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What is the conjugate acid of clo3 -?

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The chlorate anion (ClO3?) is Bronsted base and it can accept proton and become conjugate acid HClO3..

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Thereof, what is the conjugate acid of hc4h2o4 -?

Adding a proton to the strong base OH gives H2O its conjugate acid. Hydrogen carbonate ion, HCO3, is derived from a diprotic acid and is amphiprotic. Its conjugate acid is H2CO3, and its conjugate base is CO32.

Likewise, what is the name for ClO3 -? Chlorate is a monovalent inorganic anion obtained by deprotonation of chloric acid. It is a monovalent inorganic anion and a chlorine oxoanion.

Besides, what is the conjugate acid of hso4?

sulfuric acid

What is the conjugate acid of HClO3?

Solved: The Conjugate Base Of HClO3 Is -ClO3- -ClO3 -HClO2

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Is NaOH an acid or base?

NaOH is a base because when dissolved in water it dissociates into Na+ and OH- ions. It is the OH- (hydroxyl ion) which makes NaOH a base. In classical term a base is defined as a compound which reacts with an acid to form salt and water as depicted by the following equation. NaOH+HCl=NaCl+H2O.

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Is h2po42 an acid or base?

H2PO4- and [HPO4]2- H2P04- is an acid and when it is in water it forms a hydronium ion and HPO4-, which is the conjugate base.

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Is h3po4 an acid or base?

Salts: AgNO3(Salt), NaCl(Salt), NaNO3(salt), KNO3(salt), Acids: H3PO4(acid), HCl(acid), H2SO4(acid), HC2H3O2(acid), HNO3(acid), H2SO3(acid) Bases: Mg(OH)2(base), NaOH(base), KOHbase), NH4OH(base).

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Is HCl a strong acid?

A strong acid is an acid which is completely ionized in an aqueous solution. Hydrogen chloride (HCl) ionizes completely into hydrogen ions and chloride ions in water. A weak acid is an acid that ionizes only slightly in an aqueous solution. Because HCl is a strong acid, its conjugate base (Cl) is extremely weak.

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Is h3po4 a strong acid?

While phosphoric acid is quite acidic, it is evident that it is, indeed, a weak acid because of the lack of full dissociation in water; a 1 M solution of strong acid would be around 0 (0 for monoprotic species, possibly less for diprotic due to an additional hydrogen ion).

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Is hco3 an acid or base?

HCO3- (known as bicarbonate) is the conjugate base of H2CO3, a weak acid, and the conjugate acid of the carbonate ion. HCO3- acts as a base when mixed with a compound that is more acidic than itself (larger Ka) and as an acid when mixed with a compound that is more basic than itself (smaller Ka).

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Is po4 an acid or base?

Phosphate ion is a reasonably strong base. It hydrolyzes in water to form a basic solution.

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Is h2po4 strong or weak?

More on Acid and Base
H2CO3, H2PO4-, NH4+, HCN, HCO3-, HPO42- Very weak acids
HCO3-, HPO42-, NH3, CN, CO32-, PO43- Weak bases
Strong Acids Give up proton easily and are essentially 100% dissociated in water
Weak Acids give up proton with difficulty and are less than 100% dissociated in water

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Which of the following is the strongest acid?

  • HCl - hydrochloric acid.
  • HNO3 - nitric acid.
  • H2SO4 - sulfuric acid (HSO4- is a weak acid)
  • HBr - hydrobromic acid.
  • HI - hydroiodic acid.
  • HClO4 - perchloric acid.
  • HClO3 - chloric acid.

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What is the conjugate base of h3po4?

The conjugate base of H3 PO4 is H2 PO4 -1. The removal of one hydrogen ion gives the conjugate base a -1 charge.

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What is the conjugate base of HS?

The conjugate base of HS- is S2-. HS- loses a proton (H+). Notice that the proton has a positive charge.

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What is the name for co32 -?

CO3 2- is carbonate. a carbonate is a salt of carbonic acid (H2CO3),characterized by the presence of the carbonate ion, a polyatomic ion with the formula of CO3 2-. The name may also mean an ester of carbonic acid, an organic compound containing the carbonate group C(=O)(O–)2.

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What is the charge of ClO3?

A simple ion contains one charged atom, such as H+1, but a polyatomic ion contains multiple atoms with an overall charge, such as ClO3 -1.

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What does conjugate acid mean?

In other words, a conjugate acid is the acid member, HX, of a pair of compounds that differ from each other by gain or loss of a proton. A conjugate acid can release or donate a proton. A conjugate base is the name given to the species that remains after the acid has donated its proton.