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What radio station is the pirate game on?

Last Updated: 2nd March, 2020

All 162 regular season Pirates games can be heard on SportsRadio 93.7 THE FAN in Pittsburgh and throughout the region on the Pirates Radio Network. The Pirates flagship radio station, SportsRadio 93.7 THE FAN, will air extended local pre-game and post-game coverage before and after every broadcast.

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Keeping this in view, what radio station is the Pirates game on today?

93.7 The Fan (KDKA-FM

Also Know, what radio station is the ECU game on? ECU football games are on 107.9-FM.

Besides, what was the first pirate radio station?

The first of the 'modern' pirates was actually Radio Mercur, which operated from a small fishing boat off Denmark in 1958. It didn't last too long, but was joined by Radio Veronica off the Dutch coast in April 1960 (and which would keep broadcasting for the next 15 years).

Are the Pittsburgh Pirates on TV?

REGIONAL SPORTS NETWORK TO BROADCAST 153 PIRATES GAMES AT&T SportsNet, the official TV home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, announced today it will produce and distribute 153 regular season games and 10 spring training games.

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How can I listen to the Pirates game?

Android: To listen to Pittsburgh Pirates games on your Android phone, Android tablet and Kindle Fire, you'll want to download the TuneIn Radio app for Android or the MLB At Bat for Android, and make an in-app sign up for At Bat Premium (only a couple dollars/month), which gives you access to every live home and away

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Where can I listen to the Pittsburgh Pirates Online?

Pittsburgh Pirates
  • WAJR. Coast to Coast AM.
  • WCBC. Coast to Coast AM.
  • Connect FM. Red Eye Radio.
  • WMBS. America's Best Music.
  • WTRN. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  • WISR. Your Hometown Station.
  • WKAZ. Charleston's Oldies.
  • Sports Radio 96.7. Sports Radio for Youngstown.

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Do pirate radio stations still exist?

Although it peaked throughout the 1960s and again during the 1980s/1990s, it remains in existence today. Having moved from transmitting from ships in the sea to towerblocks across UK towns and cities, in 2009 the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom estimated more than 150 pirate radio stations were still operating.

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Did any pirate radio ships sink?

Disc jockeys had been pop picking for Caroline since 1964 and had used the good ship Mi Amigo as their floating studio since 1972. But on March 19, 1980, a violent storm broke out off the coast of Essex. The ship finally sank in the early hours of March 20, leaving only the mast visible above the surface of the water.

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Did pirate radio ships sink?

DUBBED 'the ship that rocked the world', pirate pop radio station Radio Caroline sank in heavy seas in the Thames Estuary. They were safely on a lifeboat, when huge waves lifted the 107-foot ship from the sandbank and it sank in 25ft of water.

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How do I get radio frequency?

How to Start a Radio Station
  1. Apply for a frequency. It may take a long time before you're assigned a frequency [source FCC].
  2. Apply for a license. It's illegal to operate an unlicensed radio station, even at extremely low power [source: FCC].
  3. Establish a source of funding. Remember, you'll need to pay for studio space and power, among other things.

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How do I start a pirate radio station?

How to Make Your Own Pirate Radio Station
  1. You'll need. • FM radio transmitter.
  2. Open up the transmitter. Locate the seam on the transmitter's case and pry it open with a putty knife (if your transmitter is screwed shut, you'll need a screwdriver to open it).
  3. Replace the antenna.
  4. Remove resistors.
  5. Pick your device.
  6. Test it out.
  7. Go live.

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Is the boat that rocked a true story?

And, according to film adverts, it's “Inspired by a True Story.” For those who lived during this period, the film's fictional Radio Rock is bound to recall Radio Caroline , the most fabled of the 60s pirates. It started broadcasting in 1964 and enjoyed a brief heyday before a governmental crackdown in 1967.

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Is Pirate Radio on Netflix?

Pirate Radio ( 2009 ) on Netflix
It's about a band of rogue DJs that captivated Britain, playing the music that defined a generation and standing up to a government that wanted classical music, and nothing else, on the airwaves.

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What does pirate radio mean?

Pirate radio is the transmission of communications over radio waves by unlicensed amateurs; such broadcasts are illegal because they are not in accordance with FCC transmission requirements. Originally, radio was generally a lawless free-for-all and the domain of hobbyists and enthusiast experimenters.

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What was the 2nd record played on Radio 1?

The first complete record played on Radio 1 was "Flowers in the Rain" by The Move, the number 2 record in that week's Top 20 (the number 1 record by Engelbert Humperdink would have been inappropriate for the station's sound). The second single was "Massachusetts" by The Bee Gees.

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What happened to Root Sports Pittsburgh?

Root Sports Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain and Southwest will be changing to the AT&T Sports Network brand. AT&T Sports Networks announced today that the company's regional sports network brand – ROOT SPORTS– will be rebranded as AT&T SportsNet in July 2017 in the Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions.

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What channel do the Pittsburgh Pirates play on?

The Pittsburgh Pirates play most of their games on AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, a regional sports network. Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) are not common on streaming services, but when they do exist they are usually only available for an additional fee.

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What channel is the Pittsburgh Pirates game on DISH?

Tonight's broadcast: Direct TV subscribers in the Pittsburgh market can find the Bucs game on channel 214 & on DISH the channel is 478.

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What time is Pirates home opener?

The home opener is 1:35 p.m. April 2 against the Cincinnati Reds at PNC Park. The Pirates will visit the New York Yankees on May 5 and 6. It will the Pirates' first trip to Yankee Stadium since 2014.

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How long is a baseball game?

A game lasts nine innings, unless it is all tied and they play extra until a winner is decided. If you want to put a time length on it, baseball games take around three hours to complete.

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What is channel 428 on Dish Network?

Root Sports Pittsburgh

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What channel is Atpt on Xfinity?

I checked with Comcast rep today, and I was told that the MLB Network will be available on channel 281 or 283, and that I would be able to view since I have the preferred plus package..

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Who is announcing the Pirates game tonight?

Young, Capps and McKenry will join Bob Walk and John Wehner as rotating color analysts on both television and radio, while Greg Brown and Joe Block will continue to handle play-by-play duties. Please check back for detailed biographies of the 2020 broadcast team members.