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What is Strathmore paper?

Last Updated: 24th May, 2020

Strathmore's 400 Series Mixed Media is a heavyweight, 140 lb paper that combines the attributes of a watercolor paper with a vellum drawing finish. Ideal for wet and dry media, these cards accept watercolors, gouache, acrylics, graphite, pen-and-ink, colored pencils, markers, and collage. Great for light-colored media.

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Also asked, is Strathmore Paper good?

Best quality recycled art paper from Strathmore containing post-consumer fibre that is rated Grade A for cleanliness. Strathmore® supports environmental solutions that don't compromise art paper performance, appearance or price. Strathmore 400 Series Recycled Artist Papers are perfect for advanced artists.

Beside above, is Strathmore 400 series paper drawn? Strathmore describe their 500 Series as follows. Premium quality, professional grade fine art papers. All Papers are archival, acid free and manufactured with cotton fiber for enhanced surface durability and exceptional results. Perfect for professional artists.

Secondly, who makes Strathmore paper?

Strathmore is purchased by Hammermill Paper Company.

What is the difference between Strathmore 300 and 400?

300 series has less rag than 400 and 500 is 100% cotton. The more rag the higher the quality.

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Can you use watercolor paper for colored pencils?

Watercolor paper is obviously great for water-soluble colored pencil work, but it can be also used for dry pencil work, as well as a combination of both. You can develop a high degree of detail with watercolor paper, but it will be much more difficult than working with a smooth paper.

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What is Bristol paper made of?

Bristol board is an uncoated, machine-finished paper board. It is said to be named after the city where it was originally produced, in England. Bristol board comes in two key finishes: vellum or smooth (or sometimes "plate").

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What is Bristol paper used for?

Bristol paper is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes. It is often used for water color painting. It is also used for paperback book or catalog covers, file folders, tags, and tickets.

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Can you use watercolor on printer paper?

Watercolors are usually used on heavy papers that can absorb the water used without becoming buckled or warped. Since printer paper is very thin compared to good watercolor paper, its not a good choice most of the time but it can be done.

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What can I use instead of watercolor paper?

If handling paper is your issue, you can alternately try a watercolour block or art boards meant for watercolour. However, both of those are essentially still paper. Alternately you can try parchment or rice paper, both of which compliment watercolours quite well (all still paper).

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What is the difference between watercolor paper and regular paper?

The nature of watercolor paper is that it is sized to limit how much paint pigment is absorbed, but will absorb more water. Regular paper won't absorb either. The nature of watercolor paper is that it is sized to limit how much paint pigment is absorbed, but will absorb more water. Regular paper won't absorb either.

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What is watercolor paper made of?

Watercolor paper can be made of wood pulp exclusively, or mixed with cotton fibers. Pure cotton watercolor paper is also used by artists though it typically costs more than paper. It is also available as an acid-free medium to help its preservation.

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Can I use watercolor paper for oil painting?

Watercolor paper can be used for oil sketches, provided the paper is first covered with a ground of acrylic primer (commonly referred to as gesso). Oil paintings on paper are generally preparatory sketches or studies, with final work being done on canvas or board. Oil paintings are not usually covered with glass.

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Why is Bible paper so thin?

Paper. Because of their length, Bibles have to be printed on very thin paper in order to achieve a suitably compact book. Nevertheless, irrespective of how thick or thin it is, paper in a Bible should have sufficient strength to sustain the usage it will receive.

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What is Canson paper?

Canson is a French manufacturer of fine art paper and related products.

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What is smooth Bristol paper?

Bristol generally describes a drawing paper that is glued together under pressure to form multi-ply sheets. Bristol papers generally have two types of surfaces: smooth and vellum. Smooth surfaces are great for pen & ink, mechanical pencil, airbrush, and markers.

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What is Strathmore?

Strathmore is a cultural and artistic venue and institution in North Bethesda, Maryland, United States. Strathmore was founded in 1981 and consists of two venues: the Mansion and the Music Center.

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Is Strathmore watercolor paper cotton?

Actually, Strathmore Gemini and Imperial papers are 100% cotton. These are very acceptible professional watercolor papers, (available from Cheap Joes) used by Tom Lynch, for one!

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Is Bristol paper archival?

Bristol Board provides two working surfaces, front and back. Great for paint as well as drawing media. A bristol board is usually lighter in weight and is intended for longer term use and preservation. The better quality bristol boards are archival.

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Is acid free paper good for watercolor?

Hence ideally you would want your watercolor paper to be acid free in case you want it not to yellow with age. Watercolor paper with more cotton content therefore is better from strength and acid free property point of view. Some papers are marked as 100% cotton.

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Are newspapers acid free?

Acid-free paper is paper that if infused in water yields a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly greater). It can be made from any cellulose fiber as long as the active acid pulp is eliminated during processing. It is also lignin- and sulfur-free.

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Is newsprint paper acid free?

Acid-free papers are made using alkaline paper making technology. This means the pH of the pulp that is used to form the paper is above 7 (neutral). Papers in our 500 Series line such as 500 Series Drawing, Bristol, Museum Mounting Board, Illustration Board, Charcoal, and Mixed Media are all 100% cotton and acid free.

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Is newsprint archival?

Newsprint is a low-cost, non-archival paper consisting mainly of wood pulp and most commonly used to print newspapers and other publications and advertising material.