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What is Pergo XP?

Last Updated: 15th May, 2020

From high-heeled shoes to dog paws and kitchen spills, your home's flooring faces tough challenges every day. New PERGO XP, from the inventor and most preferred brand of laminate flooring, is specially developed to better withstand the heavy traffic, spills and splashes that everyday life dishes out.

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Moreover, is Pergo XP water resistant?

Laminate isn't water-proof, but it comes pretty close. Pergo says that their laminate is water resistant, giving you a 30 minute window to clean up spills. Essentially, Pergo offers everything except for the kitchen sink; they're a flooring company, after all.

Likewise, which is better Pergo outlast vs Pergo XP? An important difference between Pergo Outlast plus and Pergo XP is that the Pergo Outlast+ includes two features not found in Pergo XP. Outlast Plus includes Pergo's SpillProtect24™ which prevents liquid from seeping into joints for up to 24 hours and SurfaceDefense wear protection.

Also to know is, what does Pergo XP mean?

Extreme Performance

Does Pergo XP need underlayment?

Luckily, Pergo XP is a great product. It's thicker than lower grade (7mm) laminates, and it comes with a pre-attached underlayment, something most laminates don't have. With that said, I would agree with you and use a vapor barrier over the OSB subfloor.

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Is Pergo going out of business?

Pergo. The word Pergo itself became synonymous with laminate flooring. Pergo was acquired by Mohawk in 2013 and has not closed down any of its North American manufacturing operations. The company offers many laminate flooring options in both attached and not attached underlayment.

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Do Pergo floors scratch easily?

It's difficult to stain Pergo flooring, and it never needs to be refinished. Scratching the floors is possible, but Pergo is harder to scratch than other laminates. Of course, no floor is indestructible, and you will want to protect your floor from damage from your furniture and appliances.

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Is Pergo outlast really waterproof?

Not all floors
Unlike ordinary laminate, Pergo Outlast+ combines Uniclic® joint technology with revolutionary SpillProtect to prevent liquid from seeping into the joints making it 100% waterproof for life. * Plus, it even protects against pet accidents.

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How long do Pergo floors last?

Expected Lifespan
The average lifespan for laminate flooring is between 15 and 25 years, but it can vary from as short as 10 years to as long as 30 years. The difference in life expectancy depends on the quality of the flooring, whether it was properly installed and the amount of traffic it receives.

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Is Pergo WetProtect really waterproof?

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Claims
Pergo Portfolio and Pergo Timbercraft claimed to be waterproof. Prolonged water exposure could damage your laminate flooring.” It is important to note that Pergo Timbercraft + WetProtect carries a commercial clause, which warrants the product for use in multi-family housing.

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Does Pergo flooring contain formaldehyde?

While formaldehyde is naturally occurring, high levels can be harmful to humans. At Pergo, we follow rigorous safety guidelines to make sure our floors are safe. The quality of our products meet the strictest safety guidelines.

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Who makes the best waterproof laminate flooring?

Best Waterproof Laminate Brands
Brands Type Cost/sq. ft.
AquaGuard Waterproof $2.69 - $2.79
Armstrong Audacity Waterproof $2.85 - $3.20
Pergo WetProtect Waterproof $2.49 - $2.99
Mohawk RevWood Plus Waterproof $2.50 - $3.35

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Does Pergo outlast need underlayment?

Pergo Outlast+ has an attached foam underlayment. Use only a vapor barrier when installing over a concrete subfloor. When installing Pergo Outlast+ with attached underlayment foam over a wood subfloor, no other additional foam underlayment is required.

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Is Pergo good quality?

Pergo and similar products are not wood pieces, but bits of wood glued together. This means it will not last like wood. Pergo is a brand. There are several other brands that are less expensive but good quality.

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What is the best Pergo flooring?

Laminate selections: Bourbon Street oak, bainbridge oak, crestwood tile, chateau maple and Winchester apple are just a few of the nearly 130 choices in laminate flooring offered by Pergo. Best for: Pergo is especially beneficial in homes with pets and kids, as well as luxury shoppers.

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Is Pergo good for bathrooms?

BATHROOM INSTALLATIONS—Because the Pergo surface is resistant to water, Pergo laminate flooring can be installed in bathrooms. However, it is very important to prevent water or moisture from getting under the floor. Installation in bathrooms must be made in accordance with the following instructions: a.

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What is the best laminate flooring?

Let's get started.
  • Best Overall: Mohawk & Pergo Laminate.
  • Runner Up: Shaw Laminate.
  • Best Selection: Armstrong Laminate.
  • Best Waterproof Laminate: AquaGuard Laminate.
  • Best Value: Dream Home.
  • Best Cheap Laminate: Tarkett at Menards.
  • Best Laminate You Might Not Know About: Select Surfaces.
  • Worst Quality: TrafficMaster.

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What is Pergo made of?

Well laminate is made to look real, but it's actually fake. It's a multilayered synthetic hard surface product made with recycled hardwood. On top, it has a clear melamine wear layer with aluminum oxide which gives it's scratch protection – making it resistant to dogs, kids, high heels, chairs, you name it.

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What is the difference between Pergo flooring and laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is type of product where layers of materials, including photos of the material are stacked and compressed together to give the look of natural finish, like wood. (Similar to plastic laminate.) Pergo is a manufacturers product name - one type of laminate flooring that can be purchased.

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What does embossed mean on laminate flooring?

It is done in part to make a laminate floor look or feel more authentically like real wood. For instance, you may hear the term 'embossed in registration'. This means that the texturing actually follows the patterns in the image. Embossing can also be used to match grain or give the surface a 'distressed' look.

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How does Pergo flooring hold up?

It comes with something Pergo calls SurfaceDefense wear protection and SpillProtect24 technology. It claims it can protect the flooring from household spills for up to 24 hours. The idea is that the Uniclic joint and the materials used can actually hold water out of the seams for that period of time.

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How do you start laying Pergo flooring?

Prepare your floor.
  1. Acclimate flooring inside installation space at least 48 hours prior to installation (72 hours for solid hardwood)
  2. Remove any carpet and padding.
  3. Check your subfloor for moisture; correct if needed.
  4. Make sure your subfloor is flat and level.
  5. Fill any holes in your subfloor.

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How much does it cost to install Pergo flooring?

The average price to install Pergo flooring is between $1,500 and $7,000, based on a 500sf space. The final cost will also depend on materials purchased, which contractor you hire and the floor space you want covered . Expect to pay around $5/sf for installation and $3/sf for the material itself.

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How do you clean Pergo outlast flooring?

Use a damp mop to gently clean your Pergo. You can make a Pergo-recommended household cleaner with 1 cup household vinegar to 1 gallon warm water or 1/3 cup ammonia mixed with 1 gallon warm water. This cleaner will cleanse gently, removing dirt but keeping your floor beautiful.