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What is Lampa in Hokkien?

Last Updated: 21st June, 2021

In Hokkien language (which is a Chinesedialect),lampa refer to the testicles.

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Accordingly, what is Lampa?

awkward adj. 1. not graceful in movement, clumsy:saliwa,lampa, asiwa.

Likewise, what is Cibai? cibai. Referred to Women's Vagina -inoffensive term. Used widely for cursing by the Hokkien communityinSoutheast Asia especially in Medan and Batam in Indonesia,Penangand Johor in Malaysia, Sin [..]

Likewise, what does NABE mean in Hokkien?

??/ho lang kan(Hokkien)Literally “give people to F”. Use it tomeanthat you (or someone else) are in trouble.

What does chee bye mean?

Essentially, "vagina", though not confined toclinicalgynecological circumstances. The English equivalentwould be"cunt". CHEE BYE MOUTH. Someone who goesaround saying badthings about others.

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What is SMLJ?

SMLJ. acronym. Simi lan jiao. Hokkien termwhichtranslates to "What penis"

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What does Simi Sai mean?

What it means: "Simi"basciallymeans what in hokkien. It is usually pairedwith"Tai-ji" meaning problem or "Sai" meaningshitto give the words: Simi-taiji: What'stheproblem?

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What does Chio mean?

CHIO means "Sexy, good looking, girl" So nowyouknow - CHIO means "Sexy, good looking, girl" - don'tthankus. YW! What does CHIO mean? CHIO is anacronym,abbreviation or slang word that is explained above wheretheCHIO definition is given.

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What is YP slang?

YP means "Your Problem" or "Yes, Please" Sonowyou know - YP means "Your Problem" or "Yes, Please" -don'tthank us. YW! What does YP mean? YP is anacronym,abbreviation or slang word that is explained abovewhere theYP definition is given.

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What does Nua mean in Hokkien?

'Nua'meansäóÁí_í‡softäóÁ—Èor'rotten' in Hokkien. Like a fruit left on a shelf thathassoftened and gone bad over time, it refers to someone who rotstheirlife away.

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What was the first curse word?

In other "damn" related information, "god-damn" wasusedin the late 14th century, according to OED. It came from theOldFrench word godon, which was apparently "a term ofreproachapplied to the English by the French." Salty. Additionally,theeuphemism "dang" was first used around 1780.

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What does LL mean in Singapore?

RECOMMENDED 7 things Singapore does betterthananyone else and 9 things you've definitely said or doneafterliving in Singapore for three months. Paiseh(pie-say)Meaning: A Hokkien way of saying somethingisembarrassing. Alternatively, it's to express a sense ofshame orthat you are simply shy.

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What is Sohai?

2. Sohai - it means “crazy”and“*****/c**t” e.g. - Hey sohai! Long time nosee!3. FFK – in Cantonese, it means 'fong fei kei'. whichmeansthose who betrayed or broke a promise/deal made withanotherparty.

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What does Wah Piang mean?

Hokkien term which can be loosely translated as"OhPenis". Probably the most common Singlish expression of all, itisused in much the same way as "oh my goodness", "wow", or"damn!",depending on the tone used, and the context. More politevariantsinclude "Wah Lau" and "Wah Piang". 1."Wah laneh!

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What is the meaning of Walao?

"Kanasai" – "Like Shit" in Hokkien."Walaoeh" – also an exclamation of amazement similarto KoreanHul~(usually Chinese) "Giler Ah!" – exclamation ofshock oramazement. From the Malay word 'gila' which meansmad orcrazy.

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What does Diu lei mean?

"Diu Lei Lo Mo!" (????or ?????, "fuckyourmother") is a highly offensive profanity in Cantonese whendirectedagainst a specific person instead of used as ageneralexclamation.