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What is UniFi Security Gateway Pro?

Last Updated: 25th May, 2020

Build your secure and flexible network with Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi® Security Gateway PRO, part of the UniFi Enterprise System. The Unifi Security Gateway PRO is a high-performance Gigabit router, delivering robust security and advanced routing features.

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Similarly, it is asked, what does the UniFi Security Gateway do?

The UniFi Security Gateway offers advanced firewall policies to protect your network and its data. The UniFi Security Gateway can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management. A site-to-site VPN secures and encrypts private data communications traveling over the Internet.

One may also ask, is the UniFi security gateway a router? Enterprise Gateway Router with Gigabit Ethernet The UniFi® Security Gateway extends the UniFi Enterprise System to provide cost-effective, reliable routing and advanced security for your network.

Also question is, what is UniFi security gateway required?

The Unifi Security Gateway extends the Unifi Enterprise System to provide cost-effective, reliable routing and advanced security for your network. Convenient VLAN Support: The UniFi Security Gateway can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management.

Is UniFi USG a firewall?

The UniFi Security Gateway (USG) offers administrators many useful features to manage their UniFi network, including the ability to create and manage firewall rules that help ensure the security of the network.

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Do I need a UniFi controller?

Only one instance of the UniFi Network Controller is required, even for multiple sites. For example, use either the UniFi Cloud Key or a local server, not both. A UniFi Cloud Key can be used as a remote controller.

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How does a security gateway work?

A secure web gateway is an advanced, cloud-delivered or on-premises network security service. They prevent data from such places from entering the network and causing a malware infection or intrusion. This form of gateway security is accomplished through malware detection, URL filtering, and other means.

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What is security gateway?

A secure Web gateway is a type of security solution that prevents unsecured traffic from entering an internal network of an organization. It is used by enterprises to protect their employees/users from accessing and being infected by malicious Web traffic, websites and virus/malware.

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What is cloud key?

The UniFi Cloud Key from Ubiquiti Networks combines local network security with convenient remote access. It runs a local instance of the UniFi Controller software, and features single sign-on for remote, secure access to all of your UniFi devices from anywhere in the world.

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What is a ubiquiti security gateway?

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Security Gateway extends the UniFi Enterprise system to encompass routing and security for your network. It offers advanced firewall policies to protect your network and its data, and can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management.

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What is the default username and password for Ubiquiti UniFi?

The majority of Ubiquiti Networks routers have a default username of ubnt, a default password of ubnt, and the default IP address of These Ubiquiti Networks credentials are needed when doing a login to the Ubiquiti Networks router's web interface to change any settings.

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What does a gateway do?

A gateway is a node (router) in a computer network, a key stopping point for data on its way to or from other networks. Thanks to gateways, we are able to communicate and send data back and forth. The Internet wouldn't be any use to us without gateways (as well as a lot of other hardware and software).

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What do I need for a Ubiquiti network?

Four ethernet cables. A computer with an ethernet port. Your existing ISP router or broadband modem with one available LAN port. If you are not using a switch, you will need an existing router with three available LAN ports.

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Is UniFi cloud key necessary?

As mentioned above, you can set up the aps using the software on a pc and the devices will continue using that configuration until you tell them other wise. This means the pc doesn't have to be on the whole time. If you need to do remote support, get the cloud key. Otherwise, not really required.

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What is a USG?

The Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway (USG) is an enterprise Gateway router with Gigabit Ethernet that combines advanced security features with high performance routing technology in a compact and cost-effective unit. USG is wall-mountable with a dual-core, 500 MHz processor for standard hardware-accelerated performance.

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What is UniFi Network?

The Ubiquiti UniFi system is an enterprise platform comprised of wired & wireless network devices, as well as a centrally-managed software controller, with hybrid support for secure, Cloud-hosted services. Multi-site management of network devices & users via the centralized UniFi Controller.

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Does USG have PoE?

The UniFi Switch Lite 16 PoE is a fully managed Layer 2 switch with sixteen Gigabit Ethernet ports for your RJ45 Ethernet devices. Eight ports also offer auto-sensing 802.3at PoE+ that provide up to a total PoE wattage of 45W for UniFi Access Points or other PoE devices.

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What do you mean by Gateway?

A gateway is a hardware device that acts as a "gate" between two networks. It may be a router, firewall, server, or other device that enables traffic to flow in and out of the network. While a gateway protects the nodes within network, it also a node itself.

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What is an edge router?

An edge router is a specialized router residing at the edge or boundary of a network. This router ensures the connectivity of its network with external networks, a wide area network or the Internet. This term is also sometimes known as an access router or core router.

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What is email security gateway?

An email security gateway is a product or service that is designed to prevent the transmission of emails that break company policy, send malware or transfer information with malicious intent.

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How do I access my ubiquiti access point?

  1. Step 1a: connect the access point. Take the power cable and network cable for the access point.
  2. Step 1b: Connect with Power over Ethernet. Ubiquiti access points also all work via Power over Ethernet.
  3. Step 2: install the software. Open the download page of Ubiquiti in an internet browser.
  4. Step 3: set up the access point.

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How do I connect to my UniFi router?

Step 1: Connect to the router
Turn on your D-Link wireless router and the Unifi modem. Connect to the D-Link router using a wired LAN cable or the wireless connection. The default WiFi name and password is labeled on the wireless router. Once connected, navigate to 192.168.

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How do I adopt an UniFi controller?

Via the UniFi Cloud Access Portal
Go to the Devices section and locate the model with the Pending Adoption status. Click ADOPT. 3. In the Adopt window that will appear, select the controller and the site that will be adopting the device and click Adopt.

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How do I adopt a UniFi device?

How to Adopt UniFi Devices
  1. Launch the UniFi Network Controller through your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended).
  2. Click on the Devices tab.
  3. All locally connected devices should appear in default state, as pending adoption.
  4. If the device displays the action Upgrade, the device is in need of a firmware update.