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What is rogue cop mean?

Last Updated: 26th February, 2020

Cops Who Go Rogue. Police officers are inextremely high-stress occupations that are fraught with danger.Every day they are in situations in which they might be killed,injured, or maimed. They must deal with individuals who areviolent, on drugs, or mentally ill.

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Moreover, what is a rogue person?

A rogue is a sneaky person who has tricksup his sleeve, not like a magician, but like someone who wouldsteal your wallet or cheat at cards. Dishonesty won't get you farin life, unless you are a rogue who survives by lying andexploiting others.

One may also ask, what is the meaning of rogue nation? n a state that does not respect other states in itsinternational actions. Synonyms: renegade state, rogue stateType of: body politic, commonwealth, country, land, nation,res publica, state. a politically organized body of people under asingle government.

Considering this, what is the synonym of rogue?

Synonyms of rogue baddie (or baddy), beast, brute, caitiff, devil,evildoer, fiend, heavy, hound, knave, meanie (also meany),miscreant, monster, nazi, no-good, rapscallion, rascal, reprobate,savage, scalawag (or scallywag), scamp, scapegrace, scoundrel,varlet, villain, wretch.

What is the opposite of rogue?

Antonyms of ROGUE just, straightforward, conscientious, honest, upright,honorable, decent, ethical, forthright, aboveboard, straight,scrupulous.

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What does a rogue do?

Rogues devote as much effort to mastering the useof a variety of skills as they do to perfecting their combatabilities, giving them an expertise that few other characterscan match. They have an almost supernatural knack foravoiding danger, and a few rogues learn magical tricks tosupplement their other abilities.

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How do you use rogue in a sentence?

rogue Sentence Examples
  1. Gold was discovered in the Rogue and Klamath rivers in theS.
  2. He went rogue and helped Katie evade you in theunderworld.
  3. Rhodes replied: " You take me either for a rogue or afool.
  4. of the Rogue river, along the W.

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Where did the word rogue come from?

It seems it comes from a slang term roger,a beggar who pretended to be a poor university student in order toplay on people's feelings. This can be traced to the Latin rogare,to ask (and so was said with a hard g, not like the propername).

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What is gone rogue?

When going rogue was first used it had a fairlyspecific meaning of 'behaving in an erratic or dangerous fashion.'The expression today is more likely to be used to indicate thatsomeone is displaying some degree of independence or failing tofollow an expected script.

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Is Rogue an adjective?

adjective. (of an animal) having an abnormallysavage or unpredictable disposition, as a rogue elephant. nolonger obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllableor answerable; renegade: a rogue cop; a rogue unionlocal.

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What is a rogue wolf?

Samuel is a lone wolf. A rogue is awolf who has no official standing. When tracked down arogue is given the opportunity to join a pack, lonewolf under the Marrok's rules, or killed. Also a lonewolf who breaks the rules "goes rogue" and is hunteddown and killed.

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How often do rogue waves happen?

According to scientists' best understanding of howwaves are generated, a 30m wave might be expectedonce every 30,000 years. Rogue waves could safely beclassified alongside mermaids and sea monsters.

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What is a hired killer called?

Contract killing is a form of murder in which one partyhires another party (often called a hitman) to kill atarget individual or group of people. For example, in the UnitedStates, the gang Murder, Inc. committed hundreds of murders onbehalf of the National Crime Syndicate during the 1930s and1940s.

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What is another word for Ranger?

Words Related to lone ranger
freethinker. character, codger, crackbrain, crackpot,crank, eccentric, freak, kook, nut, oddball, screwball, weirdo.eight ball, misfit, outsider.

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What is rogue operation?

Rogue operation is an action by a person ororganization without the knowledge or authorization of itssuperiors. Several National Intelligence Department Agents wentrogue and formed The Committee and The Trust. ( SG1: "Smokeand Mirrors", "Affinity", "Covenant")

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What is the synonym of warrior?

Synonyms of warrior
dogface, fighter, legionary, legionnaire, man-at-arms,regular, serviceman, soldier, trooper.

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What is the synonym of solo?

alone, lone, lonely, lonesome, single, solitary,unaccompanied. Words Related to solo. unattended,unchaperoned. forlorn, friendless. cloistered, disassociated,hermetic (also hermetical), insulated, isolate, isolated, remote,retired, secluded, withdrawn.

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What is the synonym of scoundrel?

Synonyms of scoundrel
baddie (or baddy), beast, brute, caitiff, devil,evildoer, fiend, heavy, hound, knave, meanie (also meany),miscreant, monster, nazi, no-good, rapscallion, rascal, reprobate,rogue, savage, scalawag (or scallywag), scamp, scapegrace, varlet,villain, wretch.

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Whats it mean to go rogue?

Whilst Urban dictionary carries the definition of“go rogue” as “to cease to follow orders;to act on one's own, usually against expectation or instruction. Topursue one's own interests.”

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What is Ghost Protocol meaning?

Ghost Protocol is denying affiliation with asecret intelligence group. In the movie, POTUS had to initiateghost protocol because the Kremlin was bombed. If thepresident had not denied involvement, Russia may have declared war,or at least gone into another Cold War.

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What is a pariah state mean?

A pariah state (also called an internationalpariah or a global pariah) is a nation considered tobe an outcast in the international community. A pariah statemay face international isolation, sanctions or even an invasion bynations who find its policies, actions, or its very existenceunacceptable.