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What is the word yes in French?

Last Updated: 15th June, 2020

French word for yes is oui.

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Simply so, how do u say yes in French?

The Basic Yes in French Oui is the standard way to say yes inFrench.It's simple and straightforward, and you can use it inallinstances where you wish to express a positiveanswer.Example: « Tu peux venir ici s'il teplait?

how do you my name is in French? The easiest way to say "My name is" in Frenchis"Je m'appelle" followed by your first name. For example,ifyour name is Marie, you'd say "Je m'appelle Marie." Youcanalso say "Moi c'est Marie," which means "I'mMarie."

Beside this, does we mean yes in French?

One of the first words you learn inFrenchis the word for "yes," oui, but sometimes sican alsomean "yes" (as it does inSpanish andItalian).

What is Ouais?

Ouais, tranquille. You've gotyourbaccalaureate then? Yeah, no problem. (informal) Used toexpressconsent. Synonyms: mouais (informal), ouaip (informal), oui,ouep(informal), yep (anglicism)

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What does OUI mean?

Oui is defined as the French word for yes.Anexample of oui is what a hungry person would say inFranceif someone asked if he wanted food.YourDictionarydefinition and usage example.

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How do you spell oui?

“Ouais” means exactly the sameas“oui”, but it's considered more casual.Socasual in fact that some people may be irritated if you use itwiththem.

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What is the word good in French?

More French words for good. bonadjective.right, well, nice, kind, lovely. le bien noun. well, OK,very,right, nicely, welfare, all right, okay,possession,greatly.

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How do you spell the French word we?

French word for yes is oui.

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How do we say okay in French?

Okay” is probably the mostunderstoodEnglish word of all, having been adopted by practicallyall majorlanguages and cultures. French equivalents areOK andokay (both pronounced approximately as inEnglish), d'accordor d'ac (“agreed”), entendu(“got it”),compris(“understood”).

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How do you say bien in French?

Bien can be pronounced in 2 differentwaysaccording to the context: - "Bien" is not followed byavowel. E.g: "Je suis bien content!" (Meaning: "I amreallyhappy!".

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How do you say please in French formally?

The phrase "s'il vous plaît" can be translatedtomean "If you please." It literally means "if itpleasesyou." The word plaît is the conjugated form of theverbplaire, which means "to please" or "to like." Forexample,you might say "Quelle heure est-il, s'ilvousplaît?"

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How do you say yes in different languages?

'Yes' In 10 Languages
  1. German — Ja.
  2. Spanish — Sí
  3. French — Oui.
  4. Italian — Si.
  5. Portuguese — Sim.
  6. Swedish — Ja.
  7. Turkish — Evet.
  8. Polish — Tak.

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What does OUI stand for?

What does OUI stand for?
Rank Abbr. Meaning
OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier
OUI Organizacion Universitaria Interamericana(Spanish:Inter-American Organization for Higher Education)
OUI Operator User Interface
OUI Open Usability Interface

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What is French for LOL?

mdr: French version, from the initials of "mortderire" which roughly translated means "died of laughter",althoughmany French people also use LOL instead asit is themost widely used on the internet.

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What is oui in text?

OUI. Offline Usenet Interface.OUI.Organizacion Universitaria Interamericana (Spanish:Inter-AmericanOrganization for Higher Education)

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What is Italian for no?

The Italian words for Yes is Sì, andtheItalian word for No is No!

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How do you pronounce Ouais?

It's pronounced like "way" in English. "Ouais"isthe equivalent of yep.

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What does the Spanish word si mean?

Si (without an accent mark) means"if"Sí (with the accent mark) means"yes."

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What is the difference between Si and Oui in French?

In the case of "yes", the word is not"oui"anymore, but "si". In a sense"si" is strongerthan "oui", since "oui" meansyou agree, while"si" means you do not agree, quite theopposite!

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What language is Si from?

'Yes' in different languages
Language Yes
French Oui
Frisian Ja
Galician Si
Georgian diakh

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Is Oui a Scrabble word?

OUI is not a validscrabbleword.

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How do I answer my age in French?

To answer, saying how old you are,youbegin with j'ai followed by your age, for example, J'ai22ans. In French, the verb avoir is always usedwhensaying how old someone is. To tell a girl'sage,you'd say, for example, Elle a 8 ans.

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What are some common phrases in French?

25 Essential French Phrases for TravelersandTourists
  • Bonjour – “Hello”
  • S'il vous plaît / s'il te plaît–“Please”
  • Comment vous appelez-vous?
  • Oui/Non/Si – “Yes/No”
  • Comment allez-vous?
  • Je voudrais parler français – “I wouldliketo speak French”
  • Excusez-moi – “Excuse me”
  • Pardon – “Sorry”