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What is the difference between a tie and a slur in music?

Last Updated: 28th May, 2020

Difference between a Tie and a Slur.Slur:Two or more notes of the same or differing pitch can beslurred.When notes are slurred they will be played back in asmoothand connected manner. Tie: Two notes of the same pitchcanbe tied.

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In this manner, what is the meaning of slur in music?

A slur is a symbol in Westernmusicalnotation indicating that the notes it embraces are tobe playedwithout separation (that is, with legato articulation).Aslur is denoted with a curved line generally placed overthenotes if the stems point downward, and under them if thestemspoint upwards.

Furthermore, what does a dot over a note mean? Notation. In 20th-century music, a dotplacedabove or below a note indicates that itshouldbe played staccato, and a wedge is used for the moreemphaticstaccatissimo. The staccato applies to both notes ofthepairs.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a tied note?

In music notation, a tie is a curvedlineconnecting the heads of two notes of the samepitch,indicating that they are to be played as a single notewitha duration equal to the sum of the individualnotes'values.

Why are ties used in music?

Ties merge multiple notes of the same pitch.Theyare used to let the duration of a note travelacrossbarriers (such as the measure line in this example). Theyareused to let the duration of a note travel acrossbarriers(such as the bar line in this example).

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Is slur and Legato the same?

In standard notation legato is indicatedeitherwith the word legato itself, or by a slur (acurvedline) under the notes that are to be joined in onelegatogroup. The slur article notes that with somewindinstruments, you should play each slurred note without usingthetongue to rearticulate the note.

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How do slurs work?

A slur is a musical notation that informsthemusician to play a sequence of two or more noteswithoutpausing in between notes, like slurring all the notestogether. Inmore technical terms, a slur means youshould playthe notes in legato. In terms of legato, notesshould bebound together and played smoothly.

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What are phrases in music?

A phrase is a musical thought thatistypically four measures long and ends with a cadence that canbestrong or weak. When more than two phrases are combined,itis called a phrase group. The term phrasing is usedinmusic to signify how groups of notes are played,regardlessof the structure of the music.

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What is the Fermata symbol?

Fermata is the Italian name for the sign(??),which in English is commonly called a Pause, and signifiesthat thenote over which it is placed should be held on beyond itsnaturalduration. It is sometimes put over a bar or double bar, inwhichcase it intimates a short interval of silence.

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How many clefs are there?

Read on! Four different clefs are used inmusictoday; the most common are the treble and bass clefs,andthe less common are the alto and tenor clefs. Musiciswritten in different clefs because the range of notesthatexist is far greater than what can fit on onefive-linestaff.

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What does a dotted slur line mean?

A source of information I just thought to look atsays:Dotted slurs are sometimes used in songs where thepresenceof a slur varies between stanzas. Dottedslurs arealso used to indicate an editor's suggestion (asopposed to thecomposer's original markings).

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Can you tie three notes together?

A tie can only connect two notestogether.If more notes need to be tied togetherindividualties are used from one note to the next asshownbelow. The three notes tied together shown belowforma continuous sound of 3.5 beats. Many notes can becoveredjust under one slur.

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How long is a dotted quarter note?

The dot adds one-half of the duration value ofthenote to itself. For instance, one half the value of ahalfnote is a quarter note. Therefore, adottedhalf note is the time value of a halfnote plus aquarter note.

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What is the meaning of half rest in music?

(music) A pause or interval of silence equalinduration to two quarter rests or one half of awholerest. (music) A symbol used inmusicalnotation drawn as a solid rectangle directly abovethe middle lineof a staff whose height is half the distancebetweenlines.

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