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What is the setting of the book football genius?

Last Updated: 25th July, 2021

The setting is in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Herein, where does football genius take place?

Troy White and his mother live in relative poverty ontheoutskirts of Atlanta, Georgia down a dirt road that spiralsoffRoute 141. White and his best friends, Nathan and Tate, allplayfor the junior football league of theDuluthTigers.

Beside above, what is the genre of football genius? Football Genius is an action-packed adventurewithgripping suspense, a hero you can really root for, and aninsider'slook at the world of professionalfootball.

People also ask, what is the theme of football genius by Tim Green?

But if he can't convince Seth he's telling the truth,theFalcons' championship and his mom's job are at risk. New YorkTimesbestselling author and former NFL player Tim Greenscores atouchdown with this exhilarating and action-packed storyabout anordinary boy who becomes a hero you can reallyrootfor.

What position did Tim Green?

Linebacker Defensive end Defensive tackle

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Who is the genius of football?

Fabio Capello Says Lionel Messi Is 'TheOnlyGenius in World Football'

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What does Tim Green suffer from?

Green lives in Upstate New York with hiswife,Illyssa, five children, and three dogs. On November 14,2018,Green announced in a Facebook post that he hasaslow-progressing form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. OnNovember18, he was featured on 60 Minutes, discussing his lifeandstruggles with the disease.

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What disease is Tim Green battling?

Green revealed he has "a slow-progressingversionof the disease." Former Falcons defensive end andSyracuselegend Tim Green revealed Wednesday that he hasbeendiagnosed with ALS.

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How old is Tim Green?

55 years (December 16, 1963)

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Is Tim Green Sick?

Tim Green, a former NFL player and formerNPRcommentator, has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig'sdisease.Green believes football gave him thedisease.

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Is Tim Green a Hall of Famer?

Green was inducted into the CollegeFootballHall of Fame in 2002. Green was a first roundNFLdraft pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 1986. He was a stardefensiveend for eight seasons.

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Who is Tim greens wife?

Illyssa Green
m. 1989

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Who are Tim Green's children?

Troy Green

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Where did Tim Green go to college?

Syracuse Orange football

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How tall is Tim Green?

6′ 2″