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What is the cost of IUI in Delhi?

Last Updated: 3rd June, 2020

The IUI cost in Delhi varies from Rs.10,000 to Rs. 35,000.

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Also asked, how much does it cost to get an IUI?

The cost of IUI varies depending on whattype of insurance coverage you have and how much yourdoctor's fees are. IUI is usually less expensive than otherfertility treatments, like IVF. In general, it costs about$300-$1,000 without insurance.

Also, what are the chances of getting pregnant with IUI? Women often have a 10 to 20 percent chance of gettingpregnant with just one IUI cycle. The more cycles ofIUI you undergo, the higher the chance is for apregnancy. With 3 to 6 cycles of IUI,pregnancy rates can be as high as 80 percent.

People also ask, how much does it cost for IUI treatment in India?

The cost of IUI in India is not sohigh as a single IUI cycle cost as Rs.3000. Even ifyou get the success in just one cycle of treatment, thenalso you can expect a total spend of around Rs.10000 including thetests and ultrasound scans before the beginning of the IUItreatment process.

Is IUI painful in India?

The IUI procedure shouldonly take a few minutes and it shouldn't hurt. Some mild discomfortmay occur when the speculum is inserted, or you may experiencecramping when the catheter passes through the cervix. Thediscomfort is temporary and should be gone by the end of theprocedure.

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Can you pick gender with IUI?

“The IUI method for gender selectioncan only be done to have boys. You can't take thesperm from the bottom of the test tube because the sperm there isnot as active and the chances of getting pregnant from that are notvery high. “The final method is via PGD (preimplantationgenetic diagnosis).

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What is the success rate of IUI on first try?

The success rate of IUI ranges between five and20 percent, depending on a woman's age and other health factors. Ifyou aren't pregnant after about three IUI cycles, yourphysician may recommend in vitro fertilization (IVF). It took Sarahand Jay Hudson three cycles of IUI to becomepregnant.

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Is IUI cheaper than IVF?

IUI vs IVF Cost
One of the concerns about fertility treatments manycouples have is the cost of both IUI and IFV. Generally,these procedures are not covered under insurance plans. IUIcan be much cheaper than IVF. The average cost of IVFcan be between $11,000 and $15,000 per cycle.

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How can I make my IUI successful?

These tips can help boost the potential for successfultreatment.
  1. Avoid Excessive Stress and Anxiety.
  2. Avoid Ejaculation for Three Days.
  3. Ask About Possible Hormone Stimulation.
  4. Ask About Sperm Washing.
  5. Eat Healthy.
  6. Exercise Regularly.
  7. When to Reconsider IUI After Repeated Failure.

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How do you insert sperm?

A doctor will insert sperm into the vagina usinga special syringe. Another option is to place the sperm in acervical cap that's inserted into the cervix and stays for adesignated amount of time. A woman will typically be instructed tolie down for 15 to 30 minutes.

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Can IUI be done at home?

IUI. An IUI (intrauterine insemination) isa procedure that uses a catheter to enter the cervix and insertsperm directly into the uterus. This procedure is typicallyperformed in-office by a doctor or midwife. If you are desiring anat-home IUI, you should contact your midwife to see if shemay be able to assist you.

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How much does a trigger shot cost?

Components Of IUI Cycle Cost
Clomid or letrozole is most often used and costs$100 per cycle. Gonadotropins are given when a stronger response isrequired and costs $2,000 per cycle. Finally, a“trigger shot” is often (but not always) givento induce ovulation and costs $50 -$250.

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How is sperm washed before IUI?

Basic Sperm Wash
A sperm wash solution containing antibiotics andprotein supplements is added to the ejaculate. Afterrepeated centrifugation, the seminal fluid is eliminated from thesample and the sperm cells are concentrated forinsemination. This procedure takes 20 to 40minutes.

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What is the IUI success rate on first try?

One study found that IUI success rates were 16.4percent per cycle for the first three tries or 39.2 percentif looking at all three trials together. However, for IUItreatments cycles 4 through 6, the success rate droppedsignificantly to only 5.6 percent.

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What is the side effect of IUI?

IUI side effects and fertility drugs
Hot flashes. Mood swings and depression. Nausea,headaches or visual disturbances. Swollen and painful ovaries,signaling ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome(OHSS)

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On which day IUI is done?

Your doctor may ask you to use an ovulation predictorkit to work this out, or she may track your cycle using blood tests. IUI is usually done between day 12 andday 16 of a natural menstrual cycle, but the exactday will depend on your individual cycle . It also ensuresinsemination takes place at the best time.

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How much sperm is needed for an IUI?

Intrauterine insemination is effective for somecases with sperm quality problems. However, if the totalmotile count at the time of insemination (after processing)is less than 5 million, chances for pregnancy with IUI aremuch lower. If the total motile sperm count is below1 to 5 million, success is unlikely.

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What is the rate of success of IUI?

IUI success rate
On average, a woman under 35 will have a 10 to 20percent chance of pregnancy with each IUI, while a womanover 40 will have a two to five percent chance. “The peakIUI effect is around three to four cycles,” saysBaratz.

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What is the cost of IUI treatment in Mumbai?

The cost of IUI in India is very low as anIUI cycle can cost as little as 3,000 rupees.However, even if you require just one cycle, you can expect tospend between 5,000 and 10,000 rupees as you will requireultrasounds and other tests before the IUI treatment processcan begin.

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What should I avoid after IUI?

Avoid strenuous exercise right before andafter insemination
Strenuous activities could cause uterine contractionsthat could interfere with implantation. Light exercise such aslight aerobics, swimming, walking, and yoga are fine. High impactexercise such as jogging and step aerobics should beavoided.

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Does IUI hurt?

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is anon-surgical fertility procedure in which sperm is injected into awoman's uterus through a thin, flexible catheter. IUI is notsupposed to hurt, though you may feel some crampingafterward. After IUI, it's O.K. to resume normal activities,like sex and exercise.

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Can sperm leak out after IUI?

It is possible that woman may feel some fluid leakingout of the vagina after an IUI. Sometimes some ofthe fluid inseminated into the uterus will leak backout through the cervix. This is called reflux. In mostcases, there will still be plenty of sperm thatstayed in the uterus to produce pregnancy.

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Why does IUI fail?

An IUI failure will lead to an abortion,or if the treatment hasn't worked, it will bring in yourperiods. If the quality of egg and sperm are not good, theymay have some chromosomal abnormality, which will result inspontaneous abortion. And in 85% of cases, this is the reason forearly pregnancy losses.

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How much does a round of IUI cost?

In the United States, the average cost of anIUI cycle using your partner's sperm is about $865. Keep inmind that treatment costs vary depending on how muchmedicine you need, where you live, and whether your state mandatesinsurance coverage for infertility.