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What is the meant by a dedicated computer?

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A dedicated system is a general-purposecomputer system confined to performing only one function forreasons of efficiency or convenience. For example, a computerdedicated to a database may be called a "database server"."File servers" manage a large collection of computerfiles.

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Besides, what is a dedicated computer?

A dedicated server is a single computer ina network reserved for serving the needs of the network. Forexample, some networks require that one computer be setaside to manage communications between all the othercomputers. A dedicated server could also be acomputer that manages printer resources.

Furthermore, what is meant by special purpose computer? special-purpose computer - ComputerDefinition A computer designed from scratch to perform aspecific function. Contrast with general-purposecomputer. See ASIC. Computer Desktop Encyclopedia THISDEFINITION IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY All other reproductionis strictly prohibited without permission from thepublisher.

Also to know, what is meant by devoted computer?

Explanation: The devoted computer is built forhandling a particular task, which means it can perform onlyone task permanently. For instance, there are numerous varieties ofdevoted computers like digital camera, mobile phone, ATM,and much more. It is a specific purpose computersystem.

What is the mean of dedication?

Dedication can be complete devotion and faith insomeone or something, like your dedication to your family, aceremony in which something is officially named, like thededication of a new building.

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What is the purpose of computer?

The purpose of the computer is to performcalculations, store information, retrieve data and processinformation. A computer has programmed data orcomputer language that tells the computer how tofulfill its purpose.

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Which method is used to connect a remote computer?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol thatallows a client to connect to Microsoft Terminal Servicesand interact with a desktop on the remotemachine.

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What is computer unit?

System Unit. The system unit, also knownas a "tower" or "chassis," is the main part of a desktopcomputer. It includes the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and othercomponents. The term "system unit" is often used todifferentiate between the computer and peripheral devices,such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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Which have the fastest access time?

The fastest access time is the property ofsemiconductor memories. Magnetic tapes, magnetic disks as well ascompact disks are older storage devices, which longer accesstimes.

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What is meant by embedded system?

“An embedded system is a computersystem with a dedicated function within a larger mechanicalor electrical system, often with real-time computingconstraints. It is embedded as part of a complete deviceoften including hardware and mechanical parts.

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What do you call a single point on a computer screen?

The pixel (a word invented from "picture element") isthe basic unit of programmable colour on a computer displayor in a computer image. Think of it as a logical - ratherthan a physical - unit. Thanks for reading What do you call asingle point on a computer screen?

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Which computer can perform the single dedicated task?

As the name states, a Special-Purpose Computerare designed to be task specific and most of the times theirjob is to solve one particular problem. They are also knownas dedicated computers, because they are dedicated toperfom a single task over and over again.

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Is the layer of a computer system between the hardware and the user program?

Which is the layer of a computer system between thehardware and the user program? An application programuses System Calls to make use/or to make the hardwarework the way it wants. So the layer in between thehardware and a software is an API or if said moreexplicitly then it'll be System Calls.

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What are the types computer?

The four basic types of computers are as under:Supercomputer. Mainframe Computer. Minicomputer. there are 3types of computer, analog, digital ND hybrid.

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What are examples of special purpose computer?

What are 10 examples of special-purposecomputers?

There are many devices today that can be considered to bespecial-purpose computers including:
  • Blade servers used by Data centres as small footprint networkcomputers.
  • Strong AI computers such as IBM Watson developed for onespecific function.
  • Today's ATM machines.

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What are the types of computer by purpose?

They are classified according to purpose, datahandling and functionality. According to purpose,computers are either general purpose or specificpurpose. General purpose computers are designed toperform a range of tasks. According to data handling,computers are analog, digital or hybrid.

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How does a computer work?

A computer is a machine composed of hardware andsoftware components. A computer receives data through aninput unit based on the instructions it is given and after itprocesses the data, it sends it back through an output device.How does this come together to make the computerwork?

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What is a multi purpose computer?

An internal modem card is a device that is plugged in toan ISA or PCI slot on a computer and is used to transmitdata from one computer to another across a telephone line.Other multipurpose computer boards are commonlyavailable.

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What is general purpose software?

General Purpose Applications Software. Ageneral purpose application, sometimes known as'off-the-shelf' is the sort of software that you use at homeand school. Examples include word processors, spreadsheets,databases, desktop publishing packages, graphics packagesetc.

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What are general and special purpose computers?

What is the difference between ageneral-purpose computer and aspecial-purpose computer? A general purposecomputer is used for different programs for differentfunctions. It can be used to do a lot of things. Aspeical-purpose computer is designed for specialfunctions only.

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What is a software give example?

Examples of ApplicationSoftware
The most common application software programsare used by millions every day and include: Microsoft suiteof products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)Internet browsers like Firefox, Safari, andChrome.

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What are general computers?

A general-purpose computer is one that,given the appropriate application and required time, should be ableto perform most common computing tasks. Personalcomputers, including desktops, notebooks, smartphones andtablets, are all examples of general-purposecomputers.

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Why is it important to have dedication?

The Importance of Dedication. The primaryfactor behind a successful person is his/her level ofdedication, which signifies the commitment of a persontowards achieving objectives and life goals. Thus,dedication implies total devotion. A person dedicatedtowards achieving his goals undertakes lots ofperseverance.

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What is dedication and example?

noun. Dedication is defined as the state of beingcommitted to someone, a ceremony for the beginning of somethingsuch as the birth of a child, or something written, said orexpressed in honor or memory of someone. An example ofdedication is the feeling of being a husband andwife.