

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What is clustering over WAN?

WAN clustering, also called geoclustering, high-availability clustering or remote clustering, is the use of multiple redundant computing resources located in different geographical locations to form what appears to be a single highly-available system.

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What is CCX Cisco?

The Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) Specification describes a list of functional extensions to the IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standard to support fast roaming (CCKM) with upgraded security, reliability, and diagnostic performance.

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What is Cisco Voice Portal?

Cisco® Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) is an award-winning product that provides IP-based self- service and call routing. With Cisco Unified CVP, businesses and organizations can provide incoming callers with automated, intelligent self-service using touch-tone input or speech recognition.

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What is Cisco CCE?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE) is a solution that delivers intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and multichannel contact management to contact center agents over an IP network.

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What is a desktop agent?

Desktop agent. The UserLock 'Desktop' agent is designed to audit, control and protect workstations, servers and terminal servers. Installation and configuration of the 'Desktop' agent using Group Policies.

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How do I log into Cisco Finesse?

Sign In to the Finesse Desktop
  1. Enter the following URL in the address bar of your browser:
  2. In the ID field, enter your agent ID or username.
  3. In the Password field, enter your password.
  4. In the Extension field, enter the extension of your phone.
  5. Click Sign In.

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What is Cisco Supervisor Desktop?

Cisco Supervisor Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) is a robust computer telephony integration solution for IP-based contact centers that is easy to deploy, configure, and manage. It provides supervisors with powerful tools to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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What is ICM in Ucce?

Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Enterprise Edition—an integral component of the Cisco IP Communications system—delivers an integrated suite of capabilities that enables your business to deploy a single solution that transparently blends multiple communication channels while easing the transition from a