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What is the gray whales diet?

Last Updated: 28th June, 2020

Gray whales mostly eat shrimp-like amphipods, but also eat surface-dwelling swarms of krill and small, schooling fish. A Pacific gray whale feeds by swimming slowly over the muddy bottom, at depths down to 200 feet.

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Then, what is a gray whales habitat?

Gray whales are found mainly in shallow coastal waters in the North Pacific Ocean. There are two geographic distributions of gray whales in the North Pacific: the eastern North Pacific stock, found along the west coast of North America, and the western North Pacific stock, found along the coast of eastern Asia.

Beside above, do gray whales eat humans? No, whales do not eat people, they primarily eat small aquatic lifeforms such as fish, squid and krill and a few dolphin species are even known to eat marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, walruses and whales, but they are not known for consuming or eating people.

Thereof, what do gray whales do?

Gray whales filter their food through coarse baleen plates. Gray whales are unique in that they prefer prey that live near or on the sea floor. They suck sediment and prey from the sea floor by rolling on their sides and swimming slowly along sucking sediment and prey from the sea floor.

Are GREY whales dangerous?

No, whales aren't typically dangerous. Actually for the most part whales are generally curious and friendly oceanic creatures. In some cases they can even be seen approaching boats in an attempt to understand what's going on. Those that aren't particularly curious are often solitary and shy.

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How long can a gray whale hold its breath?

At rest, gray whales spout (breathe) 2-3 times per minute. Between deep dives they take deep breaths for about 3-5 minutes. The spout of the gray whale is a noisy stream that rises 10-13 feet (3-4 m) above the water.

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What does a gray whale look like?

The gray whale is a dark grayish slate color with white patches covering its body, hence its name. In many cases these marine mammals may also be covered in parasites and other organisms causing their skin to look discolored and giving the gray whale the appearance of crusty ocean rock.

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What is a group of GREY whales called?

The gray whale is one of the animal kingdom's great migrators. Traveling in groups called pods, some of these giants swim 12,430 miles round-trip from their summer home in Alaskan waters to the warmer waters off the Mexican coast.

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Did all 3 whales survive in 1988?

On October 7, 1988, a hunter reported three gray whales trapped in pack ice near Point Barrow, Alaska. He immediately used a chainsaw to enlarge holes in the ice so the whales (all juveniles) could breathe more easily. The ice was too thick for him to cut a path to the open sea of the Arctic Ocean, however.

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Are gray whales aggressive?

Whalers called Gray Whales “devilfish” because they would actively attack whaling boat and surface under small whaleboats, especially when calves were threatened. This aggressive behavior made them one of the last species to be hunted commercially despite their habit of staying close to shore.

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Is the gray whale extinct?

Least Concern (Population stable)

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How long is the annual GREY whale migration?

Gray whales have the longest known migration of any mammal. They travel 10,000-12,000 miles round trip every year between their winter calving lagoons in the warm waters of Mexico and their summer feeding grounds in the cold Arctic seas.

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How often do gray whales eat?

Still, they may get to snack on schooling squid, krill, crab larvae, herring eggs, ghost shrimp, and small bait fish such as capelin. This jar of whale food shows how TINY it is! An adult gray whale in the summer feeding grounds eats approximately 2,400 pounds of food a day.

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Where do gray whales mate and give birth?

During summer, they live in the Arctic in areas rich in their food, bottom-dwelling organisms. As fall approaches, there is less sunlight, less food, and the water turns cold. This is when the whales travel to Baja California, Mexico where they enter lagoons to give birth and mate.

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How big do gray whales get?

27,000 kg

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How close to the shore do whales come?

Whales come as close to the shore as they feel they can whilst being safe. They want to swim in a place which they feel is secure and safe for their large, cold-blooded bodies, away from predators. In some areas, people have spotted humpback whales as close as 50 feet offshore.

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How long can a blue whale hold its breath?

During deep dives the blue whale can hold its breath for up to 90 minutes before resurfacing for air, however most dives usually last less than 30 minutes.

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How many gray whales are in a pod?

A: Most northbound gray whales travel in pods of two whales. Most southbound grays are seen as singles—although on January 20, 2013, I saw a pod of at least 23 southbound gray whales! We sometimes see larger pods; very occasionally we see pod sizes of over 10 gray whales.

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Do GREY whales breach?

Breaching Behavior Gray Whales. Usually a gray whale will breach several times in a row. There have been some studies that say calves breach more than adults which suggest that it may be more for play than anything. Some other theories range from a way to knock off external parasites, such as barnacles.

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How many gray whales die each year?

As much as 10% of the whales gone
That could mean as many as 2,100 of these animals – which can grow up to 49-feet long and live about 70 years – could have died this year. The last estimate of the entire gray whale population was 27,000 individuals, Calambokidis said.

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Where can you see gray whales?

Baja California Sur, Mexico
Baja California has many beautiful bays that gray whales use for mating and breeding. These creatures can be observed both inside the Sea of Cortez and also in the following areas: Bahía Magdalena, San Ignacio Lagoon, Guerrero Negro and Ojo de Liebre Lagoon.

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Do whales eat sharks?

These marine mammals have been known to attack and eat everything from small fish and turtles to squid, seals, sea lions and even large whales. Killer whales also hunt, attack and eat sharks. The killer whale then grabs the shark and flips it over to incapacitate it by causing tonic immobility.

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What do gray whales do at night?

Scientists have also documented gray whales (Eschrictius robustus) sleeping with one eye open. Some whales sleep while drifting horizontally -- a behavior termed “logging” -- while others rest on the bottom. Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) sleep while hanging vertically near the surface of the water.