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What is the purpose of the Northbridge chipset?

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Northbridge is an Intel chipsetthatcommunicates with the computer processor and controlsinteractionwith memory, the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)bus, Level2 cache, and all Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)activities.Southbridge handles the input/output (I/O) functions ofthechipset.

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Just so, what is the function of Northbridge and Southbridge chipset?

In Northbridge/Southbridgechipsetarchitecture designs, the Southbridge is the chipthatcontrols all of the computers I/O functions, such asUSB,audio, serial, the system BIOS, the ISA bus, theinterruptcontroller and the IDE channels. In other words, all ofthefunctions of a processor except memory, PCIandAGP.

Beside above, what does Northbridge and Southbridge mean? "A northbridge or host bridge is a microchiponsome PC motherboards and is connected directly to the CPU(unlikethe southbridge) and thus responsible for tasks thatrequirethe highest performance.[ 1] The northbridge isusuallypaired with a southbridge, also known as I/Ocontrollerhub.

In this manner, what is connected to the Northbridge?

The high-speed part of a common chipset architecture inacomputer. The Northbridge is the controllerthatinterconnects the CPU to memory via the frontside bus (FSB).Italso connects peripherals via high-speed channels suchasPCI Express.

What components are connected to the Northbridge?

Northbridge. The northbridge is achipinside a computer that connects the central processingunit(CPU) to other primary components in the system.Thesecomponents include RAM (a.k.a. system memory), thefrontsidebus (FSB), PCI Express cards, and the AGPcard.

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What is a Southbridge chipset?

Southbridge is a reference to a chipsetona PC motherboard. It is a group of microchips designed forasingle function and manufactured as a single unit.Thischipset controls or manages input and output (I/O).Examplesof I/O interface connections controlled bysouthbridge areUSB, serial, IDE and ISA.

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What is the role of CMOS?

A computer's Basic Input Output System andComplementaryMetal-Oxide Semiconductor together handle arudimentary andessential process: they set up the computer and bootthe operatingsystem. The BIOS's primary function is tohandle the systemsetup process including driver loading andoperating systembooting.

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What do you mean by BIOS?

BIOS (basic input/output system) is the programapersonal computer's microprocessor uses to get the computersystemstarted after you turn it on. It also manages dataflowbetween the computer's operating system and attached devicessuchas the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, mouseandprinter.

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What is the meaning of CPU?

CPU (pronounced as separate letters) istheabbreviation for central processing unit. Sometimes referredtosimply as the central processor, but more commonly calledaprocessor, the CPU is the brains of the computer wheremostcalculations take place.

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What is the difference between BIOS and CMOS?

The BIOS is a small program that controlsthecomputer from the time it powers on until the time theoperatingsystem takes over. The BIOS is firmware, and thuscannotstore variable data. CMOS is a type of memorytechnology,but most people use the term to refer to the chip thatstoresvariable data for startup.

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What devices does the Southbridge interact with?

Southbridge. The southbridge is an IConthe motherboard responsible for the hard drive controller,I/Ocontroller and integrated hardware. Integratedhardwarecan include the sound card and video card if onthemotherboard, USB, PCI, ISA, IDE, BIOS, andEthernet.

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Where is memory controller located?

A memory controller is a circuit thatcontrolsmemory. This circuit can be located in one oftwoways, either inside the motherboard chipset, which is also knownasMCH or Memory Controller Hub (located inthenorthbridge chip), or inside the CPU.

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How do you describe a motherboard?

The motherboard is a computer'scentralcommunications backbone connectivity point, through whichallcomponents and external peripherals connect. The large PCB ofamotherboard may include 6-14 layers of fiberglass,copperconnecting traces and copper planes for power andsignalisolation.

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What is chipset configuration?

In a computer system, a chipset is a setofelectronic components in an integrated circuit known as a"DataFlow Management System" that manages the data flow betweentheprocessor, memory and peripherals. It is usually found onthemotherboard.

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Which is faster Northbridge vs Southbridge?

Unlike the southbridge, northbridgeisconnected directly to the CPU via the front-side bus(FSB)and is thus responsible for tasks that require thehighestperformance. The northbridge, also known asMemoryController Hub, is usually paired withasouthbridge.

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What is a BIOS chip?

Short for Basic Input/Output System, theBIOS(pronounced bye-oss) is a ROM chip found onmotherboardsthat allows you to access and set up your computersystem at themost basic level. The picture below is an example ofwhat a BIOSchip may look like on a computermotherboard.

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What are the parts of a motherboard?

Motherboard Parts and Functions: Getting to KnowYourHardware
  • Motherboard Basics. A computer has many components, eachwiththeir own roles and functions.
  • Processor Socket.
  • Power Connectors.
  • Memory Slots.
  • Video Card Slot.
  • Expansion Slots.
  • IDE and SATA Ports.
  • BIOS Chip and Battery.

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What is PCI in computer?

PCI - PeripheralComponentInterconnect
(1) Short for Peripheral Component Interconnect, alocalbus standard developed by Intel Corporation. Most modern PCsincludea PCI bus in addition to a more general ISAexpansion bus.PCI is also used on some versions of theMacintoshcomputer.

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What is AGP slot?

AGP is a type of expansion slotdesignedspecifically for graphics cards. It was developed in 1996as analternative to the PCI standard. Since the AGPinterfaceprovides a dedicated bus for graphics data, AGPcards areable to render graphics faster than comparable PCIgraphicscards.

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What is CPU socket type?

The processor socket (also called aCPUsocket) is the connector on the motherboard that housesaCPU and forms the electrical interface and contact withtheCPU. Processor sockets use a pin grid array(PGA)where pins on the underside of the processor connecttoholes in the processor socket.

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What is FSB motherboard?

FSB. Stands for "frontside bus." TheFSBconnects the computer's processor to the systemmemory (RAM)and other components on the motherboard. Mostcomputers'processors run faster than their system buses, so theFSBspeed is typically a ratio of the processorspeed.

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What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

There is one major difference between aROM(read-only memory) and a RAM (random-accessmemory) chip:ROM can hold data without power and RAMcannot.Essentially, ROM is meant for permanent storage,andRAM is for temporary storage.

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What is CMOS battery?

CMOS battery. A battery that maintainsthetime, date, hard disk and other configuration settings intheCMOS memory. CMOS batteries are small andareattached directly to the motherboard. See BIOS setupandbatteries.

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Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory?

A memory cache, sometimes called acachestore or RAM cache, is a portion ofmemory made ofhigh-speed static RAM (SRAM) instead of theslower and cheaperdynamic RAM (DRAM) used for mainmemory. Memorycaching is effective because mostprograms access the same dataor instructions over andover.