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What is Korvai silk?

Last Updated: 20th April, 2020

It involves the joining of two different colours whenthe body ( udal) meets the two borders. The second border can beattached only by an extra helper, in a painstaking,labour-intensive process. Kanjeevaram silks are thereforesometimes also referred to as korvai pattu or the saree with'attached border'.

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Besides, what is Korvai border?

Intricate in execution, the woven attachment ofkorvai borders is one of the hallmarks of a kanjivaramclassic. The use of the korvai technique further enhancesthe kanjivaram's bold use of colour, creating solid and texturedborders that emphasise high contrast to the warp and weftthat run through the body.

Similarly, what is a Kanjeevaram saree? Kanchipuram Silk is a type of silk sareemade in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. Thesesarees are worn as bridal & special occasionsarees by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & AndhraPradesh. It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by theGovernment of India in 2005-06.

Herein, what is Korvai Kanchipuram sarees?

Traditional korvai sarees A traditional Korvai saree from the house ofkanchipuram silks is an absolute pleasure to drape. It comesin various colours with big or small border options and also thezari can be chosen based on pure, silver and tested. The sheerelegance of these traditional sarees is simplyclassic.

What is Vaira OOSI saree?

Vaira oosi is a Tamil name for a traditionalKanjivaram saree where ”Vaira” meansdiamond and “oosi” means needle. The richlywoven diamond shapes in the border and the needle like stripes inthe body gives it a lustrous look.

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What is difference between Banarasi and Kanjivaram saree?

Kanjivaram and Banarasi Sarees are thebest and finest silk sarees in India even worldwiderecognized. The basic difference between these sareesis their origin and their culture inspired design. The origin ofBanarasi saree from Banaras, Varanasi. Banarasi sareeare woven from pure silk which is also known as katan.

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How much does a Kanjivaram saree cost?

A basic Kanjeevaram saree costs around Rs.25,000and the cost can go upto Rs.40 lakhs even.

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Is banarasi silk soft?

Banarasi Silk. Banarasi Silk (also knownas Benarasi SIlk) is a fine variant of Silkoriginating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh,India.

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What is the price of Banarasi saree?

The price range of Banarasi sarees dependson the intricacy of work, the pure Banarasi silksarees start from Rs 4500 and can go up to lakhs because ofthe real gold and silver zari threads used in it.

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How can you tell a real kanjivaram saree?

Simple Tips for identify a Pure Kanjivaram SilkSaree.
  1. First check the thickness of the saree.
  2. Kajneevaram sarees has usually 3 ply silk.
  3. Kajneevaram sarees pallu of the saree should be glossy.
  4. You can check the pureness of the zari by scratching the zariand also check if red silk comes out from the corner of thesaree.

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How do I identify a silk saree?

To find out if the saree is made of puresilk, a simple method can be followed. Silk BurnTest: Take a few threads from the warp and weft and burn them fromtheir ends. When the thread stops burning, a very tiny ash ballmight be left behind. Rub the ball in-between your fingers andsmell the powdered ash.

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How can you tell real silk?

This is perhaps the best and most definitive test tofind genuine silk. You can take a few threads from thematerial and burn it with a flame. Genuine silk burns withsmell of burnt hair. When you burn the edge of real silkfabric, the flame is invisible and it will stop burning as soon asthe flame is removed.

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Is kanjivaram and Kanchipuram same?

Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram Silk Saree.Kanchipuram (also spelled as Conjeevaram, Kanjeevarum,Kanjiwaram, Kanjivaram) is traditionally woven silk from thevillage called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. For yearsnow, Kanchipuram silk sarees have dominated the world ofSouth Indian sarees.