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What is the main idea of tangerine?

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Answer and Explanation: A central theme ofthebook Tangerine is that keeping the truth a secretisdamaging. Throughout the novel, Paul struggles with theideathat he may

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the theme of tangerine?

There is more than one theme in this book. Oneofthe themes is that you should face your fear andovercomeit. That was one of the themes because Paul wasscared ofhis brother but overcame his fear. Another theme isto behonest to your family members.

Additionally, why did Bloor write tangerine? Edward Bloor wrote Tangerine because,hispurpose is to entertain. Authors usually strive toentertain,inform, or persuade readers regarding some stand, and inthis book,there is just pure quirky entertainment that centersaround silly,strange people, places, and things.

Also know, why did Erik kill Luis in tangerine?

The head wound doesn't kill Luis rightaway.Luis had an aneurysm, which is a weakening in the wallof anartery; it causes the artery to stretch out, making itsusceptibleto bursting spontaneously or in response to an injury.Hewas hit on a Tuesday, and six days later, hewasdead.

What is the climax of tangerine?

The climax is when Erik beats up Tino. LuisfindsErik. Erik tells Arthur to hit him with a night stick(orblackjack)and that ends up killing him.

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What does a tangerine symbolize?

Tangerine represents new projects,happiness,contentment, energy, motivation, lies, betrays andrelationships.Dreaming of gifting a basket of tangerines tosomeoneindicates your love for that person. However, if you gifthimrotten tangerines, it means that you are jealousofhis success in your waking life.

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What is the main problem in tangerine?

In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor,theproblem in the story is that Paul Fisher, theyoungerbrother, seems to be the only one in his family whounderstands hisolder brother Erik's dark nature. Paul fears Erikand has glimpsesof memories about Erik hurting him.

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What is the main setting in tangerine?

Setting. This story takes place in Floridaandlittle bit in Houston, Texas. The places in Florida where ittakesplace are: Lake Windsor Downs, Lake Windsor MiddleSchool,Tangerine, Tangerine Middle School, and TomasCruzGroves. The year in which this story takes place is somewhereinthe 1990s.

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Why did Erik spray paint Paul's eyes?

Erik and Vincent spray-paintedPaul'seyes because they believed that Paul was the onewho gotVincent into trouble. While Erik held Paul'seyelidsopen, Vincent sprayed white paint into them.Thishorrifying incident left Paul screaming in pain onthegarage floor.

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How did Paul lose his eyesight in tangerine?

He is legally blind and wears very thick glasses. Hehasno peripheral vision. He believes that he was blinded bylookinginto an eclipse of the sun. The truth is that Erik spraypaintedhim in the eyes when Paul was four or fiveyearsold.

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Who is Luis in tangerine?

Luis Cruz is Tino and Theresa's big brother.Hehad dedicated his life to his beloved tangerine groves,andloves sharing his passion for them with others. That's whatleadsto his friendship with Paul. He is also dedicated to hisfamily,though, and so when Erik hurts Tino, Luisimmediatelyconfronts him about it.

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How did Mike die in tangerine?

Answer and Explanation: In Tangerine,MikeCostello is killed by a lightning strike while atfootballpractice. He is in the end zone, touching the goal postwhenlightning

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What is a golden dawn tangerine?

The "Golden Dawn" tangerine was anewvariety of tangerine developed by Luis. GoldenDawnswere "seedless, very juicy, and very resistant tocoldweather."

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How many tented houses have been robbed of their valuables?

Twenty-five tented houses in Lake WindsorDownshave been robbed of their valuables.

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Why do the people at Lake Windsor Middle School bend the rules for Joey to let him transfer schools and play on a different soccer team?

The people at Lake Windsor Middle School bendtherules for Joey to let him transfer schools and play on adifferentsoccer team because they are afraid of his dadbecausehe is a lawyer and he can sue because Mikedied ontheir land.

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Why doesn't Shandra put her picture in the newspaper when she makes the All County middle school soccer team?

Why doesn't Shandra put her picture in thenewspaperwhen she makes the All-County Middle School SoccerTeam?Antoine go to the Sports Commissioner and confesses thathe hasbeen lying about his address to play on Lake Windsorfootballteam.

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When was tangerine published?