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What nationality is Joey Lawrence?

Last Updated: 9th January, 2020


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In this way, is Joey Lawrence Italian?

Lawrence was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, and raised in Philadelphia, the son of Donna, a personnel manager and former elementary school teacher and Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, an insurance broker. He is of Italian, Scottish and English descent. His family's surname was changed to "Lawrence" during his childhood.

Furthermore, what is Joey Lawrence net worth? Joey Lawrence net worth: Joey Lawrence is an American actor, singer, and television host who has a net worth of $250 thousand. Joey Lawrence is famous for his many films and television acting roles, as well as through his successful recording career. Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, Jr.

Also know, who is Joey Lawrence's father?

Joseph Lawrence, Sr.

What is Joey Lawrence's real last name?

Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr.

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Who is Joey Lawrence's wife?

Chandie Yawn-Nelson
m. 2005
Michelle Vella
m. 2002–2005

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Where does Joey Lawrence live now?

Actor Joey Lawrence has sold his home in a gated Calabasas community for $2 million. Actor Joey Lawrence, known for his roles on the sitcoms “Blossom” and “Melissa & Joey,” has sold his home in Calabasas for $2 million.

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Is Joey Lawrence on Hawaii 50?

Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. Joseph "Joey" Lawrence Mignogna Jr. (April 20, 1976) is an American actor who plays Aaron Wright on Hawaii Five-0.

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Who is Joey Lawrence dating?

Joey Lawrence was previously married to Michelle Vella (2002 - 2004). Joey Lawrence has been in relationships with Kim Kardashian West (1999), Katherine Heigl (1996 - 1999), Jennifer Love Hewitt (1995 - 1996), Keri Russell (1994) and Kellie Martin.

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Are Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence friends?

Sitcom veterans Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence have reunited to star in a new romantic comedy on ABC Family, which premieres Tuesday. The duo stopped by's “The Strategy Room” to talk about the new project “Melissa and Joey,” and their 30-year friendship.

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How tall is Joey Lawrence?

1.73 m

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How many girls does Joey Lawrence have?

Now 40 years old with two daughters -- Charleston, 10, and Liberty, 6 -- Joey knows full well about the pitfalls that can overtake young actors in show business.

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Who are Joey Lawrence's parents?

Joseph Lawrence, Sr.
Donna Lawrence

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What does Matt Lawrence do?

Child actor
Voice acting

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What age is Joey Lawrence?

43 years (April 20, 1976)

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Which Lawrence brother was on Dancing with the Stars?

Matthew William Lawrence (born February 11, 1980) is an American actor and singer known for his roles in Mrs.

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What is Melissa Joan Hart's net worth?

As of February 2020, Melissa Joan Hart has an estimated net worth of over $15 million. She has managed to fuel her fortune by through her multiple career modules like her fashion line, and acting career. She also makes millions through sponsorship deals.

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Who is Cheryl Burke's husband?

Matthew Lawrence
m. 2019

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How much is Jaleel White Worth?

How much is Jaleel White Worth? Jaleel White net worth: Jaleel White is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $10 million.

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When was Joey Lawrence born?

April 20, 1976 (age 43 years)

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How old is Joey Lawrence's mother Donna?

But Joey's mom has a fresh perspective. "The fact that he's in the business and that we're together a lot gives him a different view of life," says 40-year-old Donna.