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What is the application of Fourier series?

Last Updated: 25th February, 2020

The Fourier series has manysuchapplications in electrical engineering, vibrationanalysis,acoustics, optics, signal processing, image processing,quantummechanics, econometrics, thin-walled shelltheory,etc.

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Accordingly, what is Fourier series and its applications?

Fourier series mathematically definesuchwaveforms as functions of displacement (usually amplitude,frequency , or phase ) versus time . As the numberofcalculated terms in a Fourier series increases,theseries more and more closely approximates theexactfunction that defines a complex signal waveform.

Likewise, what is the application of Fourier series in engineering? Fourier Series are used in the resolutionofPartial Differential Equations, which appears in manyMechanicalEngineering problems such as Heat Diffusion,WavePropagation and Fluid Mechanics problems. Also, theFourierTransform, which is very related to the FourierSeries,is used in the Spectrum Analysis ofsignals.

Beside this, what is the use of the Fourier series?

A Fourier series is an expansion ofaperiodic function in terms of an infinite sum of sines andcosines.Fourier series make use of theorthogonalityrelationships of the sine and cosinefunctions.

What are the applications of Fast Fourier Transform?

The FFThas lotsof applications and is used extensively in audioprocessing,radar, sonar and software defined radio to name butafew.

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What are the two types of Fourier series?

Four different forms of Fourier transform
  • I. Aperiodic continuous signal, continuous, aperiodicspectrum.This is the most general form of continuous timeFouriertransform.
  • II. Periodic continuous signal, discreteaperiodicspectrum.
  • III. Aperiodic discrete signal, continuousperiodicspectrum.
  • IV. Periodic discrete signal, discrete periodic spectrum.

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What is Fourier equation?

Fourier's law states that. “the time rateofheat transfer through a material is proportional to thenegativegradient in the temperature and to the area.”Fourier'sequation of heat conduction: Q =-kA(dT/dx)

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Who discovered Fourier series?

The Fourier series is named in honourofJean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830), whomadeimportant contributions to the study oftrigonometricseries, after preliminary investigations byLeonhard Euler,Jean le Rond d'Alembert, and DanielBernoulli.

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What is Fourier series in physics?

A Fourier (pronounced foor-YAY) series isaspecific type of infinite mathematical seriesinvolvingtrigonometric functions. Fourier series are used inappliedmathematics, and especially in physics andelectronics, toexpress periodic functions such as those thatcomprisecommunications signal waveform s.

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What is difference between Fourier series and Fourier transform?

4 Answers. The Fourier series is used torepresenta periodic function by a discrete sum of complexexponentials, whilethe Fourier transform is then used torepresent a general,nonperiodic function by a continuoussuperposition or integral ofcomplex exponentials.

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Why Fourier analysis is used?

Fourier analysis is a method of definingperiodicwaveform s in terms of trigonometric function s.Fourieranalysis is used in electronics, acoustics, andcommunications.Many waveforms consist of energy at a fundamentalfrequency andalso at harmonic frequencies (multiples ofthefundamental).

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Why Fourier series is important?

the physics relevance of fourier transform isthatit tells the relative amplitude of frequencies present in thesignal. it can be defined for both discrete time and continuoustimesignal. Any signal can be represented as mixture of manyharmonicfrequencies.

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Why Fourier series is used in communication engineering?

Fourier Transform converts any signal fromtimedomain to frequency domain. So, to conclude Fourieranalysisis very important for analysis of signals and systemsincommunication engineering and it is the main reason formanyof the advancements in communication engineering overlastseveral decades.

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Why do we use Laplace Transform?

The purpose of the Laplace Transform istotransform ordinary differential equations (ODEs)intoalgebraic equations, which makes it easier to solve ODEs.TheLaplace Transform is a generalized FourierTransform,since it allows one to obtain transforms offunctions thathave no Fourier Transforms.

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What is exponential Fourier series?

Fourier Series at a Glance
A continuous time signal x(t) is said to be periodicifthere is a positive non-zero value of T for which. As we knowanyperiodic signal can be classified into harmonicallyrelatedsinusoids or complex exponential, provided itsatisfies theDirichlet's Conditions.

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What is Fourier series in signals and systems?

The Fourier Series is a specialized toolthatallows for any periodic signal (subject tocertainconditions) to be decomposed into an infinite sum ofeverlastingsinusoids. Practically, this allows the user of theFourierSeries to understand a periodic signal as thesum ofvarious frequency components.

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How does fourier transform work?

It takes two signals and puts them together to make anewsignal. The Fourier transform returns a representationof asignal as a superposition of sinusoids. Fouriertransformsare used to perform operations that are easy toimplement orunderstand in the frequency domain, such asconvolution andfiltering.

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What is meant by Laplace transform?

In mathematics, the Laplace transform isanintegral transform named after its inventorPierre-SimonLaplace (/l?ˈpl?ːs/). Ittransforms afunction of a real variable t (often time) to afunction of acomplex variable s (complex frequency). Thetransform hasmany applications in science andengineering.

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What does FFT output?

Sample rate, i.e. the amount of time between eachvaluein the input. Sample rate has an impact on the frequencieswhichcan be measured by the FFT. Keep this in mind as sampleratewill directly impact what frequencies you can measure withtheFFT. FFT size, the number of outputfrequencybins of the FFT.

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Where is Fourier transform used?

The Fourier Transform is an importantimageprocessing tool which is used to decompose an imageinto itssine and cosine components. The output of thetransformationrepresents the image in the Fourier orfrequency domain,while the input image is the spatialdomainequivalent.

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What is FFT and its advantages?

FFT helps in converting the time domaininfrequency domain which makes the calculations easier aswealways deal with various frequency bands incommunicationsystem another very big advantage is that itcan convertthe discrete data into a contionousdata typeavailable atvarious frequencies.

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What is FFT size?

FFT Size and "Bins"
The FFT size defines the number of bins usedfordividing the window into equal strips, or bins. Hence, a bin isaspectrum sample , and defines the frequency resolution ofthewindow.

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What is FFT frequency?

The frequency resolution is defined as Fs/NinFFT. For example, if the sample frequency is 1000Hzand the number of data points used by you in FFT is1000.Then the frequency resolution is equal to 1000 Hz/1000= 1Hz.

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Why is FFT faster than DFT?

FFT is based on divide and conquer algorithmwhereyou divide the signal into two smaller signals, computetheDFT of the two smaller signals and join them to gettheDFT of the larger signal. The order of complexityofDFT is O(n^2) while that of FFT is O(n.logn)hence,FFT is faster than DFT.