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What paint brands does Home Depot carry?

Last Updated: 12th June, 2020

Trusted Brands
  • Behr Marquee.
  • Behr Ultra.
  • Behr Premium Plus.
  • Jeff Lewis Color.
  • PPG Timeless.
  • PPG Diamond.
  • Glidden Premium.
  • Gildden Essentials.

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Likewise, what paint brands does Lowes carry?


  • HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Valspar.
  • Rust-Oleum.
  • Zinsser.
  • KILZ.

Additionally, what is the best paint brand? These Are the Absolute Best Paint Brands forInteriors

  1. Benjamin Moore. Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is an Americanpaint company that has become one of the most popular paintbrands.
  2. Sherwin-Williams.
  3. Dunn-Edwards.
  4. Behr.
  5. Farrow & Ball.
  6. Clare.
  7. Little Green Paint & Paper.

Consequently, does Home Depot carry Benjamin Moore paint?

No, BUT The Home Depot has most of BenjaminMoore's colors in its color dispensing system. All a customerhas to do is give the HD associate mixing paint theBenjamin Moore color name or number, and the color can bemixed into almost any of HD's paints.

What is the cheapest paint at Home Depot?

Behr PRO is the cheapest paint available atHome Depot. Behr Marquee is actually more expensive thanRalph Lauren Paint. Any kind of "paint plus primer"will drive up prices by at least $3/gallon.

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How much will a quart of paint cover?

As it happens, a quart of paint typicallycovers about 100 square feet, so if you're planning on justone coat, you may be able to get away with that smaller containersize. But if you're doing two coats, you're going to need at leasttwo quarts.

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How much does 5 gallons paint cover?

So, in general, one gallon of paint cancover approximately 350 – 400 square feet (32 –37 square meters), which is equivalent to a small room like abathroom or a kitchen. So, what about two gallons, threegallons, four gallons of paint?.

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Can you return paint to Lowes?

Paint Guarantee: If you are not completelysatisfied with your interior or exterior liquid paintpurchase, simply return the unused portion in the originalcontainer within 30 days of purchase. We will replace it with acomparable can of paint or refund your money based onour return policy(

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Are paint swatches free at Lowes?

Loose paint chips are available for free atLowe's. Valspar does not offer paint fans.

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Does Ace Hardware sell paint?

Ace Hardware has made the Ace brandpaints that line its store shelves since 1984. But it'sAce's new brand, Clark+Kensington, that tops ConsumerReports' latest Ratings of two finishes, semi-gloss and low lustersatin and eggshell. "We will not reformulate thepaints.

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Can Lowes match Home Depot paint?

Home Depot can color match anything, itdoesn't have to be from there originally. You can just bringthe can in and they can match it in their brand ofpaint.

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How much does a gallon of paint cost?

The first cost is the paint. Expect to paybetween $15 and $30 per gallon of paint, and you'll need 2-3gallons for an average-sized bedroom (with some leftover for contingencies and touch-ups).

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Where is behr paint sold?

BEHR manufactures interior house paints,exterior house paints, decorative finishes, primers, stainsand surface preparation products sold exclusively at TheHome Depot. Behr was founded in 1947 when Otho Behr,Jr. sold linseed oil wood stains to paint stores fromthe back of his station wagon.

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Is Benjamin Moore paint better than Sherwin Williams?

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williamspaints are excellent when it comes to performance. In fact,they're considered by a lot of professionals as the best. However,when compared, Benjamin Moore products tend to go on easier,are more durable, are more cleanable than SherwinWilliams.

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Is Benjamin Moore paint better than Behr?

On Viewpoints, Behr Paint received a ranking of96/100, whereas Benjamin Moore only received a score of87/100. If price is no option and you need a premium paint,Benjamin Moore is for you. It is of the highest quality andits rich colors last long due to the paint'sdurability.

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Does Ace Hardware have Benjamin Moore paint?

Ace Hardware Names Benjamin Moore ItsPreferred Paint Supplier. The co-op has named thepaint manufacturer its preferred paint supplier andwill offer an assortment of its paints to participatingAce stores in the U.S. by spring 2020.

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What is the best interior paint on the market?

Best Overall: Behr Marquee
And it's no surprise: Behr tied with Sherwin-Williamsas the top interior paint brand in J.D. Power's 2019Paint Satisfaction Study. The paint is low-VOC, easyto clean, and designed with Behr's most advancedformula.

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What retailers carry Benjamin Moore paint?

Everything and Moore
Benjamin Moore is only available atindependently owned paint and hardware stores. It is anunparalleled retail experience whether you need interior orexterior, premium or commercial-grade paint or stain.Benjamin Moore paint stores are ready to serveyou.

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Can Lowes match Benjamin Moore paint colors?

Here's the kicker: You can mix any brand'spaint color into any brand of paint you want. A lotof times, I get the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moorecolors I want mixed into Glidden or Valspar (depending on if Ihappen to be in Home Depot or Lowe's).

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How much does Benjamin Moore paint cost?

Options SKU Price
Size: Quart: Sheen: Eggshell 549-04 $21.99
Size: Quart: Sheen: Semi-Gloss 551-04 $21.99
Size: Gallon: Sheen: Matte 548-01 $49.99
Size: Gallon: Sheen: Eggshell 549-01 $49.99

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How many gallons of paint do I need?

One gallon can of paint will cover up to400 square feet, which is enough to cover a small room, like abathroom. Two gallon cans of paint cover up to 800square feet, which is enough to cover an average size room. This isthe most common amount needed, especially when considering secondcoat coverage.

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Who makes Benjamin Moore paint?

Berkshire Hathaway

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Should I prime before I paint?

A coat of primer may seem like an unnecessaryexpense, but when painting interior walls, it's almostalways worth it. You should never omit primer whenpainting new drywall, and it's also a benefit over existingglossy or semi-gloss paints. Primer usually isn'tneeded when you're painting over flat wallpaint.

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Is Sherwin Williams paint at Lowes the same?

Supposedly, the exact same brand is also carriedat the Sherwin Williams stores. There are some unique colorsavailable at Lowes but, at least based on SherwinWilliams investor reports, its the same brand and can bepurchased at both stores.