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What is the root word of destruction?

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The Latin word destructionem, "a pulling down,"is the root of destruction.

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People also ask, what is the medical term for destruction?

Lysis: Destruction. Hemolysis is thedestruction of red blood cells with the release ofhemoglobin; bacteriolysis is the destruction of bacteria;etc.

Also Know, what is the adjective of destruction? adjective. tending to destroy; causingdestruction or much damage (often followed by of or to): avery destructive windstorm. tending to overthrow, disprove,or discredit (opposed to constructive): destructivecriticism.

Subsequently, question is, what does destruction mean?

Definition of destruction. 1 : the state or factof being destroyed : ruin scenes of death anddestruction the destruction of their careers. 2 : theaction or process of destroying something thedestruction of the building. 3 : a destroying agencyAlcohol will be his destruction.

What's a sentence for destruction?

destruction Sentence Examples. Thedestruction continued for miles without end, as far as shecould see. His whole life on the brink of destruction if itwere recognized what he was doing. He squatted beside her,unaffected by the destruction around him.

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What is the synonym of destruction?

annihilation, decimation, demolishment, demolition,desolation, devastation, extermination, extinction, havoc, loss,mincemeat, obliteration, ruin, ruination, wastage, wreckage. WordsRelated to destruction. depredation, despoilment,despoliation. breakup, collapse, disintegration,dissolution.

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What does Lith mean in medical terms?

-lith. WORD ORIGIN. a combining formmeaning “stone” (acrolith; megalith; paleolith);sometimes occurring in words as a variant form of -lite (batholith;laccolith).

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What is the medical term for blood protein?

Definition. By Mayo Clinic Staff. High bloodprotein (hyperproteinemia) is an increase in the concentrationof protein in the bloodstream. High blood protein isnot a specific disease or condition in itself, but it mightindicate you have a disease.

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What suffix means to act upon?

suffix means to act upon. -tropin.

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Which combining form means red?

a combining form meaning“red,” used in the formation of compound words:erythrocyte.

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Which suffix means disease?

A suffix that is very similar in meaningto -osis is -pathy. -Pathy is a suffix meaning'disease.' There are many diseases whose namesinclude this suffix. A very common term in medicalterminology is cardiomyopathy, meaning 'disease ofthe heart muscle.' A 'disease of the nerves' is indicated inthe term neuropathy.

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Is Destroyal a word?

demolition, demolishing, ruin, ruining, wrecking,tearing down, razing, leveling, annihilation, devastation,holocaust, eradication, obliteration, slaying, slaughter, carnage,liquidation, extirpation, overthrow, subversion, extermination,elimination, ravaging, consumption, abolition, murder,assassination, killing,

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What does distinction mean?

When you are marked for distinction, it means youare someone who is going to do well in life. You will set yourselfapart from others. Distinction means being set apart, oftenby excellence. When things are distinct from one another, they aredifferent. It is the distinctions that make them thisway.

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What causes destruction?

The immediate causes of rainforestdestruction are clear. The main causes of totalclearance are agriculture and in drier areas, fuelwood collection.The main cause of forest degradation is logging. Mining,industrial development and large dams also have a seriousimpact.

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What is the meaning of Distruct?

distruct. New Word Suggestion. the act of givingwrong instruction.

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WHAT DOES been reduced to mean?

[reduce something to something] to make somethingchange into a different form by damaging it or crushing it. Thefruit is reduced to a pulp and then mixed with sugar. Thisbeautiful forest has been reduced to a wasteland.reduce something to rubble/dust/ashes: The building wasreduced to rubble by the explosion.

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What deforestation means?

Deforestation is the clearing of trees,transforming a wooded area into cleared land. The first step inturning the wilderness into a shopping center isdeforestation. You can see the word forest indeforestation. The prefix de- means "remove" and the suffix-ation signals the act or state of.

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What is an instruction?

An instruction is an order given to a computerprocessor by a computer program. In assembler language, a macroinstruction is one that, during processing by the assemblerprogram, expands to become multiple instructions (based on apreviously coded macro definition).

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What does it mean to be commissioned?

commission. The word commission has several verydifferent meanings, but in its most basic meaning, commission isthe act of passing a responsibility to someone else. If you receivea government commission, that means you have been assigned atask by the government.

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What restriction means?

English Language Learners Definition ofrestriction
: a law or rule that limits or controls something. :the act of limiting or controlling something.

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What is the meaning of critically acclaimed?

Adjective. (comparative more criticallyacclaimed, superlative most critically acclaimed) Thathas received generally good reviews from a number of critics.Although it was critically acclaimed, the album wasn't acommercial success.

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What is the verb of destruction?

1destroy something/somebody to damage something so badlythat it no longer exists, works, etc. The building was completelydestroyed by fire. They've destroyed all theevidence. Heat gradually destroys vitamin C. You havedestroyed my hopes of happiness.

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What is the past tense of destroy?

The verb 'destroy' is part of a group of Englishverbs known as 'regular verbs', this is, these verbs change fromsimple form into past by adding -ed at the end. Inthe case of verbs ending with Y, the Y does not change into I; itremains the same. Therefore, the past form of 'destroy' is'destroyed'.

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What is the noun form of destroyed?

Answer : The noun form of the verb"destroy" is "destroyer". The noun form of "destroy"is also "destruction" but "destroyer" is a closer nounform to the verb "destroy" than "destruction"is.