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What is the theme of misery by Anton Chekhov?

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The short story ''Misery'' by AntonChekhov explores the themes of isolation and despair asa sledge-driver, Iona Potapov, struggles with the death of hisson.

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Similarly, what is the theme of the story the lament?

The central theme of the story, as the titlewould suggest, is "Misery." Iona Potapov, the driver, takes severalfares and each time tries to share his grief with his passengers."Drive on!

Additionally, what kind of man is Iona in misery? Iona Potapov is an older man. As the storybegins, he is described as 'all white like a ghost.' He sits aloneis his horse-driven sleigh waiting for a fare.

Hereof, what is the point of view in misery by Anton Chekhov?

Chekhov addresses the indifference that man canshow to one another. The setting of the story is winter in Russia.It is extremely cold with snow falling. The narration is thirdperson point of view with an omniscient limitednarrator.

What is the plot of the story the lament?

Misery or The Lament: Summary The story tells about a father and his greatdespair for his dead son. Iona, the father, is a Russian sleighdriver who desperately tried to share his grief with strangers.Iona wanted someone to listen to him, to somehow feel his grief, inorder for him to feel better.

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Why does Iona Potapov look like a phantom?

However, the irony in the story The Lament isthat it reflects the gloom portrayed in the story. In the beginningto show the melancholy of Iona Potapov, the narrator saysthat he is so white that he looks like a phantom. Hishorse also appears quiet white.