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What is the function of control module in fire alarm system?

Last Updated: 27th May, 2021

A control module is the output side. It activateswarning devices like a bell or horn strobe. It can also activaterelays connected to automatic door closers, elevator controls,fire suppression systems, smoke ejectors, andthe like. What does the 3 alarm, 2 alarm,etc.

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Moreover, what is control module in fire alarm system?

MMF-300(A) Series and MDF-300Modules Monitor modules are used to supervise a circuitof dry-contact input devices, such as conventional heatdetectors and pull stations, or monitor and power acircuit of two-wire smoke detectors.

Secondly, how does fire alarm control panel work? Fire alarm control panels perform a wide range oflife-saving and property-protecting tasks. Here's how thatworks: when a fire starts, a smoke detector,heat detector, hand-activated pull switch, or manual callpoint sends a signal to a fire panel.

Beside this, what are the different types of fire alarm systems?

Types of Fire Alarm Systems: Conventional vs.Addressable The two main types of fire alarm systems areconventional and addressable. The various components thatmake up these systems are either automatic ormanual.

What is control relay module?

The SIGA-CR Control Relay Module is anaddressable device that provides one Form C dry contact outputrelay. The relay contacts transfer when themodule is activated. The module requires one addresson the signaling line circuit (SLC).

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What do you mean by module?

A module is a software component or part of aprogram that contains one or more routines. One or moreindependently developed modules make up a program. Anenterprise-level software application may contain several differentmodules, and each module serves unique and separatebusiness operations.

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What is a loop in a fire alarm system?

Fire Alarm Loop
In a fire alarm system, a loop is a pairof wires. It carries power and signals between the circuit boardsinside the control panel and the off-panel devices inthe field.

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What is isolator module in fire alarm system?

NOTIFIER's intelligent addressable isolatormodule, the ISO-X is used with Fire Alarm Control Panelsto protect the system against wire-to-wire short circuits onthe Signaling Line Circuit loops. The ISO-6 is a six faultisolator module providing isolation on six equivalentcircuits.

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What is monitor module in fire alarm system?

You mean on a fire alarm system. A monitormodule is an addressable device used on an addressablesystem. It's used to monitor non-addressable devices,such as a sprinkler flow switch, sprinkler tamper/supervisory on ashutoff valve, or a loop of standard heatdetectors.

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What is a fire alarm relay?

To do this you will require fire alarm relays,devices which allow the automation of certain functions. Withoutgetting too technical, a fire alarm relay is essentially anelectric switch – one that takes an amount of power anddistributes it to allow other devices to be powered in certaincircumstances.

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What is SLC in fire alarm?

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel employ oneor more Signaling Line Circuits - usually referred to as loops orSLC loops - ranging between one and thirty. Depending on theprotocol used, a Signaling Line Circuit can monitor and controlseveral hundred devices.

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What is IDNet simplex?

Individual addressable modules (IAMs) receive both powerand communications from a two-wire MAPNET II or IDNetcircuit. IDNet Relay IAMs allow fire alarm control panels tocontrol a remotely located Form “C” contact usingIDNet addressable communications for both data and modulepower.

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What is a supervisory signal on a fire alarm?

An alarm meant a warning of fire danger. Asupervisory signal was used to indicate that some otherprotection system, monitored by the fire alarm system, wasoff-normal. Supervisory signals were used to indicate whensprinkler valves were closed or when a suppression system releasingpanel was disabled.

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What are the main components of a fire alarm system?

Most fire alarm systems are made up of the followingcomponents:
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)
  • Primary and Backup Power Supply.
  • Alarm Initiating Device.
  • Alarm Notification Device.
  • Remote Control and Display Panels.
  • Building Safety Interface.

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What are the types of alarm?

Following are 6 different types of sensors that home alarmsystems use to detect an intruder:
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detectors.
  • Ultrasonic Detectors.
  • Microwave Detectors.
  • Magnetic Switches.
  • Photoelectric Beams.
  • Glass Break Detectors.

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What are the two types of fire alarms?

There are three types of smoke detectors on the market:ionization, photoelectric, and dual-sensor alarms, which use bothionization and photoelectric technology.
  • Ionization smoke alarms.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms.
  • Dual sensor smoke alarms.

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How many types of fire alarms are there?

Smoke alarms will detect most fires morerapidly than heat detectors. There are currently threetypes of smoke alarms on the market: ionization,photoelectric and combination ionization/photoelectric. Anionization smoke alarm contains a small amount ofradioactive material.

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What is the use of repeater panel in fire alarm system?

A fire alarm repeater panel is the anotherpanel used to show the same display and audible signals asthe main control panel.

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Where should a fire alarm panel be located?

It should be located in an area common toall building users and where automatic detection is in use,the Control Panel should be in a protected area. Analarm sounder should be sited next to theControl Unit, but not too near the telephoneposition.

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What is the function of relay?

Relays are switches that open and close circuitselectromechanically or electronically. Relays control oneelectrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in anothercircuit. As relay diagrams show, when a relay contact is normallyopen (NO), there is an open contact when the relay is notenergized.

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What is the use of relay module?

Introducing the Relay Module
A relay is an electrically operated switch thatcan be turned on or off, letting the current go through or not, andcan be controlled with low voltages, like the 5V provided by theArduino pins.

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How does relay module work?

Working Principle of Relay
It works on the principle of an electromagneticattraction. When the circuit of the relay senses the faultcurrent, it energises the electromagnetic field which produces thetemporary magnetic field. This magnetic field moves therelay armature for opening or closing theconnections.

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How do you check a relay?

Listen for a click when the relay is energized.Check the energized condition of the relay contacts.Use a digital multimeter (DMM) to test the resistance between eachpole of the relay and the corresponding NC and NO contactsfor that pole. All NC contacts should read infinite resistance tothe corresponding pole.