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What is the meaning of critical juncture?

Last Updated: 9th March, 2020

A juncture is a crucial point in time when a decision must be made. Originally used in the physical sense, it has broadened in meaning to refer to an often urgent decision-making crossroads. At some point you and your partner will reach a critical juncture and have to decide whether to get serious or break up.

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Simply so, what is a critical juncture?

In the analysis of path-dependent institutions, the concept of critical juncture refers to situations of uncertainty in which decisions of important actors are causally decisive for the selection of one path of institutional development over other possible paths.

Also Know, what is juncture in a sentence? Use juncture in a sentence. The juncture between two streets. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of juncture is a specific point in time or a place where two things meet.

Correspondingly, what does it mean to be critical?

adjective. inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often too readily. occupied with or skilled in criticism. involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, etc.; judicial: a critical analysis. of or relating to critics or criticism: critical essays.

What is juncture in English subject?

Juncture, in linguistics, is the manner of moving (transition) between two successive syllables in speech. An important type of juncture is the suprasegmental phonemic cue by means of which a listener can distinguish between two otherwise identical sequences of sounds that have different meanings.

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What does at this juncture mean?

juncture. A juncture is a crucial point in time when a decision must be made. At this juncture, a president might say, the government must decide whether to go ahead with war or to try to solve things diplomatically. A juncture is a joint or connection between two things.

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What is the difference between junction and juncture?

As nouns the difference between junction and juncture
is that junction is the act of joining, or the state of being joined while juncture is a place where things join, a junction.

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What is path dependency in sociology?

Path dependency is a phenomenon whereby history matters; what has occurred in the past persists because of resistance to change. The resistance to change could be based on the financial implications or because policymakers are making cautious or uninformed decisions.

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How do you use juncture in a sentence?

Examples of juncture in a Sentence
Negotiations between the countries reached a critical juncture. At this juncture it looks like they are going to get a divorce.

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What is path dependence in politics?

Path dependence suggests that human behaviour has limits, both cognitive and institutional, which have profound implications for politics and decision making in general.

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Does critical condition mean death?

GW Hospital defines critical condition as “uncertain prognosis, vital signs are unstable or abnormal, there are major complications, and death may be imminent.” “Someone's medical condition is a complex matter.

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Is critical a negative word?

So let's review these confusing words: criticize – a verb meaning to identify negative things; criticism – a noun referring to the statement of negative things; critical – two meanings: a person who tends to find fault, or a thing that is very important or essential.

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What is the synonym of critical?

Choose the Right Synonym for critical
critical, hypercritical, faultfinding, captious, carping, censorious mean inclined to look for and point out faults and defects. critical may also imply an effort to see a thing clearly and truly in order to judge it fairly.

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What is the purpose of critical thinking?

Critical thinking is about making the best possible decision by: Considering all sides to a topic or issue, weighing the pros and cons. Making sure your own conclusions are not biased. Making sure your judgment is not being affected by faulty reasoning or inaccurate information.

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Are you a critical thinker?

Critical thinking might be described as the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. In essence, critical thinking requires you to use your ability to reason. Critical thinkers will identify, analyse and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct.

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What is a critical attitude?

The Critical Attitude. Criticism = dwelling on the perceived faults of a person or situation while excluding what is good.

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Is critical an adverb?

critically adverb (DISAPPROVINGLY)
in a way that expresses an opinion about something or someone, esp. Industry spokesmen reacted critically to the report.

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What is a critical situation?

CRITICAL SITUATIONS ARE VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS PROBLEMS AND ISSUES that are urgent, threatening, or vexing. They demand a lot of your time, are usually distracting, and if enacted, are likely to impact the future. In short, Critical Situations can be game changers. For good or bad.

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What is the meaning of critical issues?

Critical issues are fundamental policy or program concerns that define the most important situations and choices an organization faces now and in the future. Watersheds/major shifts in thinking that can change the direction of an organization or the nature of its environment and challenge business as usual.

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What does morosely mean?

Morose means gloomy or in a bad mood, so whenever the adverb morosely describes your actions, you're not feeling very cheerful. There is an element of crankiness in the word morosely, which you can even see it its Latin root, morosus, which means "peevish".

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What does brusquely mean?

adjective. abrupt in manner; blunt; rough: A brusque welcome greeted his unexpected return.



What part of speech is juncture?

part of speech: noun
definition 1: a particular point in time, esp. a point of serious importance or crisis. It was at this juncture that the decision about entering the war had to be made. similar words: crisis, moment, occasion

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What does bindle mean?

A bindle is the bag, sack, or carrying device stereotypically used by the American sub-culture of hobos. A "bindlestiff" was another name for a hobo who carried a bindle. The bindle is colloquially known as the "blanket stick", particularly within the Northeastern hobo community.

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What does the root JUNC mean?

-junc-, root. -junc- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "join; connect. '' This meaning is found in such words as: adjoin, adjunct, conjunction, disjointed, injunction, join(t), rejoin, rejoinder, subjunctive.