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What is the oldest English word still used today?

Today I discovered some of theearliestEnglishwords that are still in commonusagetoday.According to a 2009 study by researchers atReadingUniversity, theoldest words in the Englishlanguageinclude "I","we", "who", "two" and "three", all of whichdate backtens ofthousands of years.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the oldest English word still in use?

Oldest English words that are stillinusetoday. The words "I" and "who" are amongtheoldestwords in use today, along with thewords"two","three", and "five". The word "one" isonly younger bytheslightest bit.

Likewise, what earlier language do the oldest words in the English language come from? Through the years, the Saxons, Angles andJutesmixedtheir different languages. The result is whatiscalledAnglo-Saxon or Old English. Old Englishisextremelydifficult to understand. Only a few expertscanread thisearliest form of English.

Likewise, when was the first word spoken?

The earliest English word we have a recordofwasdiscovered during an archeological dig near Norwich, Englandintheearly 1930s. It was written in an ancient runic scriptcarvedonthe bone of a deer: "raihan." But what does itmean?

Which is the oldest language in the world?

8 Oldest Languages In The World Still WidelyUsed!

  1. Tamil (5000 years old) - Oldest Living Language in India.
  2. Sanskrit (5000 years old) - Oldest Language in India.
  3. Egyptian (5000 years old)
  4. Hebrew (3000 years old)
  5. Greek (2900 years old)
  6. Basque.
  7. Lithuanian.
  8. Farsi (2500 years old)

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Who made the first word?

The word is of Hebrew origin (it is foundinthe30th chapter of Exodus). Also according to Wikianswers,thefirst word ever uttered was “Aa,”whichmeant“Hey!” This was said by anaustralopithecineinEthiopia more than a million years ago. Not sureif this isalltrue, but it certainly sounds good!

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What was the first language?

However, the earliest written languagesonrecordare the cuneiform script that was discovered inMesopotamiathatdates back to 8th millennium BC. TheSumerianscriptthat started in the 3rd millennium BCwasdeveloped forfunerary inscriptions because the Sumerianswereconcerned abouttheir afterlife.

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Who was the first person to say LOL?

LOL was first coined on aBBScalledViewline in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, intheearly-to-mid-80s. Afriend of mine who went by Sprout (and Ibelievehe still does) hadsaid something so funny in theteleconferenceroom that I foundmyself truly laughing out loud,echoing off thewalls of mykitchen.

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What is the most known word in the world?

"OK" is one of the most frequentlyusedandrecognised words in the world.

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What is the longest word in the world?

The longest word in any of themajorEnglishlanguagedictionariesispneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, awordthatrefers to a lung disease contracted from theinhalation ofveryfine silica particles, specifically from avolcano; medically,itis the same as silicosis.

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How old is the oldest word?

Oldest known words are15,000yearsold.

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What was the first English word?

The earliest English word we have a recordofwasdiscovered during an archeological dig near Norwich, Englandintheearly 1930s. It was written in an ancient runic scriptcarvedonthe bone of a deer: "raihan." But what does itmean?

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What language did Adam and Eve speak?

Traditional Jewish exegesis such asMidrash(GenesisRabbah 38) says that Adam spoke theHebrewlanguagebecause the names he gives Eve –Isha(Book of Genesis2:23) and Chava (Genesis 3:20) – onlymakesense inHebrew.

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How many countries speak English?

In 2015, out of the total 195 countriesintheworld, 67 nations have English as the primarylanguageof'official status'. Plus there are also 27countrieswhereEnglish is spoken as asecondary'official'language.

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Which is the mother of all languages?

SANSKRIT is one of the official languagesofIndia,and is popularly known as a classical language ofthecountry.Considered to be the Mother of all Languages,itbelongs tothe Indic group of language familyofIndo-European and itsdescendents, which are Indo-IranianandIndo-Aryan.

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What languages did Jesus speak?

It is generally agreed by historians thatJesusandhis disciples primarily spoke Aramaic(JewishPalestinianAramaic), the common language of Judea inthefirst centuryAD, most likely a Galilean dialectdistinguishablefrom that ofJerusalem.

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Is Tamil older than Sanskrit?

Originally Answered: Which spoken langauge intheIndiansubcontinent is older: Tamil orSanskrit?TLDR: In my opinion, Tamil is olderthanSanskrit.Evidence 1: Sanskrit as a word meansreformed,refined,cultured etc.