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What is the Apalachee culture?

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The Apalachee are a Native American peoplewhohistorically lived in the Florida Panhandle. They lived betweentheAucilla River and Ochlockonee River, at the headofApalachee Bay, an area known to Europeans astheApalachee Province. They spoke a Muskogean languagecalledApalachee, which is now extinct.

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Herein, what was the Apalachee religion?

The Apalachee people became citizens of Spainbyaccepting Christianity. By 1656, Mission San Luis wasestablishedat the seat of Apalachee power, solidifyingareligious, military, and economic alliance. In thefinaldecades of the 1600s, Spanish families joined the settlementof1,400 Apalachee at Mission San Luis.

Secondly, what language did the Apalachee tribe speak? Apalachee Indian Language(Appalachee,Appalachi) Language: Apalachee was aMuskogeanlanguage of the American Southeast. Very little isknown ofit today. Apalachee ceased to be spoken by thecommunity inthe early 18th century, although a few words survivedamong theirdescendants.

Accordingly, what is the Apalachee tribe known for?

From at least A.D. 1000, a group of farmingIndiansknown as the Apalachee lived in northwestFlorida. Othertribes respected the Apalachees becausethey belongedto an advanced Indian civilization, they wereprosperous, and theywere fierce warriors. For food, they grew corn,beans andsquash.

What did the Ais tribe wear?

Translated, this means "the river of theAisIndians". Later the Spaniards were to refer to the IndianRiveron all of their maps as "The Rio d' Ays". In addition to fishandgame, oysters, clams and snails were a mainstay of their diet.Asthese Indians became more civilized, their society lostmuchof its simplicity.

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What did the Apalachee eat?

Apalachee women did most of thefarming,harvesting crops of corn, beans, and squash.Apalachee menhunted deer, wild turkeys, and small game, andthey fished in therivers and along the coast. Apalacheedishes includedcornbread, soups, and stews. They also ateberries, nuts andfruit.

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When did the Timucua live?

The Timucua probably numbered between 200,000and300,000 people organized into various chiefdoms speaking acommonlanguage. The earliest evidence of their presence dates fromaround3000 BC. Semi-nomadic, during the mild Fall and Wintermonths, theTimucua lived in the inland forests.

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Which Florida tribe farmed beans corn and squash?

Succotash was also made by theNarragansettIndians, who called it“misckquitash”, whichmeans “boiledcorn”. It is notable that the twoprimary ingredientsare two of the Three Sisters –beans, corn,squash — the mainagricultural crops of many NativeAmericantribes.

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What kind of home did the Apalachee tribe live in?

Apalachee indians in fact did notlivein tee-pees. they lived in house-shaped huts.They weremade out of river cane, put together with palmetto leaves,andsheets of tree bark.

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How many Apache tribes are there?

There are still several Apachetribestoday. There are approximately 5,000Apaches today.The Apache tribes include the PlainsApache(Oklahoma), the Lipan Apache (Texas), WesternApache(Arizona), Chiricahua Apache (Arizona/NewMexico), JicarillaApache (New Mexico), and the MescaleroApache (NewMexico).

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What happened to the Apalachee?

More than 1,500 Apalachee Indians andSpaniardslived at the mission. Following a series of devastatingattacks onSpanish Florida by the British and their Creek Indianallies,Mission San Luis was burned and abandoned by its residentson July31, 1704.

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Where did the Washoe live?

Photograph of Washoe Indians-Valley of LakeTahoe.Photo by Lawrence and Houseworth. The people known astheWashoe have long lived on the eastern face of theSierraNevada mountains of Northern California and Nevada and at thefaredge of the western Great Basin.

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Which tribe was the largest and controlled the northeastern part of Florida?

The largest and best known of the easternTimucuagroups were the Mocama, who lived in the coastalareas ofwhat are now Florida and southeasternGeorgia, from St.Simons Island to south of the mouth of the St.JohnsRiver.

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What tribe is in Florida?

The Seminole Tribe of Florida isafederally recognized Seminole tribe based in the U.S.stateof Florida. Together with the Seminole Nation ofOklahomaand the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians ofFlorida, it isone of three federally recognized Seminoleentities.