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What is on the cover of meddle?

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The image represents an ear, underwater, collectingwaves of sound (represented by ripples in the water). Thorgersonlater expressed dissatisfaction with the cover, claiming itto be his least favourite Pink Floyd album sleeve: "I thinkMeddle is a much better album than itscover".

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Furthermore, what does Pink Floyd album cover mean?

Pink Floyd's album sleeves explained. The conceptof this cover, according the artist Storm Thorgerson, was totry and connect with Pink Floyd's live shows; "famous fortheir lighting, ambition and madness hence the prism, the triangleand the pyramids. It all connects, somehow,somewhere."

Subsequently, question is, when did Pink Floyd release meddle? October 31, 1971

Also know, what album is Echoes on?


Who wrote echoes?

David Gilmour Roger Waters Richard Wright Nick Mason

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What does Pink Floyd mean?

Barrett created the name on the spur of the moment whenhe discovered that another band, also called the Tea Set, were toperform at one of their gigs. The name is derived from the givennames of two blues musicians whose Piedmont blues records Barretthad in his collection, Pink Anderson and FloydCouncil.

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What does Pink Floyd prism mean?

the white bean represents life, and the prism isPink Floyd. They separate into the different colors, thusbreaking down life into some of its key/largest components."Money", "time", insanity, etc.

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What is the meaning of Floyd?

The name Floyd is a boy's name of Welsh originmeaning "gray-haired".

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What does the Dark Side of the Moon album mean?

"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matterof fact it's all dark." What is the title to thealbum referring to? What is the dark side of the moona metaphor for? It's a metaphor for darkness, the darkness (ordifferent ideas) that can destroy all of the positive emotions andideas that are a part of humanity.

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What does Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here mean?

This is what Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Hereis all about, a song about absence and yearning. The songis specifically about one of Pink Floyd's bandmember, Syd Barrett. Barrett suffered from addiction to LSD whichcost him a part of his life and his creative prowess, so much sothat he had to leave the band in 1968.

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Is Dark Side of the Moon the best album ever?

The Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd's 1973album, has been voted the Greatest Album Of All Timeby Classic Rock readers. Other albums making the Top 10included the second and fourth Led Zeppelin albums, plusGuns N' Roses' debut album Appetite ForDestruction.

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Why is Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon so popular?

Part of the reason is that 'rock - time' marches on, orat least it used to - very quickly. When Dark Side of TheMoon came out it represented the early 70's zeitgeist perfectly- great sound, laid back trippy stoner music with a touch ofmelancholy about it that reflected the dying embers of 60'sidealism.

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What does shine on you crazy diamond mean?

Shine on you crazy diamond. The big goal of Sydwas to discover all the secrets of the true meaning of lifeand all the big mysteries behind it. And he use drugs to achievethat goal. But along the way, he get a mental illness. In this songSyd use the moon as a metaphor for madness.

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What key is echoes in?

C-sharp minor
D-flat major

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How long is meddle?

Recorded January – August 1971
Studio AIR Studios, Abbey Road Studios, and Morgan Studios(London)
Genre Progressive rock
Length 46:48

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What do you mean by echoes?

An echo is a repetition or imitation of sound.When sound waves hit a hard surface they might reflect, making thesound bounce and repeat. If you agree with someone,you might echo his or her statement. In Greekmythology, Echo was a nymph who could only repeat the lastwords of others.

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What is Pink Floyd's longest song?

"Echoes" is the third-longest song in PinkFloyd's catalogue, after "Atom Heart Mother" (23:44) and thecombined segments of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"(26:01).

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What is the plural of Echo?

The Plural of Echo. The plural of echo isechos or echoes. The noun echo adheres to thestandard rules for forming the plurals of nouns in English (shownin the table below).

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How do echoes work?

Echoes. An echo is a sound that isrepeated because the sound waves are reflected back. Sound wavescan bounce off smooth, hard objects in the same way as a rubberball bounces off the ground. That is why echoes can be heardin a canyon, cave, or mountain range.

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Is Pink Floyd animals based on animal farm?

“Sheep,” for example, contains a modifiedversion of the 23rd Psalm: “The Lord is my shepherd. Hemaketh me to hang on hooks in high places and coverteth me to lambcutlets.” As the brutish title alerts us, Animals isan adaptation of George's Orwell's Animal Farm (and theorigin of Pink Floyd's giant inflatable pig).