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What is the role of assistant executive engineer?

Last Updated: 11th March, 2020

Supervising the engineers and assistantengineers. Guiding and suggesting changes, requirements, andnecessities in the project. Training the newly joined employees andeducating them about the company policies, rules, and theirduties. Maintaining records of the ongoing projects anddocument them properly.

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Hereof, what is the role of assistant engineer?

Assistant Engineer Responsibilities andDuties. Assist in designing, developing and executingconstruction projects. Work with Project Manager in reviewingproject specification and in preparing project plan and designsheet. Work with engineering team in developing constructionplan.

what is the salary of executive engineer? Executive Engineer Salaries

Job Title Salary
National Thermal Power Executive Engineer salaries - 7 salariesreported ₹69,239/mo
Bharat Heavy Electricals Executive Engineer salaries - 6salaries reported ₹69,724/mo
Bharat Heavy Electricals Executive Engineer salaries - 6salaries reported ₹1,022,216/yr

Likewise, people ask, what is difference between assistant engineer and assistant executive engineer?

JuniorEngineer - This is the entry level in the professionalengineering class series. Also the Associate is a RegisteredEngineer while the Assistant is anEngineer-In-Training.

How much does an engineering assistant make?

The average pay for an EngineeringAssistant is $18.20 per hour. The average pay for anEngineering Assistant is $49,558 per year.

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What are the 6 types of engineers?

6 Different Types of Engineering Jobs
  • Civil Engineering. Civil engineering jobs are among the mostrecognized, popular, and ancient in the industry.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical engineering deals with thedesign and construction of machines.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Aerospace Engineering.

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Who is an assistant engineer?

An assistant engineer is an engineer whoworks under the supervising or senior engineer. Theseprofessionals can work in a variety of engineeringindustries and provide assistance to engineers working onlarge-scale projects that require a large team of engineersto complete a project.

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What is AEE in civil engineering?

AE or assistant engineer are recruited throughstate engineering services exam , held seperately for eachstate . AEE or assistant executive engineer is thefirst designation given to an engineer recruited throughUPSC -ESE (engineering services examination) , otherwiseknown as IES (Indian engineering services ).

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What is the difference between junior engineer and assistant engineer?

Some use junior engineer, while the other's sayassistant engineer. Junior engineer post is just ainitial level designation in every engineeringdepartment,but assistant engineer is above of alljunior executive posts.

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What is AE and Je?

Every state recruit AE (Assistant Engineering)and JE (Junior Engineer) on regular basis everyyear.

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What is a junior engineer?

A Junior Engineer is an entry position for a fullpledged Engineering profession. A Junior Engineer worksunder the supervision of an Engineer. He is not expected tofunction as an Engineer and is also not at liberty to makedecisions associated with work techniques and systems.

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How do I become an executive engineer?

Educational Qualification of an ExecutiveEngineer
The basic requirement for the post of an executiveengineer is a bachelor's degree in engineering along with aminimum experience of three to five years as an assistantengineer or an engineer.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of engineer?

Engineers work in a variety of fields to analyze,develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems. This can meanand improve and maintaining current systems or creating brand newprojects. Engineers will design and draft blueprints, visitsystems in the field and manage projects.

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Is assistant executive engineer a gazetted officer?

Assistant Executive Engineer is a gazettedgroup-A official. He is appointed in central government by UPSC& in state government by SPSC. He is member of Central/ StateEngineering Services. He is promoted to high levelmanagerial and administrative posts e.g.

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What is difference between executive and engineer?

An executive has preparation and experience onmanagement; formal education is not required but not unusual tohold an MBA or similar degrees. An engineer usually hasformal engineering education, and focus on solving technicalproblems; works more with a process, machines or systems,than closely with people.

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What is the salary of assistant executive engineer in ONGC?

Oil and Natural Gas Salaries
Job Title Salary
AEE salaries - 9 salaries reported ₹46,058/mo
Assistant Executive Engineer (Drilling) salaries - 7 salariesreported ₹35,707/mo
Mechanical Engineer salaries - 6 salaries reported ₹75,798/mo
Executive Engineer salaries - 5 salaries reported ₹78,583/mo

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What is an executive engineer?

The executive engineer is the first point ofcontact for all the engineers and assistantengineers. He/ she generally supervises the work ofengineers and assistant engineers and guides themwhenever necessary. The executive engineers also managebudgets for the project, thus making it costeffective.

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What is the salary of government engineer?

Federal Government Engineer Salaries. The typicalFederal Government Engineer salary is $105,190. Engineersalaries at Federal Government can range from $50,396 -$170,228. This estimate is based upon 7 Federal GovernmentEngineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimatedbased upon statistical methods.

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How much is the salary of a chief engineer?

Average wages on those ships are $88,200 peryear.

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What is the salary of executive engineer in Uppcl?

Uppcl Executive Engineering Salaries. Averageannual salary for Executive Engineering in Uppcl isINR 30 lakhs in India.

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What is the salary of a junior engineer in CPWD?

So the approx in hand salary will be around33,000 per month, which is equivalent to a 6 lacs package in aprivate company. And in CPWD along with salary youwill get accommodation and many more facilities as it is a CentralGovernment Service. What is the gross salary of a juniorengineer at CPWD Delhi?

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What is the work of JE in Cpwd?

CPWD has two wings Civil and Electrical (electrical & mechanical ). JE civil is mainly a siteengg who is responsible for works going under him.Management, execution, monitoring, quality control etc but inCPWD, JE is looking for monitoring of work,quality control.

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What is the salary of government engineer in India?

The typical Government of India Engineersalary is ₹57,807. Engineer salaries atGovernment of India can range from ₹14,360 -₹98,264.