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What is Fourier series and its applications?

Last Updated: 25th January, 2020

A Fourier (pronounced foor-YAY) series isaspecific type of infinite mathematical seriesinvolvingtrigonometric functions. Fourier series are used inappliedmathematics, and especially in physics and electronics, toexpressperiodic functions such as those that comprisecommunicationssignal waveforms.

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Regarding this, what is the application of Fourier series?

The Fourier series has manysuchapplications in electrical engineering, vibrationanalysis,acoustics, optics, signal processing, image processing,quantummechanics, econometrics, thin-walled shelltheory,etc.

Additionally, who invented Fourier? Surprisingly, this method for derivation of the FThasnot changed since it was first used by the FrenchmathematicianJean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830)in amanuscript submitted to the Institute of France in 1807 [10]and ina memoir deposited in the institute in 1811[11].

Herein, what is Fourier Transform and its applications?

EE261 - The Fourier Transform anditsApplications Topics include: The Fourier transform as atoolfor solving physical problems. Fourier series,theFourier transform of continuous and discrete signalsandits properties. The Dirac delta, distributions,andgeneralized transforms.

What are harmonics in Fourier series?

Harmonics with respect to Fourierseriesand analysis mean the sine and cosine componentswhichconstitute a function, or to put more simply , thesimplestfunctions that a given function can be brokendowninto.

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Can any function be represented as a Fourier series?

Any function that is defined over the entirerealline can be represented by a Fourierseries ifit is periodic.

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Why do we use Fourier transform?

The Fourier Transform is an importantimageprocessing tool which is used to decompose an imageinto itssine and cosine components. The output of thetransformationrepresents the image in the Fourier orfrequency domain,while the input image is the spatialdomainequivalent.

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What is the purpose of the Fourier transform?

The Fourier transform is amathematicalfunction that decomposes a waveform, which isafunction of time, into the frequencies that make it up.Theresult produced by the Fourier transform is a complexvaluedfunction of frequency.

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What is Fourier transform formula?

Introduction. The Fourier Transform isamathematical technique that transforms a function oftime,x(t), to a function of frequency, X(ω). Makingthesesubstitutions in the previous equation yields the analysisequationfor the Fourier Transform (also called theForwardFourier Transform).

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What is time domain and frequency domain?

Put simply, a time-domain graph shows howasignal changes over time, whereasafrequency-domain graph shows how much of thesignallies within each given frequency band over a rangeoffrequencies. The "spectrum" of frequencycomponentsis the frequency-domain representation ofthesignal.

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What is meant by DFT?

In mathematics, the discrete Fouriertransform(DFT) converts a finite sequence ofequally-spaced samplesof a function into a same-length sequence ofequally-spaced samplesof the discrete-time Fourier transform(DTFT), which is acomplex-valued function offrequency.

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Is Fourier transform linear?

The Fourier transform is linear asafunction whose domain consists of functions, that is, the sumofthe Fourier transforms of two functions is the same astheFourier transform of the sum. That is,atransformation T of vector spaces is called linearifT(ax+by)=aT(x)+bT(y) for scalars a,b.

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What is Fourier transform and its properties?

The Fourier transform (FT) decomposes afunctionof time (a signal) into its constituent frequencies.Theterm Fourier transform refers to both the frequencydomainrepresentation and the mathematical operation that associatesthefrequency domain representation to a function oftime.

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What is the fundamental concept of Fourier theory?

Fourier theory is formulated on theideathat waveforms can be represented in terms of cosinesand sines ofdifferent frequency. In general, Fourier theorystates thatany kind of signals can be composed as a sum ofmanysinusoids.

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What is exponential Fourier series?

Fourier Series at a Glance
A continuous time signal x(t) is said to be periodicifthere is a positive non-zero value of T for which. As we knowanyperiodic signal can be classified into harmonicallyrelatedsinusoids or complex exponential, provided itsatisfies theDirichlet's Conditions.