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What is the synonym of Epitome?

Last Updated: 15th February, 2020

SYNONYMS. personification,embodiment,incarnation, paragon. essence, quintessence, archetype,paradigm,typification, type. exemplar, definitiveexample,prototype.

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Similarly, how do you use the word epitome in a sentence?

epitome Sentence Examples

  1. The fashions presented were the epitome of the style ofthe1930s.
  2. The hotel was the epitome of British colonial eleganceinJamaica.
  3. The epitome of feminine beauty might become the rotund figureonwhich the momma appears to pride herself.
  4. His lifestyle was the epitome of unsustainable living.

Secondly, what does the word epitome? a person or thing that is typical of or possesses toahigh degree the features of a whole class: He is theepitomeof goodness. a condensed account, especially of aliterary work;abstract.

Also asked, what is another word for role model?

Synonyms and Near Synonyms ofrolemodel embodiment, epitome, incarnation,manifestation,personification, phantom, pink. beau ideal, classic,eidolon,exemplar, idea, ideal, model, nonesuch, nonpareil,paragon,patron saint. archetype, example, mirror, paradigm,pattern.guideline, principle, rule.

What is the meaning of epitomy?

e a person or thing that is typical of or possesses toahigh degree the features of a whole class; embodiment: She istheepitome of kindness. 2. a condensed account, as ofaliterary work; abstract. [1520–30; < Latinepitomēabridgment < Greek epitom? abridgment,surfaceincision.

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What's epitome of beauty?

epitome. If you say that a person or thing istheepitome of something, you are emphasizing that they arethebest possible example of it.

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What number is the opposite of?

Recognize opposite signs of numbersasindicating locations on opposite sides of 0 onthenumber line; recognize that the opposite oftheopposite of a number is the numberitself,e.g., –(–3) = 3, and that 0 is itsownopposite.

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What is a synonym for opposite?

contrary, antithetical, antithetic, reverse,inverse,converse, diametric, diametrical, antonymous,contrasting,contradictory, counter, conflicting, opposed, opposing,polar,poles apart, antipodal, antipodean, incompatible,irreconcilable;see also different 1.

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What is the plural of Epitome?

The plural form of epitome is epitomesorepitomai.

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Can you pronounce epitome two ways?

This is why you pronounce it with an 'i'.Forinstance: Beauté => Beauty. As reported by the NOADandthe OED, Epitome is pronounced /?ˈp?d?mi/inAmerican English and /?ˈp?t?mi/ (or /?ˈp?t?mi/)inBritish English.

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How do you say epitome in British English?

Below is the UK transcription for 'epitome':
  1. Modern IPA: ?p?´t?m?j.
  2. Traditional IPA: ?ˈp?t?miː
  3. 4 syllables: "i" + "PIT" + "uh" + "mee"

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How would you describe a role model?

Demonstrate confidence and leadership.
A good role model is someone who isalwayspositive, calm, and confident in themselves. You don't wantsomeonewho is down or tries to bring you down. Everyone likes aperson whois happy with their achievements, but continues to striveforbigger and better objectives.