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What is the difference between a peavey and a cant hook?

Last Updated: 18th June, 2020

Traditionally cant hooks were used around sawmills for turning cants. A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge. A peavey has a point on the end which is used to separate logs. Today these tools are used interchangeably and are capable of doing the same jobs.

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Consequently, why is it called a cant hook?

In pre-pushbutton sawmill days, the cant hooks were used to roll the cant after a slab was cut off. (A log that has had one or more slabs cut off it is called a 'cant')."

Similarly, what is a Peavey? Definition of peavey. : a lumberman's lever that has a pivoting hooked arm and metal spike at one end. — called also cant dog. — compare cant hook.

Similarly, what is a Peavey hook?

Like a cant hook, a peavey consists of a pivoting metal hook with a wooden lever handle, but instead of a gripper foot, a peavey has a protruding spike. Peaveys are also used for lifting, moving, and pivoting logs around woodlots, sawmills, and rivers. A peavey's hook is generally bigger than that of a cant hook.

What is the best cant hook?

The LogRite Aluminum Handle Cant Hook is one of the best cant hooks in the market. This 48” long cant hook manages logs so easily that many others fail to do so. This cant hook features a long aluminum handle to make it a sturdy one.

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Can hooks for logs?

A cant hook or cant dog is a traditional logging tool consisting of a wooden lever handle with a movable metal hook called a dog at one end, used for handling and turning logs and cants, especially in sawmills.

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What is a log cant?

A cant is a piece of wood usually over 2" thick and sawn on at least three sides. Most pallet shops want cants to re-saw into pallet parts because they have more options on what sizes they can cut from them. A cant is a partially sawn log with at least one flat side.

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What is a log peavey used for?

A peavey has a point on the end which is used to separate logs.

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What is a cant angle?

The "FBI cant" is where a pistol grip sits at a 15 to 20 degree angle forward from a straight perpendicular 90 degrees. More accurately, the top surface of the pistol is tilted forward by 15 to 20 degrees from vertical. It's a positive cant angle; a grip angle that is rearward of the perpendicular is a negative cant.

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What is a Pickaroon used for?

The Pickaroon is a tool for safely moving cut logs, known as “rounds.” The heads of these two, commissioned at a third generation German foundry, are the same size, with different handle lengths. The longer one (31") is great for wrangling larger logs, and the shorter (15") is great for moving shorter sections.

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How does a cant hook work?

A cant hook offers a bent tip which offers two biting edges for gripping the log. This also allows you to use a cant hook par- allel to the log by placing the hook on the end of the log. This is good for drag- ging the log, straightening the log or with a wedge to pivot or rotate the log.

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What is a log roller?

Log rolling, as a sport, began in the late 1800's during the great logging era. They would work the river, stepping on the floating logs as they worked from bank to bank. As soon the men stepped onto the logs, the logs would spin, dumping them into the water.

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Who makes Peavey guitars?

Peavey Electronics Corporation is an American company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets professional audio equipment. One of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world, it is headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi.

Peavey Electronics.
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Can't hooks for sale?

Cant Hooks
  • Peavy, Timer Tuff, 4' Long Peavy.
  • LogRite 60" Aluminum Handle Cant Hook.
  • Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool.
  • 1945 Earth Worth | Cant Hook | Retractable 14 Inch Opening | Steel Handle.
  • LogRite 60" Aluminum Handle Peavey.
  • BAC INDUSTRIES INC TMB-55 Wood Hand Timber Jack.
  • Wood-Mizer 48" Cant Hook.