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What is Hamptons style furniture?

Last Updated: 20th January, 2020

How would you define Hamptons style? “A Hamptons-style home is relaxed and sophisticated, with an inviting ambiance,” says Elaine. “Hamptons style decorating involves a great deal of charm and character, and interior spaces should feel light, bright and airy, filling you with a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

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Then, what is Hamptons style?

Hampton Style is a classic look with a relaxed feel The Hampton's style is defined by cool, classic and sophisticated designs that meet rustic, casual beach vibes. This beautiful design is derived from the romance and glamour of a summer home.

Beside above, where does Hampton style come from? Coastal and casual, the Hamptons interior design style – originally inspired by a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York – has come to represent elegant and relaxed coastal living.

Also know, how do you make a Hampton look?

10 easy ways to Hamptons style

  1. Pattern perfection. Add extra personality to a subtle seaside palette with patterned cushions or curtains in similar hues such as blue or grey.
  2. Well-placed windows.
  3. Crisp white walls.
  4. Oversized furniture.
  5. Classic curtains.
  6. Coastal colours.
  7. Plantation shutters.
  8. Nautical knick-knacks.

How do you decorate a Hampton house?

5 tips for decorating a Hamptons style home! | Gold Coast Interior Design

  1. Work with a neutral colour palette. Hamptons style interior decorating is always centred around a neutral, coastal colour palette.
  2. Include natural and organic textures.
  3. Be inspired by the sea.
  4. Light it up!
  5. Use your artwork to tie it all together.

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What Colours are Hampton style?

Whites, neutrals, yellow and green are all common colours to Hamptons style interiors. Lydia suggests pairing warm neutral colours with coastal blues, or layering various shades of blue, from navy through to baby blue.

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What is the richest part of the Hamptons?

The most expensive neighborhoods lie south of the highway, and most of all in the so-called Estate Areas of Southampton Village, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Sagaponack and East Hampton Village.

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What is the difference between Hamptons and coastal style?

Coastal is made for living in. Coastal is chill. Unlike Hamptons, coastal is more of a feeling than just a style inspired by place. Coastal style means a simple colour palette working with sand and sea hues, natural textures like shell, rope and rattan, and the raw, un-finished charm of reclaimed timber.

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What is a Hamptons style kitchen?

Hamptons-style is coastal and casual, yet elegant and refined. Originally, it took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, but has come to represent relaxed coastal living, natural materials, classic shapes and lots of natural light.

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What is coastal chic?

Coastal Chic is one of the most soothing interior design styles of today. Soft colors and luminous finishes give a sense of calm and tranquility to any space. Coastal Chic is represented by linen fabrics, distressed woods, nautical prints, coral and shells.

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What is the difference between Hamptons and French provincial?

Same same but different
While French Provincial offers ornate details, Hamptons is all about simplistic – yet elegant – comfort. But the reality is that the differences between these two styles are often subtle. After all, both French Provincial and Hamptons share a love for relaxed and timeless interiors.

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What is so good about the Hamptons?

The Hamptons is most known for P. Diddy's white parties, its exclusive beaches and its wealthy, beautiful people. During the scorching summer months, the lavish sophistication of Manhattan heads up the Long Island Expressway via the Hamptons Jitney (or personal car) and takes over the residential beach community.

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What does Montauk modern style mean?

Montauk design style, on the other hand, is a little trickier to define. In short, Montauk décor is closely related to Hamptons style, but with a slightly edgier, earthier palette and an emphasis on natural wood. The use of wood panelling and nautical motifs are common.

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What does a Hampton house look like?

At its heart, the Hamptons look is “sophisticated, relaxed, timeless, airy and light”, Indah Island interior designer, Natalee Bowen, an ambassador for Scyon Linea Weatherboard told Home Beautiful. The best place to start is with a fresh coat of paint, and white is always on point for true American East Coast flair.

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How do you get the Hamptons look on a budget?

Bringing the Hamptons look into your home doesn't have to cost the earth.

7 ways to achieve a Hamptons look on a budget
  1. Start with your paint colour.
  2. The right rug.
  3. Trick the eye with mirrors.
  4. Add a colour accent.
  5. Add warmth with task lighting.
  6. Think like an interior designer.
  7. Accessorise with classic Hamptons pieces.

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What is French provincial style?

Born in the 18th century, French provincial style was the brainchild of provincial nobility who wanted to distant themselves from a Paris they considered “too urban” for their taste. Classic, yet casual, French provincial furniture are often painted in white and adorned with gilt, and feature discreet floral accents.

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How do you decorate a Hampton bedroom?

Hamptons interior design is about bright, natural light, and letting the outdoors pour in, so you could keep your bedroom windows bare, but if you prefer a bit more light blocking for those sunny mornings, opt for soft flowing curtains or plantation shutters in a light colour that feels airy.”

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Where in the Hamptons do celebrities live?

Check Out the Hamptons Homes of Your Favorite Celebrities
  • Anderson Cooper in Westhampton.
  • Anthony Scaramucci in Water Mill.
  • Neil Patrick Harris in East Hampton.
  • Bethenny Frankel in Bridgehampton.
  • Beyoncé and Jay Z on Georgica Pond.
  • Julianne Moore in Montauk.
  • Alec Baldwin in East Hampton.