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What is half as much?

Last Updated: 22nd January, 2020

Half as much as- Something costs 100 dollars. Ifsomething costs half as much as - costs 50 dollars. Ifsomething costs half again as much as - then it's 150dollars.

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Just so, what does half as much again mean?

half as much/many again -definition and synonyms Add. phrase. used for saying that an amount/anumber is 50% greater than another amount/number. A flat in Londoncosts half as much again as a similar flat inGlasgow.

Additionally, what does half as great mean? —used to say that the size, amount, or quality ofone thing is half or nearly half that of another Thebush is half as tall as the tree.This dress costshalf as much as that one.If 100 people were expected and 50came, only half as many people came as were expected.If hecan play the guitar half as well as he cansing,

Beside this, what is half as many?

Definition of half as much/many againas —used to say that the size or amount of one thingis 50 percent more than another If 100 people were expected and 150came, half as many people came again as were expected.Thisdress costs half as much again as thatone.

What is the meaning of as many as?

Definition of as many as. —used to suggestthat a number or amount is surprisingly large As many as 60students competed for the prize.They lost by as many as 20points.

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What does twice as many mean?

In language usage (not mathematical meaning), "twiceas many A as B" means A is two times more than B —or as you put it, A = 2B. It's the same as saying it in thesealternative ways:— “A is twice asmany/much as B.” — ( In your questiondetails already) “Twice as many/much A asB.”

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Does Inline have a hyphen?

In the adjective sense, those are the same words asalternative spellings. The one without a hyphen is morecommon in computer-related cases, such as "an inlinefunction", while the one with a hyphen is, in my experience,more common in mechanical or manufacturing situations - "in-lineengine", "in-line manufacturing".

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What does not half bad mean?

used for saying that someone or something is good,especially when they are better than you expected them to be. It'sone of the cheapest printers around, and it isn't halfbad.

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Is twenty something hyphenated?

The hyphen in sentence 3 is correct because wealways use a hyphen in compound numbers betweentwenty-one and ninety-nine. That is, although we do not seethe word “girl” in the sentence, it is nonetheless partof the construction. Thus, “four-year-old” ishyphenated as a multi-word, single descriptor preceding anoun.

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What does 3 times as much mean?

Yes, bc has it right. People might say "threetimes more" when they mean "three times as much"but it usually isn't what they really mean. If the motherhas x dollars, "three times more than x" means 3x + x-- "more than" means "add". "Three times as much"means 3x. Amy, Co-ModeratorMember.

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Is many a singular or plural?

These words include anyone, everyone, someone, and one.Indefinite pronouns that end in -body are always singular.These words include anybody, somebody, nobody. The indefinitepronouns both, few, many, others, and several are alwaysplural.

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What is as much as possible?

as much as possible - Dictionary definition andmeaning for word as much as possible. (adv) to a feasibleextent. Synonyms : as far as possible. she helped him asmuch as possible.

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What does as many mean in math terms?

Based on your examples, it seems that you misunderstandthe vocabulary as well as the phrase. "Many" is used withcounted things; "much" is used with amounts. The phrase "asmany as" can mean either "up to" or "exactly,"depending on how it's used. Or even "the same ormore."

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Does and mean add or multiply?

Adding two (or more) numbers means to findtheir sum (or total). Subtracting one number from another number isto find the difference between them. Multiplication meanstimes (or repeated addition). A product is the result of themultiplication of two (or more) numbers.