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What is the main idea of the BFG?

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The central theme of The BFG is teamwork. The Big Friendly Giant has lived amongst other giants his whole life. Unlike the other giants, he is extremely against eating human beings. Instead of eating humans, he spends his time collecting dreams and blowing them into children's bedrooms with his trumpet.

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Also know, what is the moral of the BFG?

Answer and Explanation: The moral of The BFG is not to judge people based on their appearances. The BFG is frightening-looking, a massive figure who overshadows Sophie.

Likewise, what is the story of the BFG? Roald Dahl's The BFG is a story about a friendly giant known as The BFG who collects and gives good dreams to children, and an orphan named Sophie. Together The BFG and Sophie, with help from the Queen of England, help to rid the world of the child-eating giants.

Subsequently, question is, what is the meaning of the BFG?

In some circles, the BFG is a rapper also known as 'Big F--kin Gangsta,' in others, BFG stands for "Big F--king Gun" — a term popularized by the Doom and Quake video game series. But, for other, more innocent ears, BFG has only one meaning: Big Friendly Giant.

Why does the BFG take Sophie?

To stop the giants, Sophie and the BFG go to the Queen of England, who traps the giants in a pit. The BFG kidnaps Sophie so that she can't tell anyone about his existence. He fears being captured and put in a zoo. He's much nicer than his fellow giants, who treat him terribly and eat human beings for every meal.

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What language does the BFG speak?


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How does the BFG end?

The ending of The BFG is the happily-ever-after type. The killer giants are put in a pit where they can't eat humans anymore, and Sophie and the BFG get a sweet setup in neighboring houses.

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What does GBF mean?

Gay Best Friend

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Is the BFG scary?

The movie is rated PG for action and peril, some scary moments, and brief rude humor. But just because the movie has a few scary moments, that doesn't mean it's a horror film. Common Sense Media, which rates films on their appropriateness for children, rates The BFG as being OK for kids age 7 and up.

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How old is the BFG character?

While the other giants are off eating humans, the BFG is giving dreams to little kids. The BFG is hundreds of years old and only sleeps for 2-3 hours a day, he wears very common clothes.

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What does BDG stand for?

BDG No Rest For The Wicked Tee.

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Why was the BFG banned?

The ban was not lifted until the author's death in 1991. The book was also banned in California because of Sam-I-Am's apparent homosexual seduction of the protagonist.

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Who created the BFG?

Roald Dahl

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What is the problem in the BFG?

The Major Conflicts of the Story:
The BFG thinks it's wrong they eat humans but he is far smaller than them and he can't stop them. The BFG and Sophie struggle to find a way to inform the Queen of England of the danger of the giants.

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What is the witching hour in the BFG?

This makes her think it's The Witching Hour, which, (we're told) is the hour of the night when all humans are asleep and “all the dark things came out of hiding and had the world to themselves.” (1.9) Comforting. Instead of doing the smart thing and staying in her bed, Sophie gets out and approaches the window.

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Who are the main characters in the BFG?

The Queen of England
Mr. Tibbs

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How did the BFG learn to read and write?

The BFG labels his dream jars and once again reflects on human behaviour. He hat that humans only believe something if they see it. Sophie reads some of the dreams and she learns that the BFG learned to read and write from a book called "Nicholas Nickleby".

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Who was the boy in BFG?

In early drafts of the story, the child snatched by the BFG from an orphanage bedroom was not Sophie, but a little boy named Jody. Jody soon transformed into Sophie - named after Roald's first grandchild - the resourceful and brave girl who helps the BFG outwit those other horrible giants.

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How does the queen confirm that the BFG and Sophie are telling the truth?

How does the Queen confirm that the BFG and Sophie are telling the truth? The Queen calls the King of Sweden and the Sultan of Baghdad and asks them if anything horrible has been happening there.

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Where did the BFG come from?

The BFG comes from Roald Dahl's 'Ideas Book. ' As with many of Dahl's books, The BFG was born from an Ideas Book. Dahl scribbled down all his thoughts and inspirations in these notebooks to look at later.

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What does the BFG call a burp?

Frobscottle is a green-colored fizzy drink, where the bubbles go down instead of up. This is the cause of Whizzpoppers (which are farts). It tastes delicious to Sophie and The BFG and to the other giants as well. It also makes the drinker fly and fart.

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