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What is UPS Quantum View Notify?

Last Updated: 19th March, 2020

Quantum View® allows you togaininsight into all of your shipment activity, to create acustomtracking report, and to notify customers whenshipments areon the way.

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Hereof, what does Quantum View Notify mean ups?

Share. Quantum View Notify® isaninformation-based service that provides e-mailnotificationsof critical shipment events.Notifications include Ship,Exception, and Delivery, andthese can be sent to as many asfive e-mail addresses. Anyonewith a tracking number can usethe service.

Also Know, does UPS notify when delivered? Ship Notification: Confirms that UPShasreceived information from the shipper regardingshipments.Exception Notification*: Notifies you when and whyashipment will not meet its originalscheduleddelivery date, and provides a rescheduled dateofdelivery.

In respect to this, what is UPS Quantum View Manage?

Quantum View Manage® providesconsolidatedvisibility into your package and freight shipments, soyou canproactively manage your supply chain. With powerfulandcustomizable monitoring, notification and reporting tools,you'llreduce costs while improving communication withcustomers,suppliers and team members.

How do I track UPS InfoNotice?

Enter your 12-digit UPS InfoNotice number intheTracking or InfoNotice Numbers field, and selecttheTrack button. This will take you to theTrackingSummary page. On the Tracking Summary page,select theChange Delivery button: Will Call: Hold the shipmentforpickup.

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Is UPS Quantum View free?

Quantum View Manage offers completevisibilityinto your inbound, outbound, third party or importsshipments,saving you time and improving efficiency. It is availabletoUPS account holders free of charge.

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How do I get UPS notifications?

If you only want notifications for aspecificpackage, track your shipment on You'll seeanoption to request notifications by email or text. Ifyouwant to receive delivery alerts for all your packages,signup for UPS My Choice™ and select either text oremailnotifications.

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What is UPS My Choice service?

UPS My Choice is a free service thatgivesconsumers more control over their residential deliveries.UPS MyChoice members can receive an email or text messagethe daybefore a shipment arrives.

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Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

UPS works for you, nowonSaturdays
With UPS® GroundonSaturday, you can schedule pickups and receivedeliveriessix days a week. That's an extra 52 days of shipping eachyear.Adding Saturday pickups allows you to reach yourcustomersone day sooner,* and gives you an extra day to fulfillweekendorders.

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What time UPS delivers?

UPS Ground packages are generallydeliveredanytime Monday through Friday between the hours of9:00 a.m. and7:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and tobusinessaddresses during their normal business hours Mondaythrough Friday.UPS Ground packages cannot be scheduled toarrive at aspecific time of day.

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How does UPS My Choice work?

What is UPS My Choice? UPS My Choice isafree service that gives the receiver more control overdeliveries.Once you set up an account on, memberscan receivean email or text message the day before a shipmentarrives anddelivery notification.

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What is UPS WorldShip?

WorldShip® is afull-featured,Windows®-based, global shippingsoftware, which isavailable in over 100 countries and multiplelanguages.WorldShip gives you access to the completeportfolio ofUPS package and freight services.

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Can UPS track a package by address?

A UPS Tracking Number is automatically assignedtoeach package. You or your customer can use thisnumberto locate your package in the system anddetermine itsdelivery status and otherdetails.

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Does UPS update instantly?

Once the shipment is moving within theUPSnetwork, the tracking status will be updated.Origin Scan:UPS has received the shipment. UPS cannotschedule aspecific delivery time within that window. Up to threedeliveryattempts will be made, excluding weekendsandholidays.

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Can you track a UPS truck?

This week, the company added live tracking toitsUPS Air and UPS Worldwide Express packages. Tousethis feature, customers will need to create an accountwithUPS. Follow My Delivery will display aUPSicon on a map showing where the package is inrealtime.

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How long will ups hold a package?

If you are a UPS My Choice® member,TheUPS Store and other UPS Access Point locationscanhold your package for up to seven calendar days atnoadditional charge. Customer centers can holdyourpackage for up to five business days.

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Do ups give a time slot?

First, UPS' new offering is promising atwo-hourslot, chosen by the customer, during whichtime thepackage will be delivered. For example,customers caninstruct the driver to leave the package with aneighbor, by a backdoor, or even a specific UPS store forpickup at a latertime.

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Can you track UPS package without tracking number?

An alternate way for senders to locatepackageswithout a tracking number is to usethe“Track By Reference” feature on theUPStracking page. If you don't have thetrackingnumber, you can still go to the UPSmaintracking page and select the “TrackbyReference” field.

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Can you leave a note for UPS?

Note: Packages that require an adultsignaturecan't be delivered to a neighbor. 4. We canleaveyour package(s) on the next weekday if you sign theback ofthis InfoNotice— If you're not home and don'tmind usleaving your package, just sign the back of theUPSInfoNotice and leave it for yourUPSdriver.

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How do I reroute a UPS package?

When you select UPS Delivery Intercept, you can requestthatUPS perform one of the following actions:
  1. Return to Sender: Return the package to the shipper.
  2. Deliver to Another Address: Reroute the package to anewaddress.
  3. Reschedule Delivery: Hold the package for delivery on afuturedate.

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Can you pre sign for a UPS package?

UPS My ChoiceTM members cansignonline for eligible packages before a scheduleddelivery. Or,if you prefer, you can redirect thepackage toanother location where someone can sign onyour behalf. Ifthe sender has specified that an adult signature isrequired,you cannot authorize delivery releaseonline.

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Will ups leave package at door?

UPS My Choice® memberscanrequest their drivers leave eligiblepackagessomewhere specific, such as a back door or aconcierge, ordeliver shipments to another address, including aUPS AccessPointTM location, a UPS customercenter, orneighbor, where available.

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What is a UPS InfoNotice?

The UPS InfoNotice is a powerful tool thatlinksall shipments for your delivery stop to one uniquereferencenumber. This number appears on the bottom of theInfoNoticeabove the barcode. You can use this number totrack your shipment,change delivery options or collect yourshipment.