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What is pay as you go T Mobile?

Last Updated: 24th February, 2020

The T-Mobile Pay As You Go Plan is aprepaid cell phone plan offered by T-Mobile. The planoffers customers 30 minutes of voice calling, or 30 text messages,or any combination of the two.

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Also, does T Mobile have a pay as you go plan?

The T-Mobile's Pay as you Go plan startsat just $3 a month and offers 30 minutes of calls and texts in anycombination. If you want data for things like sending emailsor surfing the net, you will have to purchase a data passfrom T-Mobile.

One may also ask, how do I check my balance on T Mobile pay as you go? To check your usage:

  1. Check your balance: Enter #BAL# (#225#) and send the call.
  2. Check your minutes: Enter #MIN# (#646#) and send the call.
  3. Check your text messages: Enter #MSG# (#674#) and send thecall.
  4. Check your data usage: Enter #WEB# (#932#) and send thecall.

Also to know is, what are the prepaid plans for T Mobile?

For a limited time, customers can sign up for a $50 permonth prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTEdata. That puts T-Mobile's plan at a much cheaperprice than Verizon's $65 prepaid plan, which doesn'tinclude mobile hotspots.

What is the cheapest plan for T Mobile?

T-Mobile Essentials T-Mobile's Essentials plan is thecheapest of the un-carrier's unlimited offerings at $60 forone line, $30 for two lines, and $15/line for lines 3-6. The bigcatch with this plan relates to the unlimited data, whichcan be de-prioritized (read: slowed) during times of networkcongestion.

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What is the best pay as you go cell phone plan?

Major carriers' prepaid plans
Carrier Prepaid Data Plans Monthly Cost
AT&T 1GB/8GB/Unlimited $30/$40/$50 - $70
T-Mobile 10GB/Unlimited $40/$50
Verizon 500MB/3GB/8GB/Unlimited $30/$40/$50/$70

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How do cell phone prepaid cards work?

You buy a cell phone with a set service (numberof minutes usable over a certain number of months). You can makecalls or even text and picture message, depending on thephone's features, until you run out of minutes. When thathappens, you can buy more minutes immediately or within a timelimit.

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How do I refill my T Mobile pay as you go?

You can refill your prepaid accounton the phone by calling the T-Mobile Refill Center.Just dial *ADD (*233).

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What is the best T mobile plan?

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plans
Plan T-Mobile Magenta Plus T-Mobile Essentials
3 Lines $170 $105
4 Lines $200 $120
Video unlimited HD standard definition
Mobile Hotspot 20GB/mo at 4G speeds unlimited at 3G speeds

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How much is the T Mobile tourist plan?

Full Cost Breakdown
Description Upfront
Plan T-Mobile Tourist Plan $30.00
Minutes 1000 Minutes -
Data 2GB at full speed Then slowed (no overages) (slowed to 3Gspeeds when 2GB has been reached. No overage charges) -
Messages Unlimited (Domestic & International Text) -

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How do you tell if your phone is unlocked?

If you're greeted with a dialog boxtelling you to enter a SIM unlock code, yourphone is SIM locked to the carrier it was originally purchasedfrom. If you don't see an unlock code prompt,check that it says you have service if you used avalid SIM card. If you do, your phone is probablyunlocked.

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What is the best no contract cell phone plans?

Our Top Picks
  • Best Overall: Metro by T-Mobile. Buy on
  • Best Unlimited: Boost Mobile. Buy on
  • Best Everyday: Republic Wireless. Buy
  • Best Basic: GoSmart Mobile.
  • Best Value: Virgin Mobile USA.
  • Best Individual: T-Mobile.
  • Best Freedom: AT&T Prepaid.
  • Best Coverage: Verizon Wireless.

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Is pay as you go the same as prepaid?

A prepaid mobile device (also commonly referredto as pay-as-you-go (PAYG),pay-as-you-talk, pay and go, go-phoneor prepay) is a mobile device such as a phone for whichcredit is purchased in advance of service use.

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How much is T Mobile Prepaid Unlimited?

One Prepaid is priced at $75 per month for asingle line, and includes unlimited talk and text, plusunlimited 4G LTE data use.

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What is the cheapest prepaid phone plan?

Cheap cell phone plans: summary
Plan Best for Cost per month
T-Mobile PayGo (via Ultra Mobile) People who want a pay-as-you-go plan $3 per month, plus 10 cents per minute or message over theincluded 30
AT&T GoPhone Pay as You Go People who want a pay-as-you-go plan $2 per day of use, data is 1 cent per 5KB or $1 for 100MB

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How long will 2gb data last?

With your 2GB of data, you'll be able to browsethe internet for approximately 24 hours per month, to stream 400songs online or to watch 4 hours of online video in standarddefinition. 2 How Long Does 2GB Of Data Last?

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Does Walmart sell tmobile sim cards?

Walmart Family Mobile BYOP Sim Kit,also known as bring your own phone. This kit allows you to convertyour current T-Mobile GSM compatible phone into aprepaid phone. The kit is a 3-in-1 Sim Kit containing micro,standard, or nano sim cards.

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What is tmobile simply prepaid?

Simply Prepaid and pay-as-you-goT-Mobile plans:
The Simply Prepaid plan has a cap on 4G LTEdata, but otherwise comes with unlimited 2G data, talk, and text.It also allows for 4G LTE tethering and Wi-Fi calling. The plancosts $40 right now, but there are additional taxes andfees.

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How does tmobile simply prepaid work?

The Simply Prepaid plan is a monthly cellphone plan for use within the U.S. It includes unlimited Talk, Text& a given amount of 4G LTE data while on theT-Mobile network. Mobile hotspot is allowed upto full speeds up to data amount. Taxes and Fees are NOTincluded with T-Mobile Simply Prepaidplans.

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What is the T Mobile One plan?

T-Mobile introduced a single planto choose from called “T-Mobile One” inAugust — a plan with unlimited data, talk, and text.The first line costs $70, and the second adds an extra $50. Anyadditional line thereafter will cost $20 each.

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What is an IMEI on a cell phone?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) isa unique number for identifying a device on a mobilenetwork. It has 15 digits and is assigned to every GSM phone— CDMA devices have a MEID number. The IMEI numbercomes in handy when your handset gets lost or stolen.

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How do I check my pay as you go balance?

To check your Pay As You Go balance:
  1. Press Hotkey 2 on your mobile phone.
  2. Key *#10# then press the call button.
  3. Dial 4444 for free from your mobile.

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Is Tmobile really unlimited?

But I pay for unlimited data
At T-Mobile unlimited is trulyunlimited. No overages or data caps apply on our network. Dataprioritization will only be noticeable when you access a congestedtower and have used over 50GB of data in a particular billingcycle.

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How can I check my data usage?

Dial-In for Data Usage
  1. On Verizon, dial #DATA (#3282) and receive a text message.
  2. On AT&T, dial *DATA# (*3282#) to receive a text messagewith your next billing cycle date and remaining data.