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What is integrated video conferencing?

Last Updated: 7th February, 2020

Integrated video conferencing systems aredesigned generally for group video conferencing wherethere's a centralized location for the equipment. It include boththe hardware and codec. All the main camera, displays and otherperipheral videos are mounted in the main conferencelocation.

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Also question is, what do you mean by video conferencing?

Videoconferencing (or video conference)means to conduct a conference between two or moreparticipants at different sites by using computer networks totransmit audio and video data. For example, a point-to-point(two-person) video conferencing system works much like avideo telephone.

One may also ask, what is the requirement for video conferencing? Minimum system requirements for videoconferencing. A webcam capable of producing high-qualityvideo. WebEx supports most webcams of this type. A computerwith at least 1 GB of RAM and a dual-core processor.

In respect to this, what is the purpose of video conferencing?

Purpose. The main purpose of videoconferencing is to enable face-to-face communication betweentwo or more people in different locations. It is a popularalternative to phone conferencing for businesses andprovides individual users with an inexpensive means ofcommunication with distant friends and family.

What is audio and video conferencing and its uses?

Audio conferencing allows people from differentlocations to interact by telephone through an audioconference bridge. This is also referred to as a conferencecall. Similarly, video conferencing enables people fromdifferent locations to hold virtual meetings as if they were inthe same location.

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How do you do video conferencing on the Internet?

How to Video Conference Over the Internet
  1. Connect your web enabled camera to your computer's USB orserial port.
  2. Have the other individuals who will be taking part in the videoconference also install a web camera to their respectivecomputers.
  3. Set up a computer compatible microphone if your web camera doesnot have voice input capability.

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What are the components of video conferencing?

The 5 Components of Best-In-Class Video ConferencingSystems
  1. Video camera or webcam. Video conferencing wouldn't be possiblewithout modern camera technology.
  2. Audio input. Similarly, a video conferencing system cannot besuccessful without clear, understandable audio.
  3. Codec Device. This is also a vital piece of the puzzle.
  4. Endpoint devices.
  5. The Right Computer System.

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What are the tools used for video conferencing?

8 Best Video Conferencing Tools
  1. Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is a versatile tool thatincorporates various forms of communication within onepackage.
  2. ezTalks Meetings. This product is one of the finest choices inthe market when it comes to video conferencing.
  3. Skype.
  4. Anymeeting.
  5. WebEx Meetings.
  6. Tokbox.
  7. ooVoo.
  8. MeetingBurner.

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How much is video conferencing equipment?

•Desktop Video Conference
The most common type is desktop videoconferencing. The price of prepaid plan softwareservices for desktop video conferencing often ranges from$24 to $79 per month, this is the average cost of videoconferencing equipment, depending on the number ofattendees.

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What is the best way to video conference?

The top 5 video conferencing apps for remotebusinesses
  1. Skype for Business. First and foremost, Skype for Business is aMicrosoft product, so it already has quite a reputation.
  2. are striving for simplicity.
  3. RingCentral Meetings. RingCentral Meetings is Turbine'spersonal favourite.
  4. Google Hangouts.
  5. Cisco WebEx.

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Is a telephone line required for video conferencing?

For video communication you need to have avideo teleconference equipment. This can range from webcams,headphones with mic, monitors and computers. You would alsoneed a high speed internet connection and cables ofhigh bandwidth come into play here.

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What Internet speed is needed for video conferencing?

So, what are the requirements for crystal-clearaudio and video-conferencing? Let's take Skype. Skyperequirements for HD video calling are 1.5 Mbpsdownload speed and 1.5 Mbps upload speed while largegroup video calls require up to 8 Mbps downloadspeed.

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What is the minimum bandwidth required for video conferencing?

Determining video conferencing bandwidthrequirements
Video conferences can require anywherefrom 128 Kbps for a low-quality desktop endpoint, up to 20 Mbps foran immersive three-screen telepresence suite.

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When was video conferencing first introduced?

The first concepts of video conferencingwere developed in the 1870s, as part of an extension of audiodevices. The first actual developments of the videotelephone began in the late 1920s with the AT&T company BellLabs and John Logie Baird. AT&T experimented with videophones in 1927.

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What is a video conference bridge?

A video conferencing bridge (also called aMultipoint Control Uni or MCU) is a hardware system that is able toconnect multiple videoconferencing systems together into asingle conference.