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What is the difference between a standard bed and a platform bed?

Last Updated: 1st March, 2020

The primary difference between a platform bed and a regular bed is what the mattress rests on. While both styles of bed use the same type of mattress, a platform bed uses slats or a solid piece of wood to support the mattress.

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Correspondingly, is a platform bed better than a boxspring?

Advantages of Platform Beds A platform bed can save owners money because they don't need to spend money on a box spring. These savings can be used towards the purchase of a higher quality mattress. Any type of mattress can be used on a platform bed, but they are perfect for memory foam mattresses.

Subsequently, question is, are platform beds good? Platform beds are very low to the ground, which increases their stability and also makes them great bed frame options for short people. The platform is also perfectly suited for memory foam mattresses, which are popular because they also provide a firm, supportive sleeping surface.

Likewise, can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed?

While, yes, you can put any type of mattress on a platform bed, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses may be the best options for doing so. A mattress and platform bed combo will usually sit lower than a traditional bed, box spring, and mattress set.

What is a platform base bed?

A platform bed, also known as a cabin bed, is a bed with a base consisting of a raised, level, usually rectangular horizontal solid frame, often with rows of flexible wooden slats or latticed structure meant to support just a mattress.

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What are the pros and cons of a platform bed?

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds
  • Pros. Cost: Since you don't have to buy additional support, like a box spring, to use your platform bed, they can be a more affordable option.
  • Cons. Aesthetics: Platform beds tend to look very basic compared to other bed types.
  • Solid Surfaces.
  • Slats.
  • Head or Footboards.
  • Metal Support.

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Are platform beds good for bad backs?

Which is bad for your back as it all causes your back to sink in too much. With a platform bed, you buy just one mattress. So you can spend more on a much higher quality mattress as you don't have to buy a box spring. The platform bed simply provides better support for your body.

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What is the best platform bed frame?

Best Platform Bed Reviews
  • Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation.
  • Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base.
  • Zipcode Design Colby Upholstered Platform Bed.
  • Modloft Sloan Upholstered Platform Bed.
  • Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame, Queen.
  • Grain Wood Furniture Shaker Platform Bed.
  • Zipcode Design Armani Upholstered Platform Bed.

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Can you put mattress directly on slats?

Slats have been described as the skeleton to support your mattress; however this is not the case for steel slats. They are built to be placed underneath a box spring / foundation but not directly under a mattress. Placing a mattress directly onto metal slats will not work due to excessive spacing between them.

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Can you use a boxspring with a platform bed?

You do not need a box spring or a special mattress for a platform bed. Due to its supportive design, any mattress can be placed directly on a platform bedframe without the need for a box spring or foundation. Memory foam mattresses are also able to be used on a platform bedframe.

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Are platform beds comfortable without box springs?

A platform bed is a type of bed frame that supports your mattress without the need for a box spring. Platform beds are comfortable, practical, and come in a variety of styles that can easily elevate the look of your bedroom.

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Do bed slats make a difference?

Do Bed Slats Make a Difference? Yes, they do! Bed slats help make your mattress more comfortable and supportive. They also increase airflow from your headboard to your toes which can help your mattress last longer.

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Are slat beds good?

Slats are great when you want to get that extra durability to a mattress without having to buy something substantial. Slats are easy to find , easy to purchase and easy to use. Since there is not as much material involved in slats, they will cost you less than what a box foundation would cost you.

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How thick should a mattress be for a platform bed?

Helix mattresses are best suited to platform beds with firm, thick slats, no wider than five inches apart, as any wider could cause sagging and potentially void the mattresses warranty.

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Do mattresses slide off platform beds?

A platform bed has a different kind of bed frame that typically is characterized by sitting low to the ground and having a firm surface upon which to put a mattress. This type of bed frame requires just a mattress without a box spring. Without the right supports, a mattress can slide off this type of frame.

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How much weight can a platform bed hold?

Most typical bed frames can hold up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The heavy-duty or big-and-tall versions are rated to manage anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds.

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What mattress is best for a platform bed?

Best Mattress for Platform Beds
  • Memory Foam Zinus Sleep 12 Inch Pressure Relief Mattress.
  • Amerisleep Liberty Natural Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress, Gel Memory Foam, 13 Inch.
  • Nest Bedding Alexander Series.
  • Latex Spindle Mattress.
  • Dromma Bed.
  • DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress.
  • Verdict.

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How do you raise a mattress on a platform bed?

Bed risers or bed lifts add 3 or more inches of height to a platform bed that rests atop four legs, much like a regular bed.

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How high is a platform bed?

Different Bed Heights
The average bed height today is about 25 inches. At this height, your feet can reach the floor when you're seated on the edge of the mattress. Built 36 inches off the floor, an antique bed is quite high, while a modern platform bed is typically only about 18 inches high.

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Can you put a queen mattress on a full platform bed?

It MAY or MAY NOT be able to adjust to a queen size.
If the frame was made from wood and was not adjustable, then the queen mattress will NOT fit on the full size bed frame.

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Can I put a full mattress on a queen bed frame?

Because a queen-size mattress is typically 6 to 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full-size mattress, a bed frame designed to accommodate a queen-size mattress would not provide adequate support for a smaller one. In contrast, a standard full-size mattress is approximately 53 inches wide by 75 inches long.

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What is the purpose of a platform bed?

In short, a platform bed is a simple frame made of various materials that offers support for anytype of mattress without the need for a box spring. Platform beds used to only be a lower profiled, flat, or slatted support surface that was easy to fit in most contemporary decors.

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Do platform beds squeak?

Solid wood platform beds do not squeak. You don't have the extra box spring that's composed of metal springs that can squeak at night. You also eliminate the metal frame that supports the box spring. Platform beds are good for your back and they don't squeak when getting in and out of bed.

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What is the size of a queen platform bed?

Queen Size Beds
Since a queen size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches, you should, at minimum, plan for at least 62 x 82 inches.