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What is the skin between your pointer finger and thumb called?

Last Updated: 25th July, 2021

The space between the thumb andtheforefinger is called the Purlicue. The spacebetweenthe fingers is called interdigitalfolds or PilcaInterdigital in simple terms we can callthisskin.

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Consequently, what is the Flagina?

Webbing of the fingers or toes. To use thesharingfeatures on this page, please enable JavaScript. Webbing ofthefingers or toes is called syndactyly. It refers to theconnectionof 2 or more fingers or toes. Most of the time, the areasareconnected only by skin.

what are the parts of the finger called? Each of the fingers has three joints:

  • metacarpophalangeal joint (MCP) – the joint at the baseofthe finger.
  • proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP) – the joint inthemiddle of the finger.
  • distal interphalangeal joint (DIP) – the joint closesttothe fingertip.

Moreover, what is the extra skin between your fingers called?

Wenis (the extra elbow skin) Flagina(thewebbing between your fingers)

Is a Wenis a real thing?

Weenus (or weenis or wenis) is a slang wordforthe excess or loose skin at the joint of one's elbow, whichistechnically referred to as olecranal skin. The olecranon istheprocess of the ulna (one of the bones in the forearm)projectingbehind the elbow joint.

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What is a Wenis really called?

Ans: According to, the medical term fortheextra skin found on the elbow is olecranon skin. However, themorecommonly used word for this skin is weenis or weenus. What'sin theword? The term “weines,” or morecommonly“wenis,” is not a real word and is notthe nameof the skin on the elbow.

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What is a Purlicue?

Noun. (plural purlicues) (Scottish) the end ofadiscourse. (Presbyterian Church) a review of a previous sermonorspeech. (Northern England) the distance between one'sforefingerand thumb when extended.

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What is a Weines?

Wenis is a slang term used to describe the skinatthe tip of the elbow. It is not an anatomical term.

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What is plural for Wenis?

Noun. wenis (plural wenises) (slang)Theskin on the outside of one's elbow.

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What is the area between toes called?

The space between the toes and theskinconnecting the toes, called the toewebspace,is the characteristic location for 2 conditions: athlete'sfoot andscabies.

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What's the space between your eyebrows called?

The space between your eyebrows iscalledthe "glabella."

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Is syndactyly a disability?

Syndactyly may appear as a symptom ofanothersyndrome or medical condition, but most cases arenon-syndromic,meaning that they have no apparent cause. Currently,there are 300different syndromes linked to syndactyly, mostof which aregenetic conditions.

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What is syndactyly of fingers?

Newborn baby hand showing completecomplexsyndactyly of two fingers. Specialty.Medicalgenetics. Syndactyly is a condition wherein two ormoredigits are fused together. It occurs normally in some mammals,suchas the siamang and diprotodontia, but is an unusual conditioninhumans.

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What is webbed fingers?

Webbed fingers and toes occur when tissueconnectstwo or more digits together. In rare cases thefingers ortoes may be connected by bone. Approximately 1 inevery2,000–3,000 The medical term for webbing ofthefingers or toes is syndactyly.

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What is the inside of your thumb called?

Thumb. Anatomically, the thumbiscompromised of the metacarpal connected to the trapezium, acarpalbone in the wrist. This first metacarpal connects to theproximalphalanx. This connects to the thumb's distalphalanx, whichis also the tip of the digit.

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How do you get webbed fingers?

Webbed fingers. Webbing of the digits,orsyndactyly, is not caused by the fingers stickingtogetherin the womb; rather, it is caused by failure, during thesixth toeighth weeks of intrauterine life, of the usuallongitudinalinterdigital necrosis that normally separatesthefingers.

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How many bones are in the finger?

The palm has five bones known asmetacarpalbones, one to each of the five digits. Human handscontainfourteen digital bones, also called phalanges, orphalanxbones: two in the thumb (the thumb has no middlephalanx)and three in each of the four fingers.

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Is the hand an organ?

Hand. Hand, grasping organ attheend of the forelimb of certain vertebrates that exhibitsgreatmobility and flexibility in the digits and in thewholeorgan. It is made up of the wrist joint, the carpalbones,the metacarpal bones, and the phalanges.