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What phones are compatible with QLink?

Last Updated: 25th March, 2021

Here is a list of Phones Compatible with QLink WirelessUpgrades
  • Alcatel OneTouch. Elevate, 5MP rear-facing camera, or its 2MPfront-facing camera.
  • Kyocera HydroEdge Smartphone.
  • The Legacy (N817)
  • LG X Charge.
  • Blackberry Curve 8330.
  • LG Nexus 5 D820 4.95.
  • HTC Desire 626.
  • How do I Check my Minutes?

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Herein, is QLink GSM or CDMA?

Here are the leading Lifeline Assistance companies andthe cell networks on which they work. Find your service providerand you'll quickly see which technology it uses. Safelink Wireless– AT&T GSM, T-Mobile GSM, SprintCDMA, Verizon CDMA, U.S. Cellular CDMA.Depends on geographic location.

Also Know, how do I get a replacement phone from QLink? Assurance Wireless Policy If your phone breaks or is not working correctlywithin the first year, they will send you a new phone. Ifyour phone has been lost or broken, after a year youmay pay a small fee. Contact the company at 1-888-321-5880, torequest a replacement cell phone.

Also to know is, can I upgrade my QLink phone?

Q Link Wireless is one of the only Lifelineproviders that gives customers their first phone free ofcharge. But if an accident should happen, or if you're ready for anupgrade, you've come to the right place!

Who is the carrier for QLink wireless?

Q LINK Wireless Lifeline Service is funded by theUniversal Service Fund (“USF”) program and administeredby the Universal Service Administrative Company(“USAC”).

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Can I put my QLink SIM in another phone?

If your phone is compatible with Q LinkWireless, you are eligible to Bring Your Own Phone to ournetwork! You can do so by using the SIM card-ejecttool in your Q Link kit, and pushing it into thesmall hole next to the tray.

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Can I transfer my SafeLink service to another phone?

But if you have another Tracfone handsetthat you would rather use, you just have to call and have theaccount switched over. Yes, you can transfer yourSafeLink service to another Tracfone you have. CallSafeLink customer service and be prepared to spendsometime on the phone with them.

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Who owns QLink?

Issa Asad is founder and CEO of Q Link Wireless.The company supplies low-income individuals and familiesliving in America with a free cell phone and free monthly servicethat includes free calling, free monthly data, and unlimited textmessaging through the government-run Lifeline assistanceprogram.

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How do I track my QLink phone?

If your tracking information shows the packagewas delivered, and you have NOT received your Q Link phone,please contact customer support right away. You can call CustomerSupport at 1-855-754-6543 or send us an email by clickinghere.

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What carriers does republic wireless use?

Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless is anAmerican mobile virtual network operator that sells low cost mobilephone service which defaults to Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is unavailable,Republic falls back on partnerships with two nationalcellular networks, either T-Mobile or Sprint. It is based inRaleigh, North Carolina.

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Does QLink sell phones?

Qlink is a top cell phone provider in theLifeline program. Qlink Wireless phone upgradeprogram comes with a free wireless phone service for itsusers. These services include free data, talk, and text. Allqualified customers are also given a free smartphones that comeswith free wireless phone service.

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What does a phone upgrade mean?

At the end of the period, your phone is fullypaid off, and you own it. Leasing and trade-in plans: You pay anadditional monthly fee to borrow the phone from yourcarrier, but you're given the option to trade it in for anupgrade after you've paid a certain amount. You neveractually own the phone, though.

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How do I replace my government phone?

When you've Lost your Phone
  1. Go online to, or call 800-867-7183.
  2. Enter the zip code to get a list of Tracfone phones compatiblewith Safelink Wireless services.
  3. Give them your name, phone number and serial number for themissing phone.
  4. You can keep your phone number, or ask for a new one.

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How do I activate my QLink phone?

Place a test call to 305-260-6232 to verify that yourphone is activated.

Just follow these three easy steps to get started:
  1. Check Your Phone's Compatibility. To see if your phone iseligible for the BYOP program, enter your IMEI/ESN/MEID
  2. Q Link Setup.
  3. Activate Your Phone.

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Does QLink have hotspot?

Turn on Wi-Fi on the other device. Find the list ofavailable Wi-Fi networks and select your own Wi-Fi Hotspot.Key in the password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and establish theconnection. When the connection is established, youcan access the internet from the other device.

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Which free government phone is the best?

Best Free Government Cell Phones 2018
  • GCI, General Communications Inc.
  • Infiniti Mobile.
  • Q Link Wireless.
  • SafeLink Wireless.
  • Sprocket Wireless.
  • TerraCom Wireless.
  • TruConnect.
  • LifeLine Assistance discounted rates for cell phones.

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What if I lost my QLink phone?

But if the loss occurred after two weeks, thenyou'll have to pay the standard replacement charges. To contactqlink about your stolen or lost phone, send them anemail through [email protected] or call them at855-754-6543.