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What is the reason for the soldiers to stop Annemarie while on the way to Uncle Henrik's boat?

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The reason for soldiers to stop Annemarie while on the way to Uncle Henrik's boat is that they are looking for escaping Jews.

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Herein, why do the soldiers stop Annemarie on her way to Uncle Henrik's boat?

Annemarie didn't see the Rosen's on the boat, because they were in a hidden compartment of the boat. Uncle Henrik said that the baby was drugged so that she would not wake up, cry, and make noises during the long trip.

Furthermore, why did Annemarie have to be brave when she met the soldiers? Annemarie remembered the fairy tale called Little Red Riding Hood. Why did Annemarie have to be brave when she met the soldiers? Annemarie had to be brave because if she didn't she would have gotten caught and punished, or even worse.

Additionally, why was Annemarie surprised by Uncle Henrik's announcement that there was to be a funeral?

Annemarie was surprised by Uncle Henrik's announcement that there was to be a funeral because she had never heard of Great Aunt Birte. When Uncle Henrik said, “Tomorrow will be a good day for fishing” he meant that they might be moving Ellen to a safer place. NOTE: The last time this phrase was used was in Ch.

How did Lise Johnson pass away?

Answer: Lise Johnson died in a car crash. The incident involved the Nazi military force.

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How did Peter die in Number the Stars?

Peter Neilsen has been killed. He was caught and jailed by the Nazis, then shot in a public square. The night before he died, Peter wrote to the Johansens saying he was proud, and not afraid. Peter asked to be buried with Lise, but the Nazis would not return his body.

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What does the sea represent for Ellen and her family?

Because he wasn't married. What does the sea represent for Ellen and her family? They see the sea as freedom.

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What is the handkerchief in number the stars?

She gives Uncle Henrik an envelope that contains a handkerchief. The handkerchief had traces of cocaine on it to numb the dog's sense of smell. When the Nazi dogs took onto the boat sniff the handkerchief, they can no longer smell Uncle Henrik's hidden "cargo": the Jewish people he is smuggling to safety.

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What is the name of the boat in number the stars?

Uncle Henrik chooses to name his boat Ingeborg. This honors his sister—who is Annemarie's mother.

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Why didn't Mr Rosen ask what was in the package that Peter gave him to take to Uncle Henrik?

He didn't ask what was in the package because it was safer not to know the details of the escape.

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What does Kirsti look like in number the stars?

Kirsti?a nickname for Kirsten?is a five-year-old Danish girl with blonde hair. She is Annemarie's little sister. Kirsti is a little girl who still sees the world with innocent eyes. She provides some normality to life for all the Johansens.

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What does Annemarie learn about bravery from Uncle Henrik?

Uncle Henrik also helps Annemarie see her own bravery. She thinks that because she did not concentrate on the danger of the situation, she was not being brave and that because she was afraid in the first place, her actions were not courageous. Peter's bravery was not visible to her, but he was brave nonetheless.

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Why would Uncle Henrik spend the whole night on his boat?

Uncle Henrik spent the night on his boat so that he could help the Rosen family and several other Jews escape from Denmark. This funeral was staged in order to explain why a large group of people (including the Jews who were trying to escape) had gathered at Uncle Henrik's house.

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What lie does Uncle Henrik tell Annemarie in Number the Stars?

What lie does Uncle Henrick tell Annemarie? Uncle Henrik tells her that there will be a funeral.

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Who is great aunt Birte in number the stars?

To her surprise, Uncle Henrik announces that their Great-aunt Birte has passed away. The funeral is to be held in the traditional way—in a relative's home—that night. Annemarie is very confused.

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Why do you think there was no laughing between Mrs Johansen and her brother as they sat down to talk?

Although there was usually laughter when Mrs. Johansen and her brother, Henrik, when they spoke, there was none on this night because the subjects they were discussing were so serious. The book is set in Denmark in 1943. The Nazis are "relocating" Copenhagen's Jews and the Johansen's friends, the Rosens, are Jewish.

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What did Annemarie learn about Aunt Birte?

Annemarie learned that Aunt Birte never existed. What does Annemarie learn about bravery in her talk w/ uncle Henrik? Annemarie learns that she is a little bit more brave than she thinks.

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Why isn't Kirsti afraid of the soldiers?

Kirsti isn't afraid of the soldiers because she doesn't remember a time that they weren't there. The soldiers are a part of her everyday life, so to her them being there is normal.

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What was the first test of Annemarie bravery?

The first time Annemarie's bravery is put to the test is the night the Johansens shelter Ellen Rosen.

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What happens in chapter 14 of Number the Stars?

Chapter 14 Summary. Annemarie realizes how cold the dawn is as she hurries along the path. She does her best to run, but it is difficult in the still-dark dawn to run without falling. She tells herself the story of Little Red Riding-Hood to comfort herself in the dark forest.

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What is Chapter 12 about in Number the Stars?

Chapter 12 Summary. Mr. Rosen slips on the loose step outside the kitchen door, and Mama warns them to feel each step carefully with their feet to avoid tripping over roots or stones in the darkness.

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What happened in chapter 13 of Number the Stars?

Annemarie runs to her mother. Mama tells her she's okay and warns her to keep her voice down. Hurrying back along the path in the dark after safely delivering the Rosens to Henrik, Inge had stumbled on a root and broken her ankle in her haste to get back to her daughters.

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What does Annemarie wearing Ellen's necklace show?

Until the end of the war, Annemarie keeps the Star of David necklace that Ellen wears. The necklace symbolizes Annemarie's devotion to her friend and her stance against the Germans.