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What is MCM slang for?

The Meaning of MCM
MCM means "Man Crush Monday" So nowyouknow-MCM means "Man Crush Monday" - don't thank us.YW!WhatdoesMCM mean? MCM is an acronym,abbreviationorslangword that is explained above wheretheMCMdefinition isgiven.

Regarding this, what does MCM mean in Snapchat?

MCM means "Man Crush Monday"(especiallyonSnapchatand Twitter). When used on Snapchat, TwitterandFacebook,MCM means"Man Crush Monday". It is commonlyseenwith ahashtag (#MCM).MCM is used to tag posts aboutattractivemen. Ofinterest, MCMderived from WCW(WomanCrushWednesday).

Furthermore, what does MCM and MCE mean? Mcm mean : man crush MondayWcmmean:womencrush Monday Mce mean: man crusheveryday.-7. Addedon April30, 2014 anonymously.

In this way, what does MCMS stand for?

Machinery Control and Monitoring System

What is full form of MCM?

Master Chief Musician

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What does WCE mean in texting?

Woman Crush Everyday

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What does MCW mean in texting?

The Meaning of MCW
MCW means "Man Crush Wednesday" So nowyouknow-MCW means "Man Crush Wednesday" - don't thankus.YW!Whatdoes MCW mean? MCW is an acronym, abbreviation orslangwordthatis explained above where theMCWdefinitionisgiven.

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What does YM mean on Snapchat?

YM means "Yahoo Messenger" or "Your Mom"Sonowyouknow - YM means "Yahoo Messenger" or "Your Mom"-don'tthankus.

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What does MCM mean in social media?

MCM is used on Mondays formenandmeans“man crush Mondays”; WCW isusedonWednesday for womenand means“womencrushWednesdays.”

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What does TBT mean?

Everyone is sharing their 'Back In TheDay'photo's!Andlet me tell you something, they are hilarious!HashtagThrowBack Thursday is what #TBT means.

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What does GGTM mean in texting?

GGTM Go Get The Money Internet » Chat Rate it:
GGTM God's Gift To Man Internet » Chat Rate it:
GGTM Girls Go To Mars Academic & Science Rate it:
GGTM Glory of God Trust MissionMiscellaneous»Unclassified Rate it:
GGTM Gielow Groom TerpstraMcEvoyMiscellaneous»Unclassified Rate it:

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What does FGF mean on IG?

fibroblast growth factor

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What is MCM stands for?

Man Crush Monday

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What does does WTW mean?

The Meaning of WTW
WTW means "Walk Through Walls(gaming)"or"Walkthis Way" So now you know - WTW means"WalkThroughWalls(gaming)" or "Walk this Way" - don't thank us.YW!Whatdoes WTWmean? WTW is an acronym, abbreviationorslangword thatis explained above where theWTWdefinitionisgiven.

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What is the full form of LMAO?

LMAO is an acronym that stands forLaughingMyAssOff. Many people say (or text) this acronym whentheyfindsomethingparticularly funny. Another acronym usedwithLMAOis ROFL.People often say "ROFLMAO" which is usedtosignifysomething iseven more hilarious! ROFL means "rollingonthefloorlaughing."

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What is MCM on social media?

When you post a picture of a man with whom youhaveacrush(usually a celebrity) on your social mediasites.ManCrushMonday is considered an Internet theme day,observedeveryMonday,during which people (women and men) postpictures ofthemen they likeon their Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr,Instagram,etc.,accounts.