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What is the Greek word of photo and graphy?

Last Updated: 18th June, 2020

Etymology. The word "photography" was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φ?ς (phōs), "light" and γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" or "drawing", together meaning "drawing with light".

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Keeping this in consideration, what does the root word graphy mean?

-graphy. The English suffix -graphy means a "field of study" or related to "writing", and is an anglicization of the French -graphie inherited from the Latin -graphia, which is a transliterated direct borrowing from Greek.

Likewise, what is the Greek and Latin root for photo? It comes from the Greek, phos, photos. This Root is very much involved in PHOTOgraphy of all kinds; so much, in fact, that we think the word PHOTO means PICTURE. We have completely forgotten the LIGHT without which there can be no picture. We must get into the habit of remembering that PHOTO means LIGHT.

Consequently, what does the Greek word photo mean?

photo- word-forming element meaning "light" or "photographic" or "photoelectric," from Greek photo-, combining form of phos (genitive photos) "light," from PIE root *bha- (1) "to shine."

What words have the root word photo?

14 letter words containing photo

  • photofinishing.
  • photosynthesis.
  • photogrammetry.
  • photosensitive.
  • photochemistry.
  • photoengraving.
  • photoperiodism.
  • photoreception.

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What is the root word for write?

The Latin root word scrib and its variant script both mean “write.” These roots are the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including scribe, describe, postscript, and manuscript. The root scrib is easily recalled through the word scribe, whose job is “writing,” and script, a “written” document.

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What does the word cartography?

cartographer. A cartographer is a person who creates maps, whether they're of the world, the local bus routes, or buried pirate treasure. It comes to us from the Latin word charta-, which means “tablet or leaf of paper,” and the Greek word graphein, meaning to write or draw.

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Is vis a root word?

The Latin root words vis and its variant vid both mean “see.” These Latin roots are the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words, including visual, invisible, provide, and evidence.

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What does ography mean?

1. indicating a form or process of writing, representing, etc: calligraphy; photography. 2. indicating an art or descriptive science: choreography; oceanography. [via Latin from Greek -graphia, from graphein to write]

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What is the meaning of gruffly?

adjective, gruff·er, gruff·est.
low and harsh; hoarse: a gruff voice. rough, brusque, or surly: a gruff manner.

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What does graphy mean in Greek?

word-forming element meaning "process of writing or recording" or "a writing, recording, or description" (in modern use especially in forming names of descriptive sciences), from French or German -graphie, from Greek -graphia "description of," used in abstract nouns from graphein "write, express by written characters,"

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What does Diagraph mean?

Definition of diagraph. : a drawing instrument combining a protractor and scale.

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What does graphy mean in medical terminology?

The suffix -graphy means 'to record' or 'take a picture. ' You will use this suffix when describing the act of recording or taking the picture. Putting this with our example term gives us 'electrocardiography,' meaning 'to record the electrical activity of the heart. '

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What is a synonym for photo?

Synonyms for photo
  • image.
  • likeness.
  • picture.
  • portrait.
  • print.
  • snapshot.
  • Photostat.
  • Polaroid.

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What does Troph mean?

suffix. Organism obtaining its food in a specified way: autotroph; chemotroph. Origin of -troph. From Greek -trophos one who nourishes, one who is nourished from Greek trephein to nourish.

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What is the difference between a photograph and a snapshot?

Both are technically photographs, but a snapshot is considered a cursory image, a quick record of something or someone. Most people take snapshots. A photograph may not be all that much more than a snapshot, but the person is trying to make a better or more meaningful image.

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What does Poto mean?

Phantom Of The Opera

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Is Port a root word?

The important Latin root word port means 'carry. ' Some common English words that use this root include import, export, deport, and report. An easy way to remember this word root is through the word portable, which is something that is easily 'carried' from one place to another.

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What is the meaning of photo in English?

Photo is defined as using or produced by light. An example of photo used as a prefix is in the word photograph, which is an image taken with the help of light.

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Is the root word bio Greek or Latin?

The Greek root word bio means 'life. ' Some common English vocabulary words that come from this root word include biological, biography, and amphibian. One easy word that is helpful in remembering bio is biology, or the study of 'life.

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What is the meaning of picture description?

a a visual representation of something, such as a person or scene, produced on a surface, as in a photograph, painting, etc.

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Is Photo Greek or Latin?

Etymology. The word "photography" was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), genitive of φ?ς (phōs), "light" and γραφή (graphé) "representation by means of lines" or "drawing", together meaning "drawing with light".

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What does Phil mean in Greek?

The root word phil comes from a Greek verb meaning to love. Some common words derived from phil are philosopher, philanthropist, and bibliophile. Note that phil can begin the word as in philosopher, or end it as in bibliophile. But wherever it occurs you can be assured that phil has something to do with love.

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Is graph Greek or Latin?

Graphic Writing
There is much to say about the Greek root graph which means 'to write,' so let this 'written' discourse begin! One of the most common uses of this root is in the suffix -graphy. Geography is simply 'writing' about the physical characteristics of the Earth.