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What is the best way to go to Shirdi from Hyderabad?

Last Updated: 8th May, 2020

The fastest way to reach Shirdi from Hyderabadtakes you 4h 27m, which is to take TruJet from Hyderabad toAurangabad then take Indica from Aurangabad to Shirdi. Thecheapest way to reach Shirdi from Hyderabad takes you 14h15m, which is to take Vskp Snsi Exp from Hyderabad toShirdi.

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Similarly, it is asked, how can I go to Shirdi from Hyderabad by train?

Kopargaon, Parbhani Jn and Nagarsol are major stationsin this route and most trains pass through them. 4trains run directly between Secunderabad Jn and SainagarShirdi namely, SC Snsi EXP, BZA Snsi EXP, COA Snsi EXP andVskp Snsi EXP.

One may also ask, how can I go to Shirdi by train? By Train. Kopergaon Railway Station, 16kilometres away, is the nearest railway station to Shirdi.Kopergaon is well-connected to major cities of India throughrail. State run buses, cabs, taxis and private buses areavailable from the station for Shirdi.

Likewise, how is the road from Shirdi to Hyderabad?

The aerial distance from Shirdi to Hyderabad is497 km while the road distance between Shirdi toHyderabad is 584 km.By Train it is 657 Km. There is/are 2direct train(s) from Shirdi to Hyderabad. These train(s)is/are Tirupati Express (17418) and Snsi Vskp Exp (18504)etc.

How far is Shirdi airport from Temple?

The Airport distance is 13 kms from Main SamadhiTemple. It is located in Kakadi near toShirdi.

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What is the cost of train ticket from Hyderabad to Shirdi?

Hyderabad to Sainagar Shirdi Kakinada PortSainagar Shirdi Express (17206) departs from Secunderabad Jnstation (SC) at 16:40 and arrives Sainagar Shirdi station(SNSI) at 09:18 . Hyderabad to Sainagar Shirdi trainfare is Rs.210 in None, Rs.1075 in Third AC, Rs.1555 in SecondAC and Rs.395 in Sleeper for this train.

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What are the trains from Secunderabad to Shirdi?

Find all Secunderabad Jn to Sainagar Shirdi Trains
Train Departure Duration
17208 - VIJAYAWADA - SAINAGAR SHIRDI Express 16:40 16H 38M
17002 - SECUNDERABD - SAINAGAR SHIRDI Express 16:40 16H 38M
17417 - TIRUPATI MAIN - SAINAGAR SHIRDI Weekly Express 21:40 14H 35M
18503 - VISAKHAPATNAM - SAINAGAR SHIRDI Express 22:00 14H 15M

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How can I reach Shirdi from Manmad?

Distance between Manmad toShirdi
There is/are 9 direct train(s) from Manmad toShirdi. These train(s) is/are Coa Snsi Exp (17206), Sc SnsiExp (17002), Dr Sainagar Exp (12131), Bza Snsi Exp (17208), VskpSnsi Exp (18503) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reachShirdi from Manmad is 1h 45m.

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How can I reach Nagarsol from Shirdi?

Distance between Nagarsol toShirdi
There are no direct flights or trains or buses betweenNagarsol to Shirdi.The convenient, fastest andcheapest way to reach from Nagarsol to Shirdiis to take a taxi from Nagarsol toShirdi.

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What is the best time to visit Shirdi?

Best Time to Visit Shirdi
  • December to February: Winters are the best time to visit Shirdias the weather is pleasant and is a great time to enjoy yourpilgrimage and sightseeing in Shirdi.
  • March to May: Summers are not a very busy season and hence is agreat time ti visit Shirdi if you'd like to enjoy your pilgrimageminus the crowds.

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How far is kopargaon from Shirdi?

Distance between Kopargaon to Shirdi is 13km by Road along with an aerial distance of 13km. No direct flights or trains or buses areavailable between Kopargaon to Shirdi.The convenient,fastest and cheapest way to reach from Kopargaon to Shirdiis to take a taxi from Kopargaon to Shirdi.

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Which is the nearest railway station for Shirdi?

Opened in the year 2009, the town now host its ownrailway station, the Sainagar Shirdi that connectsthe town to Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam via Secunderabad, Mysoreand other cities and railway stations like Ahmednagarrailway station which is 83 km from the heart ofShirdi, Kopargaon station which is 15 kmfrom

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How long it takes for darshan in Shirdi?

The time taken to line up for the Samadhi Templeand have darshan varies. It can be completed in one hour, orcan take up to six hours. The average time is 2-3hours.

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How do I get from Shirdi to kopargaon railway station?

By Train. Shirdi can be reached from the newrailway station at Sainagar, other Railway stationsare Manmad-Junction (60 Kms), Kopargaon(22 Kms) and Nagarsul(50 Kms) on the Central Railway.

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What are the trains available from Bangalore to Shirdi?

Some of the trains that run on this route are YprShiridi Exp, Mys Snsi Expres, Chennai Central Shirdi Expressand etc. The train departs from stations Krishnarajapurm,Yesvantpur Jn, Kengeri.

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How can I reach Shirdi from Chandigarh?

Distance between Chandigarh toShirdi
There is/are 1 direct train(s) from Chandigarhto Shirdi. These train(s) is/are Klk Snsi Sf Exp (22456)etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi fromChandigarh is 26h 35m.

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Do we have direct flight to Shirdi?

Now, you can take direct flight to Shirdifrom Delhi
Starting October 1, you can take directflight to Shirdi from Delhi. All the three flights arerun by Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India. Everyyear around 60,000 pilgrims visits the temple town of Shridi, whichhas the famous temple dedicated to Sai Baba.

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Do we have direct flight to Shirdi from Bangalore?

Flight Details for Bangalore toShirdi
Some of these are NewAirline,Spicejet,Multiple Airline,AirIndia,IndiGo.Out of these, only 3 airlines operate directflights.

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Is Shirdi airport functional?

Shirdi Airport. Shirdi Airport (IATA: SAG,ICAO: VASD) is located at Kakadi village, about 14 km South-west ofthe town of Shirdi in Maharashtra, India. CommunicationNavigation Surveillance (CNS) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) at theairport will be managed by the Airports Authority ofIndia (AAI).

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How can I go to Shirdi from Bangalore?

Aerial distance is 824 km. There is/are 2 directtrain(s) from Bangalore to Shirdi. These train(s)is/are Shirdi Express (22601) and Mys Snsi Express (16217)etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Shirdi fromBangalore is 19h 25m.

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How can I reach Shirdi from Chennai?

The fastest way to reach Shirdi from Chennaitakes you 6h 04m, which is to take IndiGo from Chennai toPune then take Tata Indica from Pune to Shirdi.The cheapestway to reach Shirdi from Chennai takes you 25h 20m, which isto take Shirdi Express from Chennai toShirdi.