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What is the occupation Carter?

Last Updated: 16th May, 2020

A carter was. Driver of (horse-drawn) vehiclesfor transporting goods. A Carter typically drove a light twowheeled carriage.

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Thereof, what is a Combere?

n a person who separates and straightens the fibers ofcotton or wool. Type of: worker. a person who works at a specificoccupation. 2.

what is a cottager occupation? A cottager (also called a Cotter, Cottar orCottier) was an agricultural labourer who lived in a tied cottageon the landowners land.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what occupation is a Carman?

His occupation was described as a'carman'. He was associated with horses. Carmen were oftenemployed by railway companies for local deliveries and collectionsof goods and parcels. Modern day van driver.

What is a cord winder occupation?

ːrdˌwe?n?r/) is ashoemaker who makes new shoes from new leather. The cordwainer'strade can be contrasted with the cobbler's trade, according to atradition in Britain that restricted cobblers to repairingshoes.

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What jobs are no longer needed?

10 Jobs That No Longer Exist
  • Bowling Alley Pinsetter. Image credits:
  • Human Alarm Clock. Image credits:
  • Ice Cutter. Image credits:
  • Pre-radar Listener For Enemy Aircraft. Image
  • Rat Catcher. Image credits:
  • Lamplighter.
  • Log Driver.
  • Switchboard Operator.

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What does Brimmer mean?

Brimmer Name Meaning. German: nickname fora grouse or grumbler, from an agent derivative of Middle HighGerman brimmen 'to grumble'.

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What is a maker up?

Definition of maker-up. : one that makesup: such as. a : one who arranges set type in form forprinting.

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What is a comber wave?

comber. , breaker, roller - A long curvingwave is a comber, a wave that curls over anddissolves into foam is a breaker, and a long wave movingsteadily shoreward is a roller.

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What is an iron dresser?

An Iron Dresser, aka fettler, was a general termcovering all foundry workers engaged in removing adherant sand fromcastings and chipping off any irregularities. Stan.

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What is a carrier in old England?

Noun. English Carrier (plural EnglishCarriers) Columba livia domestica, an old breed offancy pigeon (with huge beak wattles and eye ceres, similar to theBarb and Dragoon), developed in England and Scotland fromancestors imported from the Middle East.

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What is a collar maker?

Noun. collarmaker (plural collarmakers) Someonewho makes collars.

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What is a cloth lapper?

Term description. A person who makes clogs. NameCloth lapper. Term description. Worked in textile finishing,folding or doubling the cloth repeatedly upon itself readyfor packing.

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Is Carmen a boy's name?

It's more commonly a girls' name, but in Spanishculture it's also used for boys. Actor Alec Baldwin namedhis daughter Carmen in 2013.

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What was a carman in the 19th century?

Re:Occupation - Carman
'Driver of (horse-drawn) vehicles for transportinggoods. Carmen were often employed by railway companies for localdeliveries and collections of goods and parcels. Modern day vandriver. Also sometimes someone who drove horse-drawn trams wascalled a Carman.'

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What did an iron turner do?

Put flat (plane) surfaces onto, usually, ironcastings, required for seatings etc where the castings fitted on toother parts of the structure. Worked a machine that rollediron to form and shape it. Iron Turner. Used a latheto turn items from iron.

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What was a coal porter?

Coal Porter: a physically demanding job, carryingsacks of coal. Coal Trimmer: stationed inside a ship,responsible for shovelling coal around inside the hold inorder to balance the load. Coalman: drove a horse and cart alongthe streets, selling coal for use in domestichomes.

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What is a silk winder?

silk winder was a person who wound thesilk from silkworms cocoons onto bobbins. silkthrower was a person who twisted silk intoyarn.