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What kind of blade do you use to cut laminate flooring?

Last Updated: 17th May, 2020

You can make straight cuts with a circular saw, a table saw or a chop saw. A blade with a tooth count of 100 or more is best, and to reduce chipping, its leading edge always should contact the face of the board. When cutting with a circular saw, this means turning the board over and cutting from the back.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the best tool to cut laminate flooring?

circular saw

Similarly, can you cut laminate flooring with a utility knife? A regular utility knife blade can be used to cut flexible, self-adhering laminate strip material. The caveat is that you must change the blades frequently so the knife cuts properly -- a dull blade will not cut effectively.

Also Know, how can I cut laminate flooring without chipping?

Correctly cutting laminate floor eliminates chipping, increasing the longevity of the flooring.

  1. Cover the finished side of a piece of laminate floor with low-tack masking tape.
  2. Make a pencil mark on the unfinished-wood side of the laminate plank at the required cut length.
  3. Don safety glasses.

Do I need a special blade to cut laminate?

The best circular saw blade for cutting through laminate for a kitchen counter is one with many fine teeth -- at least 40. Blades with carbide tips tend to last longer than regular steel. In addition, you should choose a narrow blade, or one with thin kerf, as it's called in saw talk.

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What kind of saw is used to cut laminate flooring?

You can cut the planks using a table saw, miter saw, circular saw or hand saw. Typically, you will cut with the finished side up. Use duct tape to mark the plank more easily and reduce splintering.

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How do you cut out a piece of laminate flooring?

How to Cut Laminate Floor That Is Already Installed
  1. Mark the laminate flooring along the desired cut line by using a chalk line.
  2. Set the cut depth on a circular saw to 1/32-inch deeper than the thickness of the laminate flooring layer.
  3. Put on a pair of safety glasses and align the circular saw blade with the chalk line on the flooring.

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What tool do I use to cut laminate flooring?

The jigsaw will be much slower than a circular saw or miter saw though so keep this in mind and it will usually burn through a good amount of blades. you will want to use either a medium or fine toothed jigsaw blade to cut the laminate flooring, making sure the exposed side is up while you are cutting.

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How much is a laminate cutter?

Price: $29.99. Wonder cutter for laminate.

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Can I cut laminate flooring with a Stanley knife?

As cutting vinyl planks can be dangerous, we strongly recommend using the knives and cutting tool provided by Quick-Step. Moreover, the concave blade prevents the knife from being caught into the structure of the floor, while the cutting tool protects your hands. Difficult patterns can be cut with a jigsaw (décor up).

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What is the best blade for cutting laminate flooring?

You can make straight cuts with a circular saw, a table saw or a chop saw. A blade with a tooth count of 100 or more is best, and to reduce chipping, its leading edge always should contact the face of the board. When cutting with a circular saw, this means turning the board over and cutting from the back.

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Do you cut laminate flooring face up or down?

Cut out the curved shape.
With a standard jigsaw blade, flip the laminate plank upside down. Place the pattern on the backside of the laminate, making sure to flip the pattern, so your cut laminate is positioned to come out correctly when the plank is flipped face up.

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How do you cut waterproof laminate flooring?

The First Row
  1. Score and cut the tongue off the first row of vinyl planks using a utility knife.
  2. Hold the next plank at a slight angle against the previous plank's end and fold down to click it into place.
  3. To cut the last piece to fit, score with a utility knife and snap the plank.

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What's the best direction to lay laminate flooring?

13 Answers. Strip flooring can be installed in any direction in any room, however the convention is to run parallel with the longest wall in most situations. Rarely is this type of flooring run perpendicular to walls in a hallway.

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How do you cut laminate lengthwise?

How to cut laminate flooring lengthwise
  1. Step 1: Place spacers along the walls.
  2. Step 2: Lay the laminate flooring board down, making sure the tongue is oriented towards the wall.
  3. Step 3: Use a straight edge or another laminate flooring board to guide the jigsaw / circular saw, while doing the cut.

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What tools do I need to cut laminate flooring?

Whilst it may be tempting to use a circular saw or table saw to rip laminates, unless you have an expensive carbide tipped blade stick with the jigsaw or handsaw. If you have trouble cutting straight lines with a jigsaw then clamp a straight edge (spirit level or straight piece of timber) onto the board.

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Can I use a dremel to cut laminate flooring?

One of the features of a Dremel tool that is so fascinating is that it can be used to cut so many different materials, and with the quick change of an accessory, you can go from sharpening an ax blade to carving wood to trimming a piece of laminate flooring to size.

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How do you cut laminate around vents?

How to Cut Laminate Floor Around Heating Vents
  1. Remove the cover from the heating vent.
  2. Install the last row of flooring up to the heating vent opening.
  3. Measure the opening in the floor and transfer the measurements to the plank or planks that will cover the opening.

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Can you cut laminate with a hand saw?

You can perfectly well saw your laminate floorboards with a regular hand saw. First make a short incision and then continue to saw. Put the saw line as close as possible to the bearing surface and clamp the loose piece down. Always use a fine tooth and have the saw rolling before you touch the boards.