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What is the sentence of brave?

Last Updated: 27th February, 2020

brave Sentence Examples. He was brave now that hefaced only a woman. Her eyes watered at his brave words, and shehugged him. Please tell the brave sailors, who have charge of theHELEN KELLER, that little Helen who stays at home will often thinkof them with loving thoughts.

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Likewise, what is the meaning of being brave?

The Oxford dictionary primarily defines'brave' as the following: Ready to face and endure danger orpain; showing courage. From the definition, I wager thereare two parts to being brave – the ability to endure,and courage. In order to understand bravery, one mustunderstand its opposite – fear.

Furthermore, is it braver or more brave? Answer and Explanation: "Braver" is the most common comparative form ofthe adjective "brave." However, the form "more brave"is not incorrect.

Keeping this in consideration, who is a brave?

brave. Courageous, dauntless, perhaps a littlebit daring, a person who is brave faces dangerous ordifficult situations with courage. The adjective brave canbe used to describe anyone or anything that displays courage, suchas a brave firefighter, a brave guide dog, or evenbrave holiday shoppers.

What is the synonym of brave?

fearless, courageous, daring, valiant, intrepid, bold,dauntless, undaunted, undismayed, confident, unafraid, plucky,unabashed, chivalrous, valorous, heroic, adventurous, dashing,venturesome, mettlesome, forward, audacious, reckless, foolhardy,gallant, resolute, militant, defiant, hardy, doughty, stout,stout-

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What is noun of brave?

If you mean the noun referring to the quality ofbeing brave, then you want bravery. Nouns likecourage have a similar meaning. The use of“brave” in expressions like “Indianbrave” is rather old fashioned now and has a morespecific meaning of “warrior”, with implications thatthe warrior is uncivilised.

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What is an example of courage?

While racing into a burning building to save lives andhelping out a person who is being robbed are certainlycourageous and admirable acts, even smaller occurrences cancount as acts of courage. For example, confronting abully or asking out a secret crush out on a date both requirecertain levels of bravery.

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Why Being brave is important?

Bravery is important in life because, we needbravery to face our fears and overcome obstacles our life.Facing fears in life can help you succeed in life. My friend wasable to gather the bravery to stand up to the bully bullyingsomeone else. These were some reasons why facing fears could helpyou succeed.

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How can I be brave?

Part 3 Practicing Bravery Every Day
  1. Practice accepting uncertainty. Uncertainty is the source ofmany fears.
  2. Make specific plans. It's easy to feel afraid when you don'tknow what you need to do.
  3. Choose to help others.
  4. Be brave for 20 seconds.
  5. Consider your decision.
  6. Don't think — act.
  7. Fake it till you make it.

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Is caring an adjective?

adjective compassionate, loving, kindly, warm,soft, sensitive, tender, sympathetic, responsive, receptive,considerate, warmhearted, tenderhearted, softhearted, touchy-feely(informal) He is a wonderful person, very gentle andcaring.

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What do you call a fearless person?

Another word for fearless. adjective. Having orshowing courage: audacious, bold, brave, courageous, dauntless,doughty, fortitudinous, gallant, game, hardy, heroic, intrepid,mettlesome, plucky, stout, stouthearted, unafraid, undaunted,valiant, valorous. (

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What makes someone courageous?

Courageous people believe in themselves. Theyhave strong values, recognize their personal capabilities, and areconfident in meeting the challenges that lie before them.Courageous people are passionate andpurposeful.

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What is verb form of courage?

answer :- the verb form of courage iscourageous .

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What is the adverb of brave?

Brave, courageous, valiant, fearless, gallantrefer to confident bearing in the face of difficulties or dangers.Brave is the most comprehensive: it is especially used ofthat confident fortitude or daring that actively faces and enduresanything threatening.

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What is the adverb of courage?

courageously. In a courageous manner; bravely;boldly. Synonyms: valiantly, boldly, stalwartly, dauntlessly,stoutheartedly, gallantly, doughtily, heroically, intrepidly,bravely, manfully, valorously, gutsily, fearlessly.

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What are the qualities of brave man?

Courageous, dauntless, perhaps a little bit daring, aperson who is brave faces dangerous or difficultsituations with courage. The adjective brave can be used todescribe anyone or anything that displays courage, such as abrave firefighter, a brave guide dog, or evenbrave holiday shoppers.

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Is braveness a word?

1. Brave, courageous, valiant, fearless, gallantrefer to confident bearing in the face of difficulties or dangers.Brave is the most comprehensive: it is especially used ofthat confident fortitude or daring that actively faces and enduresanything threatening.

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What part of speech is bravery?

part of speech: adjective
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a North American Indian warrior. similar words: fighter,Indian, warrior
definition 2: a person who is courageous. synonyms: hero, heroine similarwords: gallant, knight, paladin, valiant
related words: hero

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What does bravery mean to you?

1 : the quality or state of having or showing mental ormoral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty : the quality orstate of being brave : courage showing bravery underfire.

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What is the opposite brave?

The opposite of brave is to lackconfidence and boldness because of self-doubt. This personhesitates at the same moment the brave person steps forward.The opposite of brave is hesitation. A person isbrave because of self-confidence.

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What type of word is courage?

courageous. If you are a courageousperson, you face danger or stand up against the odds withoutflinching. Known as "The Man without Fear," Daredevil is regardedas a very courageous superhero. The adjectivecourageous derives from the Old French word corage,meaning "heart, innermost feelings, or temper."

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Is Brave open source?

Brave is a free and open-source webbrowser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on theChromium web browser. As of 2018, Brave supports Windows,macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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What is the comparative of brave?

brave - definition and synonyms
adjective brave
comparative braver
superlative bravest

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Is smart an adjective?

smart (adjective) smart (verb)smart (adverb) smart–mouth(adjective)