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What is front office in hotel management?

Last Updated: 25th April, 2020

Hotels. At hotels, front officerefers to the front desk or reception area or the coreoperations department of the hotel. This would include thereception and front desk, as well as reservations, sales andmarketing, housekeeping and concierge. This is the place whereguests go when they arrive at the hotel.

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In this manner, what is the front office management?

Front office management is defined as managingthe parts of a company such as the sales staff and customer servicestaff that come into contact with customers. Managing the salesstaff and marketing staff that come into contact with customers isan example of front office management.

Furthermore, what is the importance of front office in hotel? Front Office plays a critical part in Tourism andHospitality Industry. This is because of the fact that thefront office is the first and last point which interact withthe client. Front office called so because they are situatedat the front near the entrance of thehotels.

Moreover, what are the duties of front office?

Responsible for handling front office receptionand administration duties, including greeting guests andoffering them a beverage, answering phones, handling companyinquiries, and sorting and distributing mail. Mail also schedulemeetings and travel for executives.

What is the process of front office?

At hotels, front office refers to the frontdesk or reception area or the core operations department of thehotel. This is the place where guests go when they arrive at thehotel. Employees working in the front office will confirmguest reservations and also attend to guest complaints andqueries.

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What is front office communication?

Healthy communication in the organization fostersmutual trust and sense of cooperation among the staff members andthe guests as well as between the staff members and the managementbody. Front office communication with other departments canmake or break the guests' stay at the hotel.

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How many departments are there in hotel?

The major four departments of hotelsare:
Housekeeping Department. Food and BeverageService Department. Food Production or KitchenDepartment. Front OfficeDepartment.

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What is back office and front office?

Traditionally, front office staff are the folksin contact with the consumers or clients, while the backoffice staff are the people behind-the-scenes working inadministrative or support roles. In investment banks, therelationship between the front and back office is aslightly different kettle of fish.

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Who is a receptionist?

The title receptionist is attributed to theperson who is employed by an organization to receive or greet anyvisitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. Suchreceptionists are often called front deskclerks.

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What is front office sports?

Front Office Sports is a leading digital mediapublisher delivering news, insight, and authority to professionalsand fans at the intersection of sports andbusiness.

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What is concierge in front office?

Hotel Concierge is a section under frontoffice that assists guests by performing different servicessuch as making reservations, booking transportation's, arrangingfor local visits, recommending sightseeing spots, and coordinatingbell desk service etc.

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What is the role of front office associate?

Front Desk Associate Responsibilities andDuties. Administer all guest departure on everyday basis andensure compliance to all established manual and computerprocedures. Monitor all inquiries for reservation and manage allcommunication with clients for hotel rates and assist to increaserevenue though occupancy.

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What are duties of a receptionist?

Receptionist Job Duties:
  • Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on thetelephone; answering or referring inquiries.
  • Directs visitors by maintaining employee and departmentdirectories; giving instructions.
  • Maintains security by following procedures; monitoring logbook;issuing visitor badges.

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What are the qualities of front office staff?

10 Traits of a Great Front Desk Performer
  • Empathetic and Caring. When guests approach the front desk tocheck-in, they may be tired from their travels.
  • Willing to Go Above and Beyond.
  • Ability to Anticipate Guests' Needs.
  • Engaging and Inquisitive.
  • Calm, Composed.
  • Always Smiling.
  • Knowledgeable about the Local Area.
  • Resourceful.

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What are the different positions in the front office department?

The staff includes desk clerk, cashier,reservations manager, concierge, night auditor, telephone operator,bell staff, room key clerk, and elevator operator. Not all of thesepositions are found in every lodgingestablishment.

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What is the salary of front office executive?

Front Office Executive Salaries
Job Title Salary
McKinsey & Company Front Office Executive salaries - 1salaries reported ₹41,148/mo
JLL Front Office Executive salaries - 1 salaries reported ₹45,000/mo
CBRE Front Office Executive salaries - 1 salaries reported ₹33,453/mo

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What is front desk experience?

Front desk agents are often the first face apatron will see when visiting a business. The front deskagent, or receptionist, is also the first voice customers hear whencalling for assistance. Most companies only require that frontdesk workers possess a high school diploma or GED.

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What is PBX in front office?

Hotels need front-desk workers to fieldoutside calls as well as calls from the rooms, including guestcomplaints or requests for services and/or repairs. A PBXoperator in a public facility such as a driver's license bureau ora courthouse would have similar reception duties toperform.

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Why do u choose Front Office?

Front office executives are responsible forhandling front office reception and administration dutiesincluding greeting guests, managing and training the staff andensure of providing a professional and friendly service toguests.

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Why the front desk position is so important?

The front desk is responsible for making patientsfeel welcome. The front desk is the first impression apatient receives when calling or visiting the medical practice.It is important that the front desk deliversexceptional customer service and be a positive representation ofthe medical practice.

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What is the mean of hospitality?

hospitality. A reputation for hospitalitymeans you're known for being kind and welcoming to visitors, whichmay also mean that you always have a full house atThanksgiving. Hospitalitem is a Latin word meaning "friendliness toguests," so it's not hard to see where the word hospitalitycomes from.

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What is F&B service?

Food and Beverage Services can be broadly definedas the process of preparing, presenting and serving of food andbeverages to the customers. The customer visits the premise toavail the food service. The premises are kept well-equippedand well-finished to attract customers to avail F&Bservice.