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What is maxorb AG?

Last Updated: 18th April, 2021

Maxorb Extra Ag is a highly absorbent, non woven pad composed of a high G (guluronic acid) calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and ionic silver. Exposure to wound exudate dissolves the silver and stimulates the release of silver ions.

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In this way, what is maxorb AG used for?

Medline Maxorb Extra Ag Silver Alginate Antimicrobial Sheet Wound Dressing is used for moderate to heavily draining wounds. It is a highly absorbent dressing which provides an antibacterial barrier to combat the bacteria absorbed in the wound exudate.

Likewise, is maxorb the same as calcium alginate? Maxorb® Extra Calcium Alginate is made from calcium alginate and sodium carboxymethylcellulose fibers. Contraindicated for use on full-thickness (third-degree) burns, on dry wounds, as a surgical sponge or on patients with a known sensitivity to alginates.

Also know, how do you use Melgisorb AG?

Apply to wound bed directly. Loosely fill deep wounds, ensuring the dressing does not overlap the wound margins. Cover and secure Melgisorb® Ag with a non-occlusive secondary dressing. Melgisorb® Ag can remain in situ up to seven days.

Is Aquacel AG an alginate?

Aquacel Ag is an absorbent wound dressing made from sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and impregnated with 1.2% silver. Alginate Silver is a material contains calcium alginate and silver alginate. It is a highly absorbent wound dressing with good antimicrobial properties, which is similar to Aquacel Ag [4].

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How often do you change Optifoam?

Change Frequency
Optifoam Basic may be left in place for up to 7 days. Dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage.

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What is calcium alginate used for?

Calcium Alginate Dressings are a strong, versatile, and natural wound care dressing typically applied to diabetic wounds, venous wounds, full-thickness burns, split-thickness graft donor sites, pressure ulcers, cavity wounds, and chronic ulcers.

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What is Silvasorb gel?

Silvasorb is a controlled-release antimicrobial silver hydrogel. When Silvasorb gel is used properly it helps to reduce the amount of infectious bacteria that is present in and immediately around the wound. The Silvasorb gel also helps to keep the wound moist which promotes an optimal wound healing environment.

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How often do you change calcium alginate dressing?

Change the dressing every one to three days, or when fluid starts to seep out from the edges of the dressings. Before removing the alginate during a dressing change, use saline to dampen it in order to lower the risk of damaging the surrounding skin.

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What is silver alginate wound dressing?

Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing is designed to be highly absorbent and form a gel-like covering over the wound, helping to maintain a moist environment that promotes wound healing. The gel-like surface also helps keep the dressing from adhering to the wound, which aids to minimize discomfort upon removal.

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Does Aquacel AG have silver in it?

Aquacel Ag® (ConvaTec, Princeton, NJ, USA) is a new hydrofiber wound dressing consisting of soft non-woven sodium carboxymethylcellulose fibers integrated with ionic silver. It is a moisture-retention dressing, which forms a gel on contact with wound fluid and has antimicrobial properties of ionic silver.

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What is Melgisorb?

Melgisorb® Ag is an antimicrobial alginate dressing made with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). Melgisorb Ag is able to manage high volumes of exudate. The fibers forms a soft gel, which creates a moist environment and promotes wound healing.

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What is Melgisorb plus?

Melgisorb® Plus Calcium Alginate Dressing is a sterile, absorbent calcium alginate dressing for moderately to heavily exuding partial- to full-thickness wounds. • Forms a soft gel on contact with wound exudate, providing a moist wound environment conducive to healing.

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What is the difference between Aquacel and Aquacel extra?

There are some differences between these two wound dressings by Convatec. The first and most obvious is that the Aquacel AG Extra is impregnated with 1.2% ionic silver and the Aquacel Extra is not. But, both dressings are powered by hydrofiber technology so they both are designed to support wound healing.

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What is a collagen dressing?

Collagen Dressings. Collagen dressings are designed for minimal-to-heavy exuding wounds. They are derived from animal sources such as bovine, equine and porcine and speed up the recovery period due to the growth of new collagen at the wound site. Collagen dressings for wound care usually require a secondary dressing.

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How does Kaltostat stop bleeding?

KALTOSTAT® Alginate Dressing forms an absorbent gel-fiber matrix on contact with fluid. Maintains a moist wound environment and facilitates atraumatic removal. Aids in the control of minor bleeding. This dressing is not indicated for dry wounds or third-degree burns and is not intended for use as a surgical swab.

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Is alginate and calcium alginate the same?

Calcium alginate is a highly absorbent, biodegradable alginate dressing derived from seaweed. Silver, a known antimicrobial agent, also has been added to many wound products, including calcium alginate. Unadulterated calcium alginate comes in the form of a flat square or mat (in many sizes) or a rope.

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Does Aquacel AG need to be wet?

Place the Aquacel Ag in the wound and then wet with sterile saline over the wound area only. The vertical absorption properties of Aquacel Ag will help to maintain the moist area over the wound only and reduce the risk of maceration.

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How much does Aquacel AG Cost?

Convatec Aquacel Ag Extra Hydrofiber Dressing - Moderate/Highly Exuding Wounds
Item# Description Price
420675 5 x 5 cm; (2 x 2 Inch) - Square $16.89 $12.99
420675 5 x 5 cm; (2 x 2 Inch) - Square $146.26 $112.51
420677 10 x 12.5 cm; (4 x 5 inch) - Rectangle $24.57 $18.90
420677 10 x 12.5 cm; (4 x 5 inch) - Rectangle $244.37 $187.98

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How do you remove Aquacel dressing?

To remove your dressing:
Gently press down on the corner of the Aquacel® dressing with one hand. 3. Use the other hand to slowly lift up an edge of the dressing.

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What is calcium alginate AG?

Gentell Calcium Alginate Ag Dressings are a sterile, antimicrobial, comfortable, fiber-structured alginate with high absorbency. A steady release of silver and a reaction between the calcium in the dressing and the sodium in the wound exudate creates a gel that fights infection and is easy to remove from the wound.

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What is Tegaderm alginate used for?

TegadermAlginate dressings may be used for pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, superficial wounds such as cuts and abrasions, donor sites, post-operative wounds, trauma wounds, and other dermal lesions. They also are intended to help control minor bleeding and support autolytic debridement.

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Is Opticell the same as Aquacel?

Opticell is comparable to Aquacel and Durafiber dressings. Opticell is also more absorbant and retains its size better than comparable products.