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What is the application of Fourier series in engineering?

Last Updated: 5th March, 2020

The Fourier series has many such applicationsinelectrical engineering, vibration analysis, acoustics,optics,signal processing, image processing, quantummechanics,econometrics, thin-walled shell theory, etc.

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Similarly, you may ask, why Fourier series is used in communication engineering?

Fourier Transform converts any signal fromtimedomain to frequency domain. So, to conclude Fourieranalysisis very important for analysis of signals and systemsincommunication engineering and it is the main reason formanyof the advancements in communication engineering overlastseveral decades.

Subsequently, question is, what is Fourier analysis used for? Fourier analysis is used inelectronics,acoustics, and communications. Many waveforms consistof energy ata fundamental frequency and also at harmonicfrequencies (multiplesof the fundamental). The relative proportionsof energy in thefundamental and the harmonics determines the shapeof thewave.

Besides, what is the advantage of Fourier series?

Advantages. The main advantage ofFourieranalysis is that very little information is lost fromthe signalduring the transformation. The Fourier transformmaintainsinformation on amplitude, harmonics, and phase and usesall partsof the waveform to translate the signal into thefrequencydomain.

What is the application of Fourier Transform?

Fourier Transforms havemanyapplications, mainly it converts time domain signaltofrequency domain signals, at which signals canbeanalyzed.

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What is Fourier series and its applications?

A Fourier (pronounced foor-YAY) series isaspecific type of infinite mathematical seriesinvolvingtrigonometric functions. Fourier series are used inappliedmathematics, and especially in physics and electronics, toexpressperiodic functions such as those that comprisecommunicationssignal waveforms.

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What are the two types of Fourier series?

Four different forms of Fourier transform
  • I. Aperiodic continuous signal, continuous, aperiodicspectrum.This is the most general form of continuous timeFouriertransform.
  • II. Periodic continuous signal, discreteaperiodicspectrum.
  • III. Aperiodic discrete signal, continuousperiodicspectrum.
  • IV. Periodic discrete signal, discrete periodic spectrum.

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What is Fourier series in physics?

A Fourier (pronounced foor-YAY) series isaspecific type of infinite mathematical seriesinvolvingtrigonometric functions. Fourier series are used inappliedmathematics, and especially in physics andelectronics, toexpress periodic functions such as those thatcomprisecommunications signal waveform s.

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What is difference between Fourier and Fourier Transform?

4 Answers. The Fourier series is used torepresenta periodic function by a discrete sum of complexexponentials, whilethe Fourier transform is then used torepresent a general,nonperiodic function by a continuoussuperposition or integral ofcomplex exponentials.

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What is Fourier transform and its properties?

The Fourier transform (FT) decomposes afunctionof time (a signal) into its constituent frequencies.Theterm Fourier transform refers to both the frequencydomainrepresentation and the mathematical operation that associatesthefrequency domain representation to a function oftime.

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Who invented Fourier series?

The Fourier series is named in honourofJean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768–1830), whomadeimportant contributions to the study oftrigonometricseries, after preliminary investigations byLeonhard Euler,Jean le Rond d'Alembert, and DanielBernoulli.

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Why is Fourier series important?

Fourier series is just a means to representaperiodic signal as an infinite sum of sine wave components.Aperiodic signal is just a signal that repeats its pattern atsomeperiod. The primary reason that we use Fourier seriesisthat we can better analyze a signal in another domain rather intheoriginal domain.

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How does Fourier analysis work?

It takes two signals and puts them together to make anewsignal. The Fourier transform returns a representationof asignal as a superposition of sinusoids. Fouriertransformsare used to perform operations that are easy toimplement orunderstand in the frequency domain, such asconvolution andfiltering.

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Why do we use FFT?

In DSP we convert a signal into itsfrequencycomponents, so that we can have a better analysisof thatsignal. Fourier Transform (FT) is used to convert asignalinto its corresponding frequency domain. Later onFFT(Fast Fourier Transform) was created. FFTis asimpler and faster method of implementing DFT.

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What is Fourier transform formula?

Introduction. The Fourier Transform isamathematical technique that transforms a function oftime,x(t), to a function of frequency, X(ω). Makingthesesubstitutions in the previous equation yields the analysisequationfor the Fourier Transform (also called theForwardFourier Transform).

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What is Fourier analysis in Excel?

Microsoft Office Excel contains adataanalysis add-in that allows to to perform aFourieranalysis of a series of numbers. Enter the data foryourseries. The Fourier analysis requires that the data beinmultiples of two, and cannot exceed 4,096 pointsofdata.

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What is the meaning of Fourier?

n. French mathematician who developedFourieranalysis and studied the conduction of heat(1768-1830) 2. n.French sociologist and reformer who hoped toachieve universalharmony by reorganizing society(1772-1837)

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Why Fourier transform is used in communication?

In communications theory the signal is usuallyavoltage, and Fourier theory is essential tounderstandinghow a signal behaves when it passes through filters,amplifiers andcommunications channels. Even discretedigitalcommunications which use 0's or 1's tosendinformation still have frequency contents.

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What is the purpose of the Fourier transform?

The Fourier transform is amathematicalfunction that decomposes a waveform, which isafunction of time, into the frequencies that make it up.Theresult produced by the Fourier transform is a complexvaluedfunction of frequency.